Competitor Detailed Information
"Peacemaker" - USA 52875

Owner / Skipper Info
Name:NEKA Sailing
City:Glen Cove
Yacht Club:NEKA Sailing

Yacht Info
Name:"Peacemaker" - USA 52875
Design:Ker 11.5

Crew Info


Richard A Royce Main Trimmer Group 1 USA
Tommy Hickey Navigator Group 1 USA
Luis Ricardo Juarbe Watch Captain Group 1 USA
Hanna Lovejoy Spinnaker trimmer USA
Will McKeige Headsail Trimmer USA
Fernando Padro Mast USA
NEKA Sailing Bow USA
Leo Vasiliev Helm USA
Joseph Waits Pit USA
Bobby Waltz Headsail Trimmer Group 1 USA

Race Results

Performance Summary - Table and Chart

Team Page

ORC Ratings - Cert. Ref.: 04560002SH1 - ORC Intl.

APH471.9   GPH526.6
Triple A/P Low1.0138 Triple W/L Low0.7883 Single W/L1.0275 Bayview-Mac Cove1.1160
Triple A/P Medium1.2714 Triple W/L Medium1.0306 Single A/P1.2716 Bayview-Mac Shore1.1228
Triple A/P High1.4532 Triple W/L High1.1917 Chi-Mac Up1.1468
Chi-Mac A/P1.1925
Predom. Up Low0.9124 Predom. Down Low0.9289 Predom. Up1.1663 Chi-Mac Down1.2455
Predom. Up Medium1.1188 Predom. Down Medium1.2691 Predom. Down1.2684 Harvest Moon1.4987
Predom. Up High1.1911 Predom. Down High1.6007 Vic-Maui1.3597
5-Band - Windward/Leeward Time On Distance Time On Time
5-Band Low 828.3000 0.7244
5-Band Low / Medium 700.8000 0.8561
5-Band Medium 573.5000 1.0462
5-Band Medium / High 516.0000 1.1629
5-Band High 474.9000 1.2634

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