2021 Thistle Lake Erie District Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Kit Holzaepfel    
1784 (Thistle)
Nicole Shedden    
3875 (Thistle )
John Shockey 399547N USAJS115 Group 1  
3990 (Thistle)
Stu Fisher    
4005 (Thistle)
Lee Sackett USALS87 Group 1  
Alma & Louise (Thistle)
Thomas Hubbell 113803G   Group 1  
Arkangel (Thistle)
John Gilmour 662547A   Group 1  
Sally Rusk    
Allan Vanderhayden Staysail trimmer 767109N   Group 1  
Bananawind (Thistle)
Jack Finefrock 154248T   Group 1  
Kathy Finefrock    
Joe Goetz    
Black Pearl (Thistle)
Devin Copfer Bow   Group 1  
Ryan Lashaway Chef   Group 3  
Corinne Sackett    
Blew Eyes (Thistle)
Michael Delaney    
Box of Rain (Thistle)
Fred Hunger 176148Y    
Cyclone (Thistle)
Mark D'Apolito    
Dad Bod (Thistle)
Kyle Finefrock 286297L   Group 1  
Dangerous (Thistle)
Ben France    
Dejavu (Thistle)
Warren Duckworth 264699L    
Die Rote Bote (Thistle)
Jack Harris 704195T    
Dry Wood B - Fleet (Thistle)
Kevin Tschantz    
Emmy Lou (Thistle)
Conor Ruppen 664179z    
Flamingo (Thistle)
Brian McNeill    
Gandalf (Thistle)
Will Weible 322067R    
Lasallebration (Thistle)
Kevin Bradley    
Mary Jane (Thistle)
Bobby Sessions Foil Trimmer   Group 1  
Matthew Sessions Skipper 294617W   Group 1  
Tom Sessions Watch Captain    
Mazurek (Douglas)
Bronislaw Gober 790794N    
Mojo (Thistle)
Lee Ferber    
MOOOO COW (Thistle)
Pete Danylewycz Princess    
Adam Gilbertson Yachting Gigolo 397547J    
Timothy Vining In the way    
Old Skool Buckeye (Thistle)
Brent Barbehenn 116899K    
Paukie (Thistle)
Christopher Klotz 123323G   Group 1  
Peel (Thistle)
Richard Harmon In the way 197484j   Group 1  
Averna Hess Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Mark Hess Skipper 287286k   Group 1  
Shadows (Thistle)
Frederick Bauer 285365C    
Shameless (Thistle)
Andrew Gallagher 715748k    
ethan gallagher    
Keagan Gallagher    
Stimulus Check (thistle)
madelyn mcsweeney    
USA 3866 (Thistle)
Ron Fiedler 1117947b    
Windlassie (thistle)
Joy Yingling    

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