2022 Grenada Sailing Week
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Aniope (Carter 33 Olympique Yacht)
Olivia Basset    
blueshift (norseman 447)
christopher glaves    
Category 5 (Hobie 33 Mod)
Richard Szyjan    
Delphine (Outremer 45)
David Slater   Group 1  
Die Hard (J24)
Robbie Yearwood    
EH01 - Global Yacht Racing (Beneteau First 47.7)
Andy Middleton    
Escapado (Beneteau First 40.7)
Germaine Williams    
Fadeaway (J 24)
Adrian Ramsey    
Gus Reader   Group 1  
Free in st barths (Carriacou sloop)
Danny Donelan 2    
Jerry Stewart    
Frigate (J24)
Mark Solomon    
Galatea (Custom sloop)
Judd Tinius    
GFA Caraïbes - La Morrigane (Surprise Archambault)
Tristan MARMOUSEZ    
Glacier (Carriacou Sloop)
Benson Patrice    
Ineffable (Rapido 60 trimaran)
Stephen Bourne COK2223 Group 1  
KAI (Pogo 12.50)
Ryan Blue Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Aaron Downey   Group 1  
Mayumi Knight   Group 1  
Tim Knight   Group 1  
Lucinda McLean Pit GBRLM57 Group 1  
Rob McLean Helm GBRRM50 Group 1  
Josh Meyerer   Group 1  
Love Roses (Carriacou Sloop)
Benson Patrice    
Margetta-O (Carriacou Sloop)
Cyril Compton    
Nuages (Allied Loders 33)
Holger Marseille    
Sam of Hamble (Sigma 38)
Hilary Cook Owner   Group 1  
Peter Hopps    
andrew oliver Foil Trimmer   Group 1  
Joe Saliba    
Ruth Turnock    
Timothy Whittle    
Sang Neuf (J 109)
TERRIEN Jean François    
Sao Jorge (Harmony 52)
Germaine Williams    
Sauntress (Gaff Cutter yacht)
Martin Scannall None None Group 1  
Savvy (Carriacou sloop)
Danny Donelan    
Shakin (J24)
Peter Armstrong   Group 1  
Spirit of Juno (Farr 65)
Peter Anthony    
The Blue Peter (Alfred Mylne 65)
Mathew Barker    
Rob Buckley Offside trimmer   Group 1  
Andrew Fine    
Susan Leone Pit Assist    
Richard Lightowler Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Kirsty Parker    
Hugh Pringle    
Melissa Schiff   Group 1  
Charlie Tattersall    
Robin Tattersall    

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