2021 Biennial Trans Superior International Yacht Race
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Aeolus (Pogo 12.50)
Pete Kulenkamp Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 3   Yes  
Mark Miner Owner     Yes  
Amante2 (Farr 49)
Benjamin Clark Headsail Trimmer 809013R USABC146 Group 1   Yes  
Travis Emmons Mid Mast   Group 1   Yes  
Terry Hart Helm 220522D   Group 1   Yes  
Grant Hilger Helm 282000C   Group 1   Yes  
BRIAN O'Byrne Helm 763641S USABO22 Group 1   Yes  
Joe Parker Helm     Yes  
Brian Prokuda Navigator   Group 1   Yes  
Pat Scileppi Grinder   Group 1   Yes  
Aaron Simpson Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Scott Sowulewski Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Greg Velez Owner 106201D USAPV21 Group 1   Yes  
Brian Zook Pit   Group 1   Yes  
Arctos (Andrews 70)
Chris Baubie Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Charles Bayer 161426K USACB58 Group 1   Yes  
tanner bryant Mid Bow   Group 3   Yes  
Bob DeClercq Medic/Doctor   Group 1   Yes  
Fred Detwiler Floater USAFD5 Group 1   Yes  
Ward Detwiler Mast   Group 1   Yes  
Todd Jones Headsail Trimmer USATJ4 Group 1   Yes  
Lynn Kotwicki Spinnaker trimmer 304794D USALK8 Group 1   Yes  
Kellen Mcgee Alternate     Yes  
Tom Ritter Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Timothy Schultes Mast 789163P USATS170 Group 1   Yes  
Chuck Stormes Headsail Trimmer 183740R USACS290 Group 1   Yes  
Kevin Thomas Bowman USAKT9 Group 1   Yes  
Clune Walsh III Other   Group 1   Yes  
Audacity (Beneteau First 40)
Christopher Laing    
Michael Laing 743789Z    
Black Swan (J 120)
Rich Baker Skipper 662576P   Group 1   Yes  
Dan Callinan Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Sean Hendrickson Watch Captain 213734O   Group 1   Yes  
Luca Hynnek Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Byron Lubenkov Pit 805482R   Group 1   Yes  
Erik Pedersen Watch Captain 3851871 USAEP14 Group 1   Yes  
Break Away (NA 40)
Shefali Bhavsar Spinnaker trimmer     Yes  
Matthew Cartier Mid Bow   Group 1   Yes  
jeff else Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Jesse Ferguson Mid Mast   Group 1   Yes  
Alvin Fick Watch Captain   Group 1   Yes  
patrick garvey     Yes  
David Jankura Nav/Tac 748982R   Group 1   Yes  
Nate LaCoursiere Floater   Group 1   Yes  
sean martin Owner   Group 1   Yes  
Matthew Semaan Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Bucky (Olson 30)
Shane Christenson 797192S     Yes  
Calico (Athena 38)
THOMAS BURNS Owner     Yes  
luke hannahan Main Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Janet Krivacek Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Nick Ostrem Mast   Group 1   Yes  
Amy Smith Watch Captain   Group 1   Yes  
Giesen Tim Watch Captain   Group 1   Yes  
Chewbacca (N/M Int'l 50)
Jim Anderson Staysail trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Ben Brewer Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Carolyn Cone Navigator   Group 3   Yes  
Bailey Davis Grinder   Group 1   Yes  
Theodore Graham Mid Mast   Group 1   Yes  
Ben Harper Other   Group 1   Yes  
Dallas Johnson Watch Captain   Group 1   Yes  
Chris Nimmer Co-Skipper 332914O USACN8 Group 1   Yes  
Bill Peterson 166025p     Yes  
Joey Pierce Grinder   Group 1   Yes  
Edwin Rosenbaum Switch Flipper     Yes  
John Scully Grinder   Group 1   Yes  
Copacetic (Pearson 30)
Charles Bertel     Yes  
Dashaway (Catalina 38)
Dave Kilroy Captain 294105n   Group 1  
Eric Newhouse    
Enigma (Peterson 34)
Derek Brochu Skipper     Yes  
Rafael del Junco Bow   Group 1   Yes  
HANNAH OLSON In the way   Group 1   Yes  
Freddie Parrella Bow     Yes  
Steven Sola Floater     Yes  
Peter Stauduhar Helm     Yes  
FireFly (J 35)
Steve Bradley Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Natasha Dufresne Pit   Group 1  
Sheri Dufresne Owner 768974Q   Group 1  
Austin Dunn Mast   Group 1  
Hazel Foster Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1  
Patrick Henley    
Paul Hranchook Mast   Group 3  
Eric Mann Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Amie Ross Nav/Tac 762885T   Group 1  
Jim Watts Helm   Group 1  
Galatea (Islander 36)
NEIL GADABURY Main Trimmer Y86131Y USANG33 Group 1   Yes  
David Herring 344484C     Yes  
Michael Oiler Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Jim Rodrick Headsail Trimmer 788042S     Yes  
Pete Shelquist Other 190083Q   Group 1   Yes  
Ladislaus Strzok Bow     Yes  
Gauntlet (NEB 52)
Matt Beer Floater   Group 1  
Drew Blackburn Floater USADB208 Group 1  
michael bradley Watch Captain    
Andrew Doak Mast   Group 1  
GUY HIESTAND Tactician 163303G    
Will Libcke Main Trimmer USAJL218 Group 1  
CASEY MCVOY Helm   Group 1  
DENNIS SANDS   Group 1  
STEVE SEARLES Bow   Group 1  
Matt Seifert Mast    
Bill Westrick Watch Captain 218752A   Group 1  
Genesis (C&C 35-3)
Andrew Clark Navigator    
Matthew CLARK    
Samuel Clark Owner    
Jay Young Watch Captain    
Ginger Kay (C&C-27-Mk1-IB-TM)
Richard Lappin 265581C   Group 1   Yes  
Global Nomads (J 105)
Amanda Bierbaum Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Felix Bierbaum Navigator 710023U   Group 1   Yes  
Noah Creager Grinder   Group 1   Yes  
Myles Gibbs Main Trimmer 340808M     Yes  
Michael Hettel 223103C USAMH145 Group 1   Yes  
Troy Mass Bow 804211P     Yes  
Golden Draft (Scampi 30)
John Borash In the way 812081V     Yes  
Jason Crego Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Paul Danielson 242639T     Yes  
Steve Henry Helm   Group 1   Yes  
Anna Jones Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Marcus McConico Pit 751832U     Yes  
Hairy Bear (C&C 29)
Bob Bavarian Floater     Yes  
Bradley Lahr Main Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Luke Mathias Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Thomas Saladin Watch Captain   Group 1   Yes  
Kenneth Tennant     Yes  
Lisa Terwey Switch Flipper     Yes  
Harmony (Beneteau First 44.7)
Joey Baker 687779P USAJB335 Group 1   Yes  
Ilaria (Hunter 31)
Carl Rauff Chef   Group 1  
William Rauff Skipper   Group 1  
William Rauff JR Owner   Group 1  
Mayhem (Olson 30)
Nicholas Rorem     Yes  
MC^2 (R/P 50)
Tim Carlson Watch Captain 125886E   Group 3   Yes  
Taigin Case Autopilot   Group 1   Yes  
Carl Eaton Bow 721239N   Group 1   Yes  
Dan Lewis Helm 197957L   Group 1   Yes  
Sam Rosenbaum Chef 787266s USASR101 Group 1   Yes  
Sol Ryan Main Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Joel Santere Helm   Group 1   Yes  
Bruce Santerre Navigator 262960V   Group 1   Yes  
Jed Santerre Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1   Yes  
Jay Zachman Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Memories (Hunter Legend 40.5)
Keith Angstman Other   Group 1  
Jeff Knutson    
Christopher Kohel    
Anthony Millevolte    
Steven Smerz Floater   Group 1  
Michael Sotir Helm   Group 1  
Nemesis (J 35)
Jessie Albritton Floater 664328H   Group 1   Yes  
Erin Filteau Pit     Yes  
Brian Hammond     Yes  
Maxwell Kolodziejczak Bow 41445   Group 1   Yes  
Jason Kuehn     Yes  
Henri Laliberte Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Mary Claire Picard Other    
John Vallez     Yes  
Nomad (Pearson 39-2)
Kris Tonn 698288R     Yes  
Northern Spy (Dufour 45 E)
Keith Camron Switch Flipper 270335L Usakc11 Group 1   Yes  
Derek Davis In the way   Group 3   Yes  
John Harvey Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Dean Krotchen DK101   Group 1   Yes  
Luca Mantovano Bow USAGM99 Group 1   Yes  
Tate Shaffer Mast   Group 1   Yes  
Durk Steigenga Floater   Group 3   Yes  
John Steigenga Owner 262319O   Group 1   Yes  
Rick Titsworth 668225U USART75 Group 1   Yes  
Nyx (C&C 35)
Kim Drake   Group 1   Yes  
Ryan Drake Co-Skipper   Group 1   Yes  
Papa Gaucho (J 35)
Lars Benson Mid Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Audra Erkelenz Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Timothy Jones Headsail Trimmer Usatj8 Group 1   Yes  
Jed Lahti Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Mike Myers Helm   Group 1   Yes  
Wes Ory Headsail Trimmer 798175Q   Group 1   Yes  
Keith Stauber Owner 172635Q   Group 1   Yes  
Madeline Stauber Bow     Yes  
Myra Stauber Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Raptor (Olson 30)
Michael Pokorny     Yes  
Screaming O (Olson 40)
Christian Fraser Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1   Yes  
Richard Fraser Owner   Group 1   Yes  
Sarah Gordee Floater   Group 1   Yes  
JT Hoenig Headsail Trimmer     Yes  
Adelle Keppers Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Justin Keppers Main Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Michael Rorem Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Matt Ruona Helm 790122W     Yes  
Shorthanded (J 111)
Gunnar Bracelly Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Jeff DeYoung   Group 1   Yes  
Kai Dolan Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Bob Hughes Rush Chairman   Group 1   Yes  
Derek Hughes Chef   Group 1   Yes  
Steven Hughes Staysail trimmer 768093R     Yes  
sean tilton   Group 1   Yes  
Chris Woolsey Other   Group 1   Yes  
Sirocco (J 160)
marc abrahamson Pit   Group 1  
Louis Dodaro Mast   Group 1  
Chris Hawxhurst Mid Mast 807491V   Group 1  
Jim Hilliard Mid Bow   Group 1  
Larry Hilliard Helm 292082v   Group 1  
Patrick Hilliard    
David Johnston Mast   Group 1  
Robert Klairmont 326750x   Group 1  
William Klairmont Mid Mast   Group 1  
Brett Rogers Mast    
Stripes (SC 70)
William Babel Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Ian Beckley Alternate USAIB18 Group 3   Yes  
Mike DeLano Navigator   Group 1   Yes  
Rick Graef Bow 378810Z USARG100 Group 1   Yes  
Dan Knight Bow dk30 Group 3   Yes  
David Lyons Headsail Trimmer 240023B USADL51 Group 1   Yes  
Bill Martin Skipper 108542Q     Yes  
Mike Martin Chef   Group 1   Yes  
Stuart Pettitt Staysail trimmer 106208K   Group 1   Yes  
Eric Rasmussen Pit 140032a Usaee6 Group 1   Yes  
John Teeter Mast     Yes  
Tom Trautman Floater 776100E USATT59 Group 1   Yes  
Chris Woodall Other   Group 1   Yes  
Talisman (BC 58)
Bruce Aikens Owner 6600358R     Yes  
Jake Arcand Pit   Group 1   Yes  
Kevin Bell Grinder   Group 1   Yes  
Al Declercq Bow 215986G   Group 3   Yes  
C Gooch Bowman CANCG7   Yes  
David LaMere Mast   Group 1   Yes  
James Marshall Tactician usajm40 Group 1   Yes  
David McVicker Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Paul Stroup Navigator   Group 1   Yes  
John Turk Main Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Steve Varnum Mid Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Tweety (Olson 30)
Robert Schroer 766034Y     Yes  
Venus (Pretorien 35)
Brian Agar Tactician 106387A   Group 1  
Milayna Beadell Chef   Group 1  
Tom Chrisfield Owner    
Melissa Kuntz Helm   Group 1  
Greg Rohde Bow   Group 1  
Witness Protection (C&C 35)
Doug Birch Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Scott BIRKLID Rush Chairman   Group 1   Yes  
Paul Danicic Helm   Group 1   Yes  
Devin Diedirch Grinder   Group 1   Yes  
Daniel Larson Owner 765327P     Yes  
Craig Wiklund Other   Group 1   Yes  
Wylie Coyote (Wylie 40)
Samantha Adair In the way   Group 1  
Michael Anderson Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Brecon Gross Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Mark Gross Skipper 21066K USAMG37 Group 1  
Robb Harriss Nav/Tac 266584H USARH49 Group 1  
Marina Hein Bow    
Jennifer Jacobsen Chef   Group 1  
Brant Kairies In the way   Group 1  
Rick Klevorn   Group 1  
ZigZag (J 109)
Griffin Bell Bow   Group 1  
Lizzie Easter    
Hyland Garvey    
Lonnie Knutson Pit   Group 1  
Susannah Myers Pit    
Dale Peters Skipper USADP128 Group 1  
Volker Petersen Watch Captain usavp11 usavp11 Group 1  

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