2021 J 70 East Coast Championship Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May (CYCCM)
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Another White Lie (J 70)
Chip Carr Pit Assist usacc65 Group 1   Yes  
Carol Flynn Bow USACF111 Group 1   Yes  
Kelly Keppel Headsail Trimmer USAKK125 USAKK125 Group 1   Yes  
Chip Rapp 115430J 98355   Yes  
Ayacucho (J 70)
Edward Gary Rush Chairman USAEG46 Group 1   Yes  
James Gary 675161V USAJG270 Group 1   Yes  
Thomas Johnson 746056R   Group 1   Yes  
Roger Link Floater 215552S USARL114 Group 1   Yes  
Carlos (J 70)
Doug Davis Bow 767083T   Group 1   Yes  
Kenneth Griffin Spinnaker trimmer USAKG65 Group 1   Yes  
Tom Lord 662890b USATL93   Yes  
Rob Wilson Headsail Trimmer USARW144 Group 1   Yes  
goofyfoot (J 70)
John Wilsey Skipper   Group 1  
Hey Jude (J 70)
Bradley Lord Runners 663158X USABL93 Group 1   Yes  
Jack Lord Skipper 655220R   Group 1   Yes  
Dick O'keefe Spinnaker trimmer USARO1 Group 1   Yes  
Jeffrey Todd 119705T   Group 3   Yes  
JayBob (J 70)
Jay Corcoran   Group 1   Yes  
Bob Foulke   Group 1   Yes  
Robert Herzog USARH197   Yes  
Jay Kopp USAJK190 Group 1   Yes  
Mabuhay (J 70)
Jay Basillote 673600M    
Allen Kryvoruts    
Alexander Kryvorutsky    
Jennifer Monty Owner    
Mini Max (J 70)
Pierson Deloe In the way USAPD120 Group 1   Yes  
Lucas Healy Main Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Benjamin Mazzuco Rush Chairman USABM183 Group 1   Yes  
Patricia/Matthew Schulze/York Owner 127462W USAGS36   Yes  
Zachary York Autopilot 735006W USAZY2 Group 1   Yes  
Murder Hornet (J 70)
Mike Coe Autopilot USAMC38 Group 3   Yes  
Cate Muller-Terhune 290615M USACM8 Group 1   Yes  
Jenn Norwood (Wulff) Runners Usajw18 Group 1   Yes  
Allan Terhune Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 3   Yes  
Pen Segal (J 70)
Anne dangy Bow FRAAD78 Group 1   Yes  
Thomas Davy Autopilot FRATD50 Group 1   Yes  
Thibault Dufour Chef FRATD51 Group 1   Yes  
Jean-Marc Papin Helm FRAJP50 Group 1   Yes  
Progress (J 70)
Nicole Bruno     Yes  
Ben Ferraro Main Trimmer USABF68 Group 1   Yes  
Paul Green 803170Q   Group 1   Yes  
Andrew Nowak Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Project Number 49 (J 70)
Max Lopex Chef 320797A USAML55 Group 1  
Geoffrey Pierini 656323s USAGP27 Group 1  
Max Skelley Tactician   Group 3  
Ron Weed Other   Group 3  
Relentless (J 70)
reed Baldridge Tactician   Group 3   Yes  
Scott Foxman Skipper 240603d usasf35 Group 1   Yes  
chris fretz   Group 1   Yes  
ian liberty     Yes  
Salty Goat (J 70)
Jacob/Lars Gublo/Osell     Yes  
Patrick McCarron Cat 3 Cooler Jockey USAPM191 Group 1   Yes  
Lars Osell     Yes  
Lucas Sawin Tactician 719263N   Group 1   Yes  
Patrick York In the way   Group 1   Yes  

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