2021 Ensign National Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Aldebaran (Pearson Ensign )
Michael Sauer    
Babe (Ensign)
fran trapp 669814U    
Breezie Weezie (Ensigj)
Dave Parlin    
Carolina Girl (Ensign )
Susan DeScioli Tactician    
Jane Heron Skipper 755939R    
Angelina Litton Strategist    
David Wood Nav/Tac   Group 1  
Cayenne (Ensign)
David Kurt 1051   Group 1  
Chasin Chickens (Ensign)
Robert Williams    
Chether (Ensign)
Andrew Bohn 280018I   Group 1  
Chelsea Bohn Bow   Group 1  
Bruce Cochran Pit   Group 1  
Rob Dendel Headsail Trimmer    
Corsair (Ensign)
michael Twohey    
eh? (Ensign)
Eric Seaborg 209509W   Group 1  
Firebird (Ensign)
Mike Macina 397881O    
Foxy Lady (Ensign)
Tanner Knox    
Alix LaBelle    
Ethan LaBelle    
Franklin LaBelle    
Thomas LaBelle    
Irish Ayes (Ensign)
Neil Lynch 321564R   Group 1  
Lorelei (Ensign)
Bud Brown   Group 1  
Madley (Pearson Ensign)
Bryan Flynn    
Neeko (Person Ensign)
Douglas Tosa    
Prickly Pair (Ensign)
Bill Hawk 180984z    
Questar (Ensign)
Richard Furstoss Bow    
Anna Gorbold Mid Mast 392925X   Group 1  
Jonathan Gorbold Helm 392925X    
Sleuth (Ensign)
Roberty Conkey    
Stijf kop (Ensign)
George Dahmen 2261138T    
Swoose (Ensign)
Russell Carr 133015E    
Dana Conefrey    
Kathy Petitpas    
Chris West    
the other woman (Ensign)
John Cutler 398429I    
The White Lady (Ensign)
Peter Kogut   Group 1  

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