Competitor Detailed Information
"Arctos" - USA 97999

Owner / Skipper Info
Name:Charles Bayer
City:Grosse Pointe Farms
Yacht Club:Bayview Yacht Club / Storm Trysail Club / CCA

Yacht Info
Name:"Arctos" - USA 97999
Design:Andrews 70
Hull:White w paw

Crew Info


Charles Bayer Group 1 United States
Charles Bayer III Other Group 1 USA
Jim Best Other Group 1 USA
Bill Henderson Group 1 USA
Michael Kirkman Group 1 USA
Lynn Kotwicki Spinnaker trimmer Group 1 USA
Karl Kuspa Other Group 3 USA
Timothy LaBute Pit Assist Group 1 USA
Dan Lorenz Bow Group 1 USA
Ian Marantette Mid Bow Group 1 USA
Donald Maxwell Navigator Group 1 USA
Tom Ritter Headsail Trimmer Group 1 USA
Timothy Schultes Mast Group 1 USA
Tate Shaffer Mast Group 1 USA
Kevin Thomas Rush Chairman Group 1 USA

Race Results

Performance Summary - Table and Chart

Team Page

ORC Ratings - Cert. Ref.: 045600022FM - ORC Intl.

APH390.8   GPH439.0
Triple A/P Low1.1927 Triple W/L Low0.8924 Single W/L1.2048 Bayview-Mac Cove1.3359
Triple A/P Medium1.5385 Triple W/L Medium1.2106 Single A/P1.5354 Bayview-Mac Shore1.3478
Triple A/P High1.7669 Triple W/L High1.4185 Chi-Mac Up1.3793
Chi-Mac A/P1.4280
Predom. Up Low1.0672 Predom. Down Low1.0528 Predom. Up1.4049 Chi-Mac Down1.4804
Predom. Up Medium1.3481 Predom. Down Medium1.5115 Predom. Down1.5094 Harvest Moon1.7853
Predom. Up High1.4516 Predom. Down High1.9058 Vic-Maui1.6136
5-Band - Windward/Leeward Time On Distance Time On Time
5-Band Low 736.3000 0.8149
5-Band Low / Medium 613.4000 0.9782
5-Band Medium 487.0000 1.2321
5-Band Medium / High 433.3000 1.3847
5-Band High 399.6000 1.5013

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