2021 Hamble Classics Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Abu (Classic 6 Metre)
Simon Williams   Group 1  
Aeolus (30 Square Metre)
Richard Hargreaves   Group 1  
Aeolus (Gaff cutter)
Terry Lockwood In the way   Group 1  
Stuart Lund Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Anthony Wheaton    
Kate Woodward Other   Group 1  
Amokura (Bermudan Yawl)
Paul Moxon    
Astralita (XOD)
Tim Copsey    
Fraser Graham    
John Tremlett X91  
Athena (XOD)
David McGregor    
Freddie McGregor    
Mike Moss    
Aurora (Dragon)
Tobin Green    
Blueberry (S&S 34)
Adam James    
Nicola Simper Owner    
Cetewayo (Laurent Giles 7/8ths Sloop)
David Murrin    
Cidron Too (Nordic Folkboat)
Simon Osgood   Group 1  
Clarionet (S&S Sloop)
andrew harvey   Group 1  
Cockleshell (One-off Classic Dayboat)
Jonty Sherwill   Group 1  
Crystal II (One off cruiser)
Robin Powell    
Dorothy (Thames rater)
Ossie Stewart    
Fanfare (International Dragon)
michael issaias gbrmi3 Group 1  
Felix (XOD)
Peter Baines   Group 1  
Rupert Smalley Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Folkdance (British Folkboat)
Susan Rutter    
Furious (International Dragon)
Owen Pay   Group 1  
Gem (xod)
Peter Diamond   Group 1  
Glaurung (Dragon)
Glen Mhor (Nicholson 32)
Philip Holloway    
Helen (Mylne Int 8M)
Christopher Courage    
Iona (XOD)
Andrew Bates    
Jerboa (Dragon)
Gavia Wilkinson-Cox GBRGW40 Group 1  
Kelpie (Solent 38 one design)
Pelham Olive    
Lak II (One off sloop)
Louise Morton    
Little X (XOD)
Gary Rossall    
Madelaine (Nordic Folkboat)
Edward Donald FGBR707 Group 1  
Melita (6 metre)
john mellows    
Mikado (Clyde Linear 30)
Michael Briggs 6  
Mischief (XOD)
simon dewhirst    
Mojitabel (Swan37)
Rory Heron    
Myrtle (XOD)
Cordelia Ellis   Group 1  
Nausikaa (Gauntlet 8T)
philip cotton   Group 1  
Njord of Cowes (First Rule Eight Metre)
Andrew Davidson Runners   Group 1  
Christopher Fry    
Jason Fry   Group 1  
Bruce Macfarlane Floater   Group 1  
Richard Oswald    
Charlie White    
Orthops (Hustler 30)
Jane Challener Helm   Group 1  
John Costello Headsail Trimmer    
Andy McGregor Spinnaker trimmer    
James McNeilly Bow   Group 1  
Robin Revill Johnson Nav/Tac    
Polly Agatha (Bristol Pilot Cutter Replica)
jeremy john    
Samiotisa (Nicholson 35)
Simon Frost    
Scherzo of Cowes (S&S Swan 36)
Peter Morton   Group 1  
Sioma (Classic Six Metre)
Fenton Burgin    
Suvretta (West Solent One Design)
christopher preston   Group 1  
Svenja (Nordic Folkboat)
M Stoner    
Teela (Contessa 32)
Mark Catherall   Group 1  
Thalia (Gaff Cutter)
David Aisher    
Tivoli (Nicholson 32)
Alan Thorne    
Ugly Duckling (S&S Sagitta 35)
George Beevor & Oliver Bewes   Group 1  
Valhalla (Nordic Folkboat)
Kim Morley   Group 1  
Whimbrel (XOD)
Ian Wilson   Group 1  
Whimbrel (Golant Gaffer)
Will Howe Strategist   Group 1  
Will Maskell    
Whooper (Laurent Giles Classic)
Giovanni Belgrano    
Wild Rival (Rival 34)
Mike Bunton Bow    
Miranda Camping-Bunton Mast    
Cathy Lacey Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Steve Lacey Owner    
Woodwind (Jarrett 34)
Serge Constantinesco    
Greg Dunn   Group 1  
John Evans   Group 1  
Roger Jarrett    
Stephen Jarrett    
Hilary Peyton    

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