2022 Etchells National and British Open Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Bounce Back (Etchells)
David Kelly Tactician GBRDK16 Group 1  
Allan Manuel GBRAM107 Group 1  
Stephen Rarity GBRSR103 Group 1  
China Wight (Etchells)
Nicholas Stagg GBRNS46 Group 1  
Currigee (Etchells)
Angus Galloway    
Eat,Sleep,E,Repeat (Etchells)
Paul Ward GBRPW95 Group 1  
Exabyte (Etchells )
Shaun Frohlich    
Gelert (Etchells)
James MArkby   Group 1  
Highlife (Etchells)
Peter Rogers    
Louise Racing (Etchells)
Grant Gordon    
Mano (Etchells)
Josh Adams GBRJA75 Group 1  
James Cunnison Bow GBRJC138 Group 1  
Alex Gutierrez    
Macey McCann    
Jamie Webb Main Trimmer   Group 1  
MBF (Etchells)
Paul Brotherton    
Mila (Etchells)
Lawrie Smith GBRLSO1  
No Dramas (Etchells )
Andrew Lawson GBRAL32 Group 1  
Oatmeal (Etchells)
Ben Cornish    
Klaus Diedrichs   Group 1  
Andrew Palfrey AUSAP6  
Pulse (Etchells)
Simon Hall Main Trimmer GBRSH100 Group 1  
Rocketman (Etchells)
Rob Goddard GBRRG4 Group 1  
Shamal (Etchells)
Ali Grant Bow GBRAG64  
Ross Mackley Main Trimmer GBRRM95 Group 1  
Anthony Parke GBRAP54 Group 1  
Sasha Tydeman Pit GBRAT77 Group 1  
Spica (Etchells )
Jason Losty IRLJL11 Group 1  
Sumo (Etchell)
Dylan Collingbourne   Group 1  
Swedish BLUE (Etchells)
Ante Razmilovic GBRAR18 Group 1  
Tango (Etchells)
Chris Hampton    
The Plant Hunter (Etchells)
Malcolm Offord   Group 3  
Ziggy (Etchells )
Rhys Lewis    

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