2021 Viper 640 North American Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
#hmb (Viper 640)
James Baurley   Group 1  
163 (Viper 640)
Cardwell Potts Ted Ferrarone   Group 1  
300 Pills (Viper 640)
Timothy Carter   Group 1  
Back in Business (Viper 640)
Fletcher Boland 310497W   Group 1  
Ian Campbell Pit   Group 1  
Alisha Reppucci Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Bada Boom (Viper 640)
Bob McHugh 264445V    
Basilisk (Viper 640)
Nicolas Buc In the way   Group 1  
Megan Hayes    
Robert Matthews 187084E USARM209  
Blofish (Viper 640)
Evan Daugherty Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Kyle Potts    
Dailey Tipton 256500M   Group 1  
Caterpillar (Viper 640)
Antony Chapman Mast 379184M GBRAC108 Group 1  
Peter Ill 236694H   Group 1  
Buttons Padin Pro Bowler 348636E USAEP48 Group 1  
David Dougherty (Viper 640)
David Dougherty    
Eight Second Ride (Viper 640)
Steve Taylor 652375H USAST36 Group 1  
Evil Hiss (Viper 640)
Mary Ewenson Stunt Owner   Group 1  
Austin Powers Mid Mast   Group 3  
carl smit Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Freebird (Viper)
Nicholas DuBois    
Ghost Panda (Viper 640)
David Owen   Group 1  
Great Scott! (Viper 640)
Peter Beardsley Co-Skipper 149084E USAPB8 Group 1  
Rachel Beardsley Strategist USARB93 Group 1  
Jay Rhame Skipper USAJR47 Group 1  
Hot Mess (Viper 640)
Devin Keister   Group 1  
Jackpot (Viper 640)
Lee Shuckerow    
KAA (Viper 640)
Carson Downing   Group 1  
Kim Downing Tactician   Group 1  
Dylan Verhoef Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Live Wire (Viper 640)
Joseph Healey 676367P   Group 1  
Meat Market (Viper 640)
Patrick Robinson   Group 1  
Meow! (Viper 640)
Cole Constantineau Stunt Owner 735511Y USACC253  
Brian Johansen Rush Chairman    
Gabriel Pereira Floater   Group 1  
Mo' Grins (Viper 640)
Dave Nickerson / Moise Solomon 199404X    
Art Collins    
JIM Crane    
Rob Crane    
NESS (Viper 640)
Mark Zagol 107104h   Group 1  
Oshunmare (Viper 640)
Steve Chapman Helm NGRSC1 Group 1  
Christophe Ledent Other CANCL23 Group 1  
NICHOLAS LOUNSBURY Headsail Trimmer CANNL7 Group 1  
Patched Up (Viper 640)
Michael Cohen Switch Flipper USAMC243 Group 1  
Josh Gahm Floater USAJG285 Group 1  
Marcelo Pereira BRAMP24 Group 1  
Porkchop (Viper 640)
Matthew Hebert 226321M    
Purplexed (Viper 640)
Richard Kelly Bow USARK100 Group 1  
Jacob Vick 781924S USAJV84 Group 1  
Edward Wolfe Spinnaker trimmer 771297S USAEW83 Group 1  
Remembering Geoff (Viper 640)
Jim Lodico   Group 1  
Bill Vickers Helm 303278W   Group 1  
Tim Williams Pro Bowler 198982O   Group 1  
Rigamaroo (Viper 640)
Patrick Ryan 262262Q   Group 1  
Salty Crew (Viper 640)
Vir Menon    
Suspect (Viper 640)
Mike Lebov   Group 1  
Team Z (Viper 640)
Marek Zaleski 669629Y USAMZ13 Group 1  
Three Bears to the Wind (Viper)
Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick USAMG100 Group 1  
Thumper (Viper640)
Warren Costikyan   Group 1  
USA 293 (Viper 640)
William Graves   Group 1  
Vellamo (Viper 640)
Hugh Dougherty Switch Flipper 651786M USAHD27 Group 3  
Colin Santangelo 403499F    
Elizabeth Swain    
Wave Monkey (Viper 640)
Max Albert Skipper 410177R USAMA26 Group 1  
Andrew Brennan Cat 3 Cooler Jockey USAAB220 Group 1  
Matthew Dupuy Medic/Doctor USAMD185 Group 1  
Noah Jones Stunt Owner USANJ22 Group 1  

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