41st Annual Newport Classic Yacht Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Aquila (spin) (Herreshoff S Class)
Geoffrey Davis    
Blackwing (non-spin) (Stuart Knockabout)
Eric Hall    
Brigadoon (spin) (Luders 16)
Rick Morton Headsail Trimmer USARM167 Group 1  
Robert Morton 159808B USARM67 Group 1  
Richard Tracy USART9  
Courageous (non-spin) (Custom Nevins)
Casey Fasciano Owner    
Christine Johnson Chef    
Barbara Kranichfeld Other   Group 1  
Thorpe Leeson    
Nichole Raab Runners   Group 1  
Brittany Schmelz    
June tate Main Trimmer    
Firefly (spin) (Herreshoff S Class)
Gianni Cotteta Bow   Group 3  
Alan Silken 666622L    
Cory Silken Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Beatrice Witzgall Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Gamecock (spin) (Herreshoff R Boat)
Erin Abbott Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Garrett Connelly Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Allie Gray Bow   Group 1  
amy ironmonger Mid Mast USAAI4 Group 1  
Peter McClennen   Group 1  
Randall Shore Tactician   Group 3  
Mischief (Spin) (Herreshoff S Class)
Philipp Bachmann Chef   Group 1  
Walter Bopp Skipper    
Chris Fiore Main Trimmer    
dean lapham Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Mongolia (non-spin) (Victory)
Evan Blum    
Nefertiti (spin) (12 Meter)
Jack Klinck    
Neith (non-spin) (Herreshoff 54)
Van Brown    
Osprey (spin) (Herreshoff S Class)
Sheldon Whitehouse    
Pandora (non-spin) (Hinckley Bermuda 40)
Gary Kilroy    
Pearl (non-spin) (Alden Caravelle yawl)
Kenneth Murphy    
Judy Virr    
Michael Virr    
Pirate (spin) (Herreshoff S Class)
Lou Cuddy Spinnaker trimmer    
Mac Cuddy Tactician    
Trey Cuddy Main Trimmer    
Robert Patterson Owner   Group 1  
Michael Reynolds Pit   Group 1  
Shona (spin) (Herreshoff S Class)
Jason Baker Floater   Group 1  
Ken Beck    
William Flaherty    
Robert Hutchinson    
Spartan (spin) (NY 50)
adam budd Runners    
Justin Burman Switch Flipper    
morgan fog Mid Bow   Group 1  
Patrick Gavin-Brynes Main Trimmer    
peter isler Nav/Tac   Group 3  
courtney koos Mast   Group 1  
Richard Meisenbach Runners   Group 1  
pat murphy    
Andrew Parente Headsail Trimmer    
charles ryan Owner   Group 1  
KEVIN RYAN Offside trimmer   Group 1  
Greg Stewart Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Scott Tompkins   Group 1  
eben willson Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Squaw (Herreshoff S Class)
Ted Chwalk Main Trimmer    
Angus Davis Skipper 399977X USAAD22  
Nathan Frizzell    
Stallion (Herreshoff S Class)
Donald Tofias    
Surprise (spin) (Herreshoff S Class)
Paul Burgess Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1  
Peter Burgess Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Greg Child Headsail Trimmer    
William Phelps Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Fred Roy Owner 768990M    
Swallow (spin) (Herreshoff S Class)
Joe Loughborough    
Ticonderoga of Greenwich (non-spin) (Marconi Ketch 72)
l. Scott Frantz    
l. Scott Frantz    
Weatherly (spin) (12 Meter)
Peyton Albanese    
Rebecca Downs-Honey Floater   Group 1  
Steve Gewirz Grinder   Group 1  
Andy Green    
Barbara Krasinski   Group 1  
James Langston    
Peter Largess    
Erica Lush Boat Captain    
Richard McGarvie AUSRM35 Group 3  
Hadley Neale In the way   Group 1  
Kelsy Patnaude In the way   Group 3  
Charlie Perry Grinder   Group 1  
George Pilgrim Grinder   Group 1  
James Ulyatt Mid Bow   Group 1  
Mark Watson Skipper    
Windermere (non-spin) (Alden Yawl 35)
andre arguimbau Tactician   Group 1  
Richard Sammons    
Michon Schenck    
John Sullivan    
Kathy Sullivan    

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