2021 J/80 North American Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Blind Faith (J 80)
Mike Boardman   Group 1  
Brian Gibbs 225542R   Group 1  
Beth Holland Bow   Group 1  
Ty Whitman    
Eleven (J 80)
Bert Carp 206319Q    
FKA (J 80)
Jason Beckwith Mast   Group 1  
Les Beckwith Owner   Group 1  
Charles Quigley Tactician 237493G USACQ3 Group 1  
Bruce Sawyer Headsail Trimmer usabs151 Group 1  
He's Back (J 80)
Ben Crosby Tactician 699850Z   Group 1  
Carolyn Crosby   Group 1  
Peter Crosby    
Kyra McNamara    
Kopp-OUT (aka The Lasso Way) (J 80)
Thomas Kopp   Group 1  
Le Tigre (J 80)
James Blanding Bow 196586K USAJB238 Group 1  
Peter d'Anjou Helm 253315L   Group 1  
Henry DeGroot Medic/Doctor   Group 1  
Ed mulhern Pit    
Meltemi (J80)
Jonathan Bartlett    
Michael Hobson    
Roger Kagan    
jeff reidle    
Minor Trouble (J/80)
Lizzy Scales Skipper 781142U   Group 1  
Mistress (J 80)
Jeffrey Rabinowitz    
Outlaws (J 80)
Derick Lynch 139654d    
R80 (J 80)
Will & Marie Crump Thomas Klok   Group 1  
Scamp (J/80)
J.R. Maxwell Skipper 220141C   Group 1  
Bryan Prior    
Jim Schmicker    
Nat Spencer    
Shenanigans (J 80)
Shannon Lockwood 272299E   Group 1  
Stacked Deck (J 80)
Ramzi Bannura    
The Party Tree (J 80)
Conor O'Neil USACO37  
Tubby (J 80)
Jesse Thompson 405835X    
Turbo Sloth (J 80)
Michael Coe Autopilot   Group 3  
Kelly Fitzgerald Bow   Group 1  
Emerson Smith Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Daniel Wittig Skipper 318036V    
Sara Wittig Floater    
USA 829 (J 80)
Graham Philpot 306802O USAGP47 Group 1  
Valhalla 2 (J 80)
Valhalla Sailing Project / Mike Wood 750172R    
VAYU (J 80)
David Andril 275186E   Group 1  
Vitesse (J 80)
Vickery Brewer Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Elizabeth Goldemen Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Amy Harris Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Eunice Lin    
Gregg Sunshine   Group 1  
John Taylor Helm USAJT66 Group 1  
White Lightnin' (J 80)
Vince Kalish 233062N USAVK5 Group 1  
Wired (J 80)
Chip Baker    

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