2022 Bayview North Channel Race
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
AirForce (Express 27)
Perrin Fortune 729920M    
Black Dog (Cal 25)
Todd Jones Lion Tamer USATJ4 Group 1  
Greg Kinney    
Ruffing, Jones, Kinney, Ward    
C.J. Ruffing 233356S USACR48 Group 1  
Nicholas Ward Other USANW13 Group 1  
Centurion (J 29)
Michael Gualdoni    
Cerberus (Corsair F31UC)
Matt Smith 777597P   Group 1  
Challenge (Nonsuch)
Greg Doyal   Group 1  
Dan Guendelsberger    
Andy Schultz    
Chickenhawk (Cal 25)
Andy Groh    
Mark Pinney Autopilot   Group 3  
Erik Ryan    
Stu Thompson Other   Group 3  
Jessica Walters    
Das Boot (Express 27)
Gary Bresnehan Chef   Group 1  
Dan Gidcumb Headsail Trimmer USADG92 Group 1  
Harald Kolter 179517B    
Brian Willette    
Defiant (Morgan 27)
Pete Fitzpatrick    
DeTour (Italia 9.98)
Chuck Stormes 183740R USACS290 Group 1  
Door Prize (Nonsuch 30)
Roger Eger 435    
Eliminator (C&C 35 MKII)
Christopher VanTol USACV1 Group 1  
Escape (Catalina 27)
Brian Fife Chef USABF52 Group 1  
Brian Ross Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Vern Wright Mast   Group 1  
Alexandria Zimmerman In the way   Group 1  
Bret Zimmerman Stunt Owner   Group 1  
Evolution (Express 27)
Eric Nikesch    
Fast Tango (NA 40)
Tim Prophit   Group 1  
Glory (Nonsuch 30)
Brien Baker Lion Tamer   Group 1  
Hans Brieden Lion Tamer   Group 1  
Jim Cassidy    
Robert Wood   Group 1  
Hardly Tri-ing (Corsair F31 R)
Martin Foster    
Hercules Mulligan (Cal 25)
Sandi Svoboda    
Holmebrew (Cal 25)
Jack Holme    
Hoodlum (Melges 32)
Paul Hulsey 101876s    
Hot Ticket (J 70)
Mike Kirkman 121035D USAMK117 Group 1  
JamJam (Morgan 27)
James Morphew    
Joma (Nonsuch )
Peter Guthat    
Krigare (Cal 25)
Phillip Eddins    
Merak (Legend 37)
Matt Bizer Bow    
Adnan Medic 732074V   Group 1  
Brynna Smith Other   Group 1  
Bailey Anne Yildiz Main Trimmer    
Never Alone (Cal 25)
Robbie Cardoze    
Peter Furest Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Ross Nuechterlein    
Arthur Roden Chef   Group 1  
Alex Simon    
Pandora (Bauermeister 30)
Lindsay Horvat    
Pendragon (J 130)
Joseph Brennan    
Pepper (Cal 25)
Curtis Rozelle    
Quadrophenia (Catalina 27)
Dave the Elder Feldpausch In the way    
Dave the Younger Feldpausch Bow   Group 1  
James Feldpausch Helm   Group 1  
John Feldpausch Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1  
Maria Feldpausch Bow    
Mariel Tang Other   Group 1  
Rapsody in Blue (Nonsuch 30)
Thomas Anderson Grinder    
Chris Clark    
john demers Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Tracy Hynson Bow   Group 1  
Susie McGraw Thibault    
Rhea Nicholas 800846y   Group 1  
Diane Schattenberg Pit   Group 1  
Remedy (Donovan 27)
David Bauermeister    
Revel (Sabre 452)
Brian Ellison 354620P    
Riptide (Express 27)
Andrew Casazza Staysail trimmer   Group 1  
Josh Collins Headsail Trimmer USAJC206 Group 1  
Minh Ha Chef USAMH158 Group 1  
Suzanne Scoville Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
John Walton 665353O USAJW123 Group 1  
Ruby My Dear (Express 27)
Bredan Cotter    
Tom Favenyesi Headsail Trimmer    
Linda Kubit Bow USALK61 Group 1  
Franklin Poupore    
Rugger (S2 7.9 Custom )
Matt Koch Boat Captain    
Stephen Kowal-Besler In the way    
Dennis Meagher Medic/Doctor   Group 1  
Ian Pouliot Skipper    
Sea Wise (Sloop-Bristol 27)
Brad Clancy Mast    
JAy kaiser    
Gordon Smith    
Chuck Weiss 10043704    
Second Wind (Cal 25)
Don Healy 654041Q    
Sehnsuchtsbang (Cal 25)
Christopher Van Antwerp   Group 1  
Sixpence (Nonsuch 30)
Harry Bloom Main Trimmer    
Jim Lieder   Group 1  
Sue Lieder    
MICHAEL MAHAR Navigator   Group 1  
Unleaded (Contour 34 SC)
Etienne St-Laurent    

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