2020 A Class Catamaran World Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
(A-cat Foil)
Matthew Smyth 685646 USAMS345 Group 1  
18 Karat (A Cat)
Emmanuel Cerf 3648980    
5 Boat Lengths (A Cat)
Bill Vining   Group 1  
8 Train (A Cat)
Jeff Brauch 687451R    
Apocalypse V (A Cat)
Bob Webbon 136316O    
AUS 27 (A Class Classic)
William Michie   Group 1  
Babou (A Cat )
Mikey Radziejowski    
Bas Clas (AD3)
Bob Hodges    
BimJav (Bimare Javelin)
Michael Love   Group 1  
Black and blue (A Cat)
Daniel Paoli    
CAN 44 (A Cat)
Larry Woods   Group 1  
Cat Fight (A Cat)
Leon Pinson    
Clockwork (A Cat)
Mark Capel   Group 1  
Cook'n (A cat)
Dan Cook 376808B   Group 1  
Cowbell (A Cat)
Woody Cope    
CrowdFiber (A Cat)
Bailey White 668639Q    
Bailey White 668639Q    
Drifter (A Cat)
Chris Bolton 201097R   Group 1  
ED (A Cat)
Rick Bernstein   Group 1  
eXploder (A Cat)
Michael Christensen 765114P   Group 1  
F1x (A Cat)
Dean Mayke   Group 1  
Florida Pool Remodeling (A Cat)
Bret Moss 131894X   Group 1  
Flying Circus (A Cat)
Richard Stevens 765101S   Group 1  
Flying Dutchman (A Cat)
Tony Vandenoever    
Furious (A Cat)
Rush Bird   Group 1  
Goldfinger (A Cat)
Mike Krantz 220500X   Group 1  
Hawaiian Pride (A Cat)
Mark Batchelor 259364E    
Hurricane Alley (A Cat)
Dustin Romey 231917N    
ITB Racing (A Cat)
John Dowling   Group 1  
ITB Racing (A Cat)
John Dowling   Group 1  
Kiwi Magic (A Cat)
Andrew Burdett    
KSS (AD3 Exploder)
Paul Kohlhoff   Group 3  
Lupe Tortilla (A Cat)
John Tomko    
Mahalo MF (A Cat)
Cam Farrah USACF101  
Mojito (Acat)
John Schiefer    
Multitask (A Cat)
John Harper 103981U   Group 1  
none (Exploder)
Arthur C. Bulger 191276V    
OutLaw (A Cat)
Bob Curry 206930R    
Real Estate Ink Solutions.com (A Cat)
Mark Herendeen 273338U usamh34  
Red Gear Racing (A Cat)
Robbie Daniel 194075Y    
Ronstan Robline (A Cat)
Ben Moon    
ShackAttack (A Cat)
Ken Marshack 121455L    
Solomon Odonka 1 (A-class)
Tom Bøjland    
Tainted Love (A Cat)
Randy Smyth 143113E    
TBD (A Cat)
Ravi Parent USARP86  
The Chubby Pickle (A Cat)
Mark Skeels 736156v    
Tomahawk (Acat)
Thomas Paoli    
Too Outrageous (A Cat)
David Bradly   Group 1  
Tug Life (Foil)
Matthew Keenan    
USA 108 (A Cat)
Bobby Orr 662573L    
USA 311 (A Cat)
Bruce Mahoney 110785R    
USA 407 (A)
Marc Kennedy    
USA326 (A Cat)
Mackenzie Cook 342888G USAMC227 Group 3  
USA428 (A Cat)
Andy Herbick 274771B   Group 1  
USA74 (A Cat)
Scott Stevenson 748552N    
Usain boat (A Cat)
Andrew Woods    
Whisper (A Cat)
Ben Hall    

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