2015 IRC East Coast Championship / Swan 42 Nationals
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
After Midnight (CTM 41)
Paul Jeka    
Aston Harald (M32)
malcolm gefter 366798R MGUSA46  
August West (J 122)
Jamey Shachoy 280610G    
Brigadoon (J 111)
Michael Williamson 3114390    
Bronco (M32)
Michael Dominguez    
Cool Breeze (Mills 43 Custom)
John Cooper Helm 178837G USABL10  
Kyle Fast   Group 1  
jay greenfield Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jonathan Howland Bow USAJH217 Group 1  
David Hyer Strategist USADH94 Group 1  
Billy Liberty Tactician 178837G USABL10 Group 3  
Ed Liberty Helm   Group 1  
Andrew Pappas Mast   Group 1  
Dan Valoppi Mid Bow   Group 1  
Andrew Waine Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Alex Whipple Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Decision (HPR Carkeek 40)
Gijs Gunneman Pit    
Martin Kullman Tactician USAMK30 Group 3  
david muller    
Stephen Murray    
chris poole Bow USACP77 Group 1  
tony Reaper    
kevin Savitt Grinder USAKS17 Group 3  
Keiran Searle Spinnaker trimmer AUSKS6  
Cam Warner Medic/Doctor   Group 3  
Entropy (Tripp 41)
Patricia Young 289869T USAPY1  
Escape Velocity (M32)
Ron O'Hanley    
Pete Balash Pit    
Chuck Brown Main Trimmer usacb80 Group 3  
Mike Buckley Tactician USAMB20 Group 3  
Max Buerman Helm    
Rick Egloff Grinder   Group 1  
Karl Funk Bow 274819Y USAKF9 Group 3  
Ted Hackney Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Chris Kam Grinder   Group 3  
Rome Kirby Runners    
Kyle Lyman Grinder   Group 3  
Spencer Ogden Navigator USASO2   Group 1  
Brad Read Strategist    
Brendan Read Mid Bow   Group 1  
Sam Rodgers Headsail Trimmer    
Jane Stevenson Other   Group 1  
Interlodge (Botin HPR 44)
Dave Armitage Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Richard Bouzaid Spinnaker trimmer    
Rod Dawson Main Trimmer NZLRD1 Group 3  
Austin Fragomen Helm   Group 1  
Austin and Gwen Fragomen    
Jamie Haines Pitman   Group 3  
Zach Hurst Spinnaker trimmer NZLZH1 Group 3  
Rob MacMilan Strategist   Group 3  
Kris Matthews Bow    
Tom Odonnell Grinder   Group 3  
John Plume Grinder   Group 3  
Andrea Visintini Navigator ITAAV8 Group 3  
Irie 2 (Kerr 55)
Brian Cunha 179170C USABC106  
Just A Friend (C&C 30 One-Design)
Clayton Deutsch    
Little Big Man (C&C 30 One-Design)
Dominick Cannavo MD 697973N    
Maxine (J 44)
Eliot Beck Pit   Group 1  
David Ciesla Medic/Doctor 310231C   Group 1  
Jim Conroy Mast    
Xavier Janssen Headsail Trimmer 263552t    
Jim Keogh Chef USAJK149 Group 1  
Liza Ketcham Runners    
Saunders Ketcham Headsail Trimmer    
William Ketcham Owner 110392M    
Chris Kriz Main Trimmer 271857Y   Group 1  
Carolyn Russell Bow 656237u   Group 1  
Moxiee (J 122)
John Hanson USAJH307 Group 1  
Daniel Heun Owner 211528K    
Jackson Heun Grinder   Group 1  
Mike Larison Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Greg Pitner Watch Captain   Group 1  
Andrew Urban Grinder USAAA88 Group 1  
Nyabinghi (C&C 30 One-Design)
Ted Chwalk Headsail Trimmer    
Angus Davis 399977X USAAD22  
Andy Green Tactician GBRAG13 Group 3  
Pete Levesque Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Orion (J 122)
Chad Gilpin Offside trimmer USACG88 Group 1  
Tad Hutchins Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Andrew Kerr Tactician 215381V GBRAK19 Group 3  
Ken McLean Headsail Trimmer 242960T USAKM39 Group 1  
Paul Milo 661310L USAPM110  
Matthias Mueller Bow GERMM6 Group 1  
George Saggal Pit Assist USAGS100 Group 1  
Keith Scala Pit Assist USAKS124 Group 1  
Brendon Scanlon Mast USABS62 Group 1  
Pendragon (X-41)
Quentin Thomas 395941D    
Settler (NEB Tripp 43)
Keith Cummings Runners    
Peter Largess Bow usapl39 Group 1  
Jono Loughborough Grinder USAJL152 Group 1  
Thomas Rich Chef 159964K    
Peter Stalkus Tactician   Group 1  
Spookie (Carkeek HP 40)
Steve & Heidi Benjamin 101374L USASB  
Talisman (Farr 395)
John Bailey USAJB219  
Temptation-Oakcliff (Ker 50)
Arthur Santry    
The Cat Came Back (Swan 42)
Holly Ashton Bow   Group 1  
Morgan Baird Pit   Group 1  
Gary Brophy Pit USAGB91 Group 1  
Michael Campbell Tactician 141036G USAMC53 Group 1  
Tim Corbett Other USATC90 Group 1  
Lauren Cotta Mid Bow 323163Q   Group 1  
Chase Crawford Mast USACC169 Group 1  
Jay Everson Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Emily Gaffney Pit USAEG33 Group 1  
skip Mattos Helm    
Lincoln Mossop Owner    
Taylor Oneil Offside trimmer    
John Post Helm   Group 1  
Brandon Somers Headsail Trimmer USABS142 Group 1  
Themis (C&C 30 One-Design)
Lara Dallman-Weiss Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Geoff ewenson Tactician usage2 Group 3  
Nick Ewenson Helm USANE10 Group 1  
Dave flynn Main Trimmer USADF68 Group 3  
Collin kirby Bow   Group 1  
robert ranzenbach Spinnaker trimmer   Group 3  
Walt Thirion Skipper    
Ultimate Pressure (M32)
Adrian Ionescu 669680W USAAI10  
URSA (J 109)
Taber French Main Trimmer 689694H usatf15 Group 1  
Tim Kohl Main Trimmer 237133R USATK26 Group 1  
Mike Marrone Pit Assist 108949E USAMM347  
Brooke Mastrorio Helm 711588H USABM127  
Sims McGrath Headsail Trimmer USASM80 Group 1  
Jon Meyers Mast 650773B USAJM288 Group 1  
Rich Peale Bow USARP77 Group 1  
Mark Reinhart Pit USAMR131 Group 1  
Rob Salk Tactician USARS197 Group 1  
Vesper (TP 52)
james Baxter Main Trimmer   Group 3  
ben beer Bow    
Gavin Brady Tactician    
Brock Callen Mid Bow    
Magnus Doole Grinder   Group 3  
James Gale Navigator    
Ian Gordon Runners    
ryan huston Spinnaker trimmer    
Ken Keefe Runners    
Chris Larson Strategist    
Will Mackenzie Pit    
Dave Miller Grinder    
Rob Salthouse Headsail Trimmer    
Jim Swartz Skipper 322390T    
White Gold (J 44)
James D. Bishop 114950Q usajb2  
Blake Dickinson Headsail Trimmer USA4994    
Tim Ebert Bowman 740773X   Group 1  
Dan Holt Main Trimmer 206262S USACH47 Group 1  
George Holt Pit Assist 206262S USACH47 Group 1  
Tom Manco Tactician   Group 3  
Dan Peckham    
Kathy Tracy Pitman   Group 1  
Tom Tracy    
Douglas Weiner Grinder 49   Group 1  
David Willis   Group 1  
Lisa Willis Pit   Group 1  
White Rhino 2 (Carkeek 47)
Todd Stuart    

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