72nd Down the Bay Race for the Virginia Cruising Cup
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Abientot (J 35)
Roger Lant 376990M    
Michael Welin Grinder   Group 1  
Afterthought (J 109)
Craig Wright 372086z   Group 1  
Allegiant (J 42)
Albert Bossar 754225P    
James Branson Navigator AUSAB60 Group 1  
Hannah Dickmyer Main Trimmer 402612I USAHD29 Group 1  
Noah Martin Bow   Group 1  
Maryline O'Shea Floater    
Adam Rybczynski Mast   Group 1  
Jordan Stock Helm 663748L    
Amaté (Pearson 26)
Corey Coleman    
Challenge Accepted (Jeanneau)
Michael Cummings 295185F   Group 1  
Crocodile (First 50)
Scott Ward 686840Y usasw92 Group 1  
Dark Star (Pearson 37)
Doug Savage    
Different Drummer (Fast 40)
John Bell Headsail Trimmer    
Colin Dowling Bow   Group 1  
Per Lindell 795355B USAPL83 Group 1  
Ed Mcguinnis Helm   Group 1  
Ryan Treat 786272P USART76  
Elixir (CS4O)
Edward Baron    
Christopher French Skipper   Group 1  
Andrew Haly Grinder    
Mark Merrick    
Eric Winkelstern Bow USAEW107 Group 1  
Endorphin (Soto 40)
Prentice Wulff   Group 1  
Glory Days (Catana)
Karen Roberts 805393W    
Gary Russell Owner    
John Smith Helm    
Kaja (Farr 50 Pilothouse)
Owen Goodhew Bow   Group 1  
Bruce Martin Nav/Tac   Group 1  
Donald Peloquin Watch Captain 356252X   Group 1  
Eric Simonson Headsail Trimmer 711857X USAES78 Group 1  
Andy Wescoat 304415L USAAW112 Group 1  
HeeJung Wescoat Bow   Group 1  
Kyrie (Tartan 4100)
Andres Acosta    
Charlie Arms Chef 227098G usasa1 Group 1  
Beth Berry Stunt Owner 227476E   Group 1  
William Krafft Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Charlotte Silverman Watch Captain 814480R   Group 1  
Stephanie Sweeney In the way 765150N   Group 3  
Steve Van Pelt In the way 780456Z   Group 1  
Melantho (Beneteau First 36.7)
Jack Clayton 818380P    
Christopher Cunningham Co-Skipper 796367U USACC264 Group 1  
Steve Young - Zack Bayhan 781731V USSY10 Group 1  
Red Frog (Sabre 38-2 WK)
E. Randy Goodman Skipper 729285Z   Group 1  
Erin Hofstetter Grinder   Group 1  
Guy Sorensen Tactician 101635   Group 1  
Andy Speights Bow   Group 1  
Shannon Speights Grinder   Group 1  
Split Decision (C&C 99)
Matthew Alsobrook Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Michael Bowes Bow   Group 1  
Zack Goodwin Grinder   Group 1  
Sam Maddox Watch Captain   Group 1  
Jordan Tacchetti 801902T    

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