2023 Viper 640 Winter Series #1
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
(Viper 640)
Patrick Ryan 262262Q   Group 1  
All Fruits Ripe (Viper 640)
Marina Maffessanti   Group 1  
Michael Weber   Group 1  
Evil Hiss (Viper 640)
Mary Ewenson   Group 1  
Flight Risk (Viper640)
Zachary Kyritsis USAZK10 Group 1  
Geoffrey Patterson In the way    
Heather Patterson 741161S    
Great Scott! (Viper 640)
Jay Rhame & Peter Beardsley 149084E USAPB8 Group 1  
John Dale Steinkamp    
Meow! (Viper 640)
Cole Constantineau 735511Y USACC253  
Patched Up (Viper 640)
Holly Fleming Headsail Trimmer    
Marcelo Pereira Lion Tamer BRAMP24 Group 1  
Jake Vick Spinnaker trimmer 781924S USAJV84 Group 1  
Robot Flamingo (Viper 640)
Jimmy Praley 260426K   Group 1  
Southern Challenge (Viper 640)
Harrison Menszer    
William Trapani    
Ricky Welch 664324T USARW149 Group 1  
Strategery XI (Viper 640)
Cam Farrah USACF101  
Team Z (Viper 640)
Marek Zaleski 669629Y USAMZ13 Group 1  
Touch of Grey (Viper 640)
Adam White 826685T   Group 1  
Widespread Panic (Viper 640)
Arden Carleton 770007N    
Piper Carleton Headsail Trimmer 770007N   Group 1  
Toby Clarkson Tactician 770233R    

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