2021 Hamble Classics Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Aeolus (30 Square Metre)
Richard Hargreaves   Group 1  
Aurora (Dragon)
Tobin Green    
Blueberry (S&S 34)
Paul Rigby Co-Skipper    
Nicola Simper Owner    
Can Can IV (S&S Swan 40)
Jack Thoms    
Chloe Giselle (Spirit Yachts)
Michael Hough    
Cockleshell (One-off Classic Dayboat)
Jonty Sherwill   Group 1  
Glen Mhor (Nicholson 32)
Philip Holloway    
Gloriana (Herreshoff 12)
Ian and Clare Armstrong   Group 1  
Samiotisa (Nicholson 35)
Simon Frost    
So! (Nordic Folkboat)
Simon Osgood   Group 1  
Svenja (Nordic Folkboat)
M Stoner    
Thalia (Gaff Cutter)
David Aisher    
Valhalla (Nordic Folkboat)
Kim Morley   Group 1  
WHOOPER (Laurent Giles Classic)
Giovanni Belgrano    
Wild Rival (Rival 34)
Steve Lacey    

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