2021 Thistle National Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Clarke Carric    
Nixon Gano    
Jake Stanger    
3796 (Thistle)
Jason Huyghe   Group 1  
John Walton 665353O USAJW123 Group 1  
3812 (Thistle)
Scott Richards 123490S    
3950 (Thistle)
Jamie Jones 149915A    
4011 (Thistle)
Ollie Kunz    
Dave Sexton    
4040 (Thistle)
Lloyd Kitchin 307187E   Group 1  
Add (Thistle)
Chris Murphy 198396O    
Jessica Murphy    
Affirmative Action (Thistle)
Aaron Holland 271140I    
Afflicted (Thistle)
Brad Russell 210708G    
Alma (Thistle)
William Wilson 138551X    
Alma & Louise (Thistle)
Thomas Hubbell 113803G   Group 1  
Betsy Yingling Bow   Group 1  
John Yingling Chef   Group 1  
Amnesia (Thistle )
Carli Pignolet    
Jerry Pignolet    
Wayne Pignolet   Group 1  
Aphrodite (Thistle)
Jim Beard 120139G    
Kathleen Beard Other   Group 1  
Becca Glass    
Arkangel (Thistle)
John Gilmour 662547A   Group 1  
Bananawind (Thistle)
Jack Finefrock 154248T    
Andy Russell    
Ryan Wood    
Big Red (Thistle)
Nathan Harris   Group 1  
Black Dog (Thistle)
Charles Essi   Group 1  
Black Pearl (Thistle)
Corinne Sackett    
Blew Eyes (Thistle)
Michael Delaney    
Bone Broke (Thistle)
Doug Kaukeinen 189864m    
Boogity Boogity (Thistle)
Mike Gillum 129642Y   Group 1  
Boris Badenov (Thistle)
Sam Brauer    
Buster (Thistle)
Matthew Sessions 294617W USAMS337 Group 1  
Chelsea (Thistle)
Billy Bradburn    
William Bradburn 199978U    
Chute (Thistle)
Timothy Hussey 185129U    
Cola (Thistle)
Bill Lazzaro 1207   Group 1  
Conundrum (Thistle)
Tommy Glenn 276893M   Group 1  
Crime Scene (Thistle )
Paul Abdullah 226232o USAGA38 Group 3  
Cyclone (Thistle)
Julie D'Apolito    
Mark D'Apolito    
John Hill    
Dad bod (Thistle)
Jackie Finefrock    
Kyle Finefrock 286297L    
Jordan G    
Daddy's Mistress (Thistle)
Michael Poltorak 196762E USAMP99 Group 1  
Mindy Poltorak    
Miranda Poltorak    
Dancing Squirrel (Thistle)
Ryan Flack    
Jim Thompson    
Carinthia Wesolek    
Dangerous (Thistle)
Ben France    
David Hansen (Thistle)
David Hansen 142540j    
Dear Darla (Thistle)
Pat O'Connor    
Dejavu (Thistle)
Warren Duckworth 264699L    
Der yer Geer (Thistle)
AJ Kozaritz 702872E   Group 1  
Maggie Swasey    
D'OH (Thistle)
John Howell 674089y   Group 1  
Dry Wood B - Fleet (Thistle)
Kevin Tschantz    
Dumpster Fire (Thistle)
Seth Rosenthal 657826M    
Ellie (Thistle)
John Baker 315396E   Group 1  
Joy Martin Stunt Owner   Group 1  
Andrew Zuber    
Emmy Lou (Thistle)
Conor Ruppen 664179z    
Faired Enough (Thistle)
bryant walker    
Family Magic (Thistle)
Dan Russell 228378h   Group 1  
Final Draft (Thistle)
Nick Allison    
Darby Reddaway    
David Reddaway Helm 345526v   Group 1  
Fliskmahoy (Thistle)
Morgan Hubbell    
Scott Hubbell 127438W    
Beth Welborn    
Gandalf (Thistle)
Will Weible 322067R    
Ghost Pepper (Thistle)
Braden Joyce    
Brian Joyce 272025k    
Sean Joyce Watch Captain    
Goat Boat, Smookin Loon, Love Potion (Thistle)
Scott Meyer 688222y    
Greyhound (Thistle)
Brian Kitchin    
Harold B (Thistle)
Andrew Green    
Dan Hesse    
Sarah Hesse    
HAVOC (Thistle)
James Fahy 298399T    
Lucy Lauzon-Fahy    
Hot Tub (Thistle)
Michael McBride 396385L    
Indefatigabler (Thistle)
Matt Kreuzkamp    
Brad Thompson    
John/Adeline Thompson    
Ing 1 (Thistle)
Mike Ingham 186975K USAMI4  
Ing 2 (Thistle)
Samuel Ingham 354184A   Group 1  
Samuel Ingham    
Samuel Ingham    
JES (Thistle)
Ron Sherry 160429L USARS40 Group 1  
John Hutt (Thistle)
John Hutt   Group 1  
Jo-Jo (Thistle)
Cairn Krafft    
Charles Krafft 119684H   Group 1  
Martin Krafft    
Jr. (Thistle)
Gregory Kitchin   Group 1  
Kelpie (Thistle)
David Hudson 169395M   Group 1  
Peter Hudson    
Kevin (Thistle)
Scott Pakenham    
Kevin Arrow (Thistle)
Kevin Arrow 196273C    
Little Bunny Foo Foo (thistle)
brian bauman    
Jacob Bauman    
Rebecca Bauman    
Little Synergy (Thistle)
Gerry Christman 155506o    
Loch-a-Lee (Thistle)
William Bruce   Group 1  
Lyle (Thistle)
Rodney Glover 128595I   Group 1  
Made in Taiwan (Thistle)
Stephen White    
Maid of Pligh (Thistle)
Christopher Pollak 106267V USACP79 Group 1  
Mary Jane (Thistle)
Tim McDounagh Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Blake Sailisbury In the way   Group 1  
Bobby Sessions Stunt Owner   Group 1  
Mazurek (Thistle)
Bronislaw Gober 790794N   Group 1  
Przemyslaw Lusiak    
Gregory Nowoslawski    
MB5 (Thistle)
Mary Ellen Browne Brown    
Bill Dexter    
Don Stehle 283805R    
Mojo (Thistle)
Lee Ferber    
Mr Bigglesworth (Thistle)
Rachel Robinson    
Brendon Swetka    
Ken Swetka 170775V USAKS32 Group 1  
Mud Flap Girl (Thistle)
Olivia Lischer    
Paige Lischer    
Ted Lischer 217807U   Group 1  
My Precious (Thistle)
Chip Balough 242026i    
Greta Braziel    
Bryce Cumpton    
Oh Stanley! B - Fleet (Thistle)
William E Lawson 708001S    
Old Skool (Thistle)
Brent Barbehenn 116899K   Group 1  
Paukie (Thistle)
Christopher Klotz 123323G   Group 1  
Peel (Thistle)
Mark Hess 287286k    
Persnickety (Thistle)
Timothy Elfenbein 190907N    
Pickle Rick (Thistle)
Kevin Bradley    
Pirate Radio (Thistle)
Erin Lavender    
Rachel Lavender    
Steve Lavender    
Pro Re Nata (Thistle)
Doug Kitchin    
Proper Villlianz (Thistle)
Craig Koschalk    
Ragin baboon (Thistle)
Ian Hunter 305032k   Group 1  
Rainbow (Thistle)
Wayne Balsiger 120872o    
Red (Thistle)
John Norton 165993i    
Red (Thistle)
Audrey Jacobs    
Axel Stordahl    
Alyosha Strum-Palerm   Group 3  
Resilient (Thistle)
Greg Griffin 217080V USADG68  
Rhea Nicholas (Thistle)
Rhea Nicholas    
Rocket Ship (Thistle)
Steve Gruver 156838b    
Rudie (Thistle)
Skip Dieball 228654C    
Shadows (Thistle)
Frederick Bauer 285365C    
Shameless (Thistle)
Andrew Gallagher 715748k    
Shifty (Thistle)
Charles Kreitler 248152X    
Sinbad II (Thistle)
David Sinclair    
John Sinclair    
Johnny Sinclair    
Skid Mark (Thistle)
Emma Newton    
Michael Reddaway    
Sneaky Duck (Thistle)
Alissa Owens    
Paul Owens    
Ellen Pfeiffer    
Stella (Thistle)
Mark Gise 3951 174292Z Group 1  
Stimulus Check (Thistle)
Maddy McSweeney    
Keaton Wallace    
Keaton Wallace    
Stroppy Cow (Thistle)
Tom Lawton 265534v    
SuettShop (Thistle)
robert mansuetto    
Supreme (Thistle)
Garret Van Dyke    
The Casual Flamingo (Thistle)
Kathryn Booker    
Brian McNeill    
Morgan Noonan    
The Craic (Thistle)
Patrick Flinn    
The Greasy Onion (Thistle)
Blair Dryden 155771Z    
The Sled (Thistle)
Dustin Buckenmeyer    
Kathy Buckenmeyer    
Michael Lovett 707155Q    
This’ll Do (Thistle)
Julianne Berry-Stoelzle    
Thistle (*) (Thistle)
Edward John 711096R    
Thistle 166 (Thistle)
Emerson Levy    
Michael Levy    
Spencer Levy    
Thunder (Thistle)
Tipsy (Thistle)
Ben Wilkinson   Group 1  
Touch of Grey (Thistle)
Jack Hunger 379424D   Group 1  
Max Lopez    
Alex Whipple    
Ultimate Tanning Machine (Thistle)
Howard Mendlovitz    
Sara Paisner    
USA 124 (Thistle)
Jim Busch    
Allie Hunger    
Fred Hunger 176148Y    
USA 1678 (Thistle)
Craig Priniski 319074D   Group 1  
USA 1784 (Thistle)
Jesse Shedden    
Nicole Shedden 733043Q    
USA 2330 (Thistle)
David Fjellman Tactician    
Howard Hill Skipper 317294F    
Natalie Hill Headsail Trimmer    
USA 2854 (Thistle)
D. D. 262799I   Group 1  
USA 3077 (Thistle)
Gary Bonner    
Robin Bonner    
USA 3181 (Thistle)
Will Kelley    
Jack Lischer 790937W    
Charlie Wolf    
USA 3677 (Thistle)
Jonathan Posner 209660A    
USA 3762 (Thistle)
Ed Adams 111328G    
USA 3774 (Thistle)
David Miller    
USA 3782 (Thistle)
Adam Gesner 768769W   Group 1  
USA 3788 (Thistle)
Robert France 207762z    
USA 3866 (Thistle)
Ron Fiedler 1117947b    
Barry Leven    
Chelsea Leven    
USA 3907 (Thistle)
Jonas Kelly    
USA 3990 (Thistle)
Devin Copfer    
Matt Fisher    
Stu Fisher    
USA 4005 (Thistle )
Lee Sackett USALS87 Group 1  
USA 988 (Thistle)
Larry Wagner 151936Q    
USA 997 (Thistle)
Darrell Peck 122493T usadp3 Group 1  
Velvet Elvis (Thistle)
Adam Ankers 357222T   Group 1  
Peyton Ankers    
Whiplash (Thistle )
Scott Vogel    
Windlassie (Thistle)
Charlie Yingling    
Joy Yingling 710255M    
Wombmates Racing (Thistle)
Abby Freeman    
John Shockey 399547N USAJS115  
Kevin Shockey    
Wood Chuck (Thistle)
Craig Smith 231759V    
Yellow Snow (Thistle)
Zoe Penko    
Jack Rogers    
Van Rogers 341778B    
Your Mom (Thistle)
Elizabeth Barker 300913G USAEB117 Group 1  
John C. Riddle    
Megan Riddle    
Yowsir! (Thistle)
Rick Howitt    
Tbd Tbd    
Mark Weider 234068v    
Z Man (Thistle)
Joel Erickson    
Lars/Lance Erickson    

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