Competitor Detailed Information
"Sojana" - MLT 115

Owner / Skipper Info
Name:Loz Marriott
Yacht Club:RTYC

Yacht Info
Name:"Sojana" - MLT 115
Design:Farr 115
Rating: 1.3830 (CSA Asy)

Crew Info


Vincent Barrelet Mid Bow Group 3 United Kingdom
Alexia Barrier Runners Group 3 USA
Andy Beadsworth Helm Group 3 UK
Maurice Belgrave Grinder antigua
Helen Bennett Chef USA
Nick Blackman Co-Skipper Group 3 USA
Fraser Brown Bow Group 3 USA
Greg Damata Floater Group 1 USA
Helena Darvelid Mast Group 3 Uk
Tom Dawson Headsail Trimmer Group 3 USA
Dan Dytch Mid Bow Group 3 USA
Frank Gerber Main Trimmer Group 3
Dan Gohl Stunt Owner Group 3 USA
Mikey Graves Bow USA
Anthony Hall Floater Group 1 USA
Sir Peter Harrison Owner Group 1 USA
James King Other Group 3 EspaƱa
Paul Larsen Mast Group 3 USA
Jonny Malbon Navigator UK
Loz Marriott Captain Group 3 USA
Andy Meiklejohn Stunt Owner Group 3 USA
Colin Murray Spinnaker trimmer Group 3 USA
Laurent Pages Tactician Group 3 USA
Geoff Powell Other Group 1 USA
Claire Tibbott Floater USA
Rupert Webb Pit Group 3 USA
Jana Zimmerhakl Mid Bow Group 1 Ca

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