2022/2023 DIYC J 70 Winter Series 1
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
3 Ball JT (J 70)
Jack Franco 111292N USAJF139  
Bill Hardesty Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Rob Lindley Spinnaker trimmer    
Allan Terhune Headsail Trimmer Usaat13 Group 3  
Afterberner (J 70)
Karl Felger Tactician 347188J USAKF14 Group 3  
Rick Rothenbuhler Helm USARR39 Group 1  
Brian Williams 268796R USABW115 Group 1  
Jeff Williams USAJW260 Group 1  
American Flyer (J 70)
Annie Baumann USAAB185 Group 1  
Steve Knoop 132368S USASK88 Group 1  
Dustin Packer Headsail Trimmer USADP132 Group 1  
Patrick Rice Main Trimmer USAPR63 Group 1  
Ayacucho (J 70)
Travis Carlisle Lion Tamer USATC109 Group 1  
Edward gary Rush Chairman USAEG46 Group 1  
James Gary 675161V USAJG270 Group 1  
Roger Link Floater 215552S USARL114 Group 1  
Bamm-Bamm (J 70)
David Ames USADA73 Group 1  
Jeff Bott 750901G USAJB474 Group 1  
David Gorwitz 215398e USADA73 Group 1  
Henry Picco 326078C USAHP39 Group 1  
Banana Hammock (J 70)
Kurban Ali Lion Tamer USAKA39 Group 1  
Kevin Bradley Cat 3 Cooler Jockey USAKB111 Group 1  
Andrew Grzybowski In the way USAAG121 Group 1  
Rebecca Hofmeister Primary Speed Guy 651541T USARH209 Group 1  
Colton Hazlett Mid Bow USACH237 Group 1  
Deb Hazlett Spinnaker trimmer 800051U USADH220 Group 1  
Kirk Hazlett Skipper 207756B USAKH125 Group 1  
Tristen Hazlett Headsail Trimmer USATH138 Group 1  
Bella (J 70)
Melih Bagdati Lion Tamer TURMB13 Group 1  
Blaine Davis Chef USABD102 Group 1  
John Dennerlein 702011W USAJD191 Group 1  
John Dennerlein In the way 702011W USAJD191 Group 1  
Anne Popolizio Floater 729477U USAAP95 Group 1  
Bogan's Tapeworm (J 70)
Amy Baxter Felder Bow USAAB196 Group 1  
Graham Eger Headsail Trimmer 808890W USAGE31 Group 1  
Katherine Gluskin Skipper USAKG46 Group 1  
Bogan Whitehead Tactician USABW88 Group 1  
Brutus III (J 70)
Chris Grube Spinnaker trimmer GBRCG29 Group 3  
Ben Saxton Strategist GBRBS13 Group 3  
Ian Southworth Helm GBRIS8 Group 1  
Charlie Thompson Owner GBRCT45 Group 1  
Elisabeth Whitener Mast USAEW85 Group 3  
Button Fly (J 70)
Stephen Burke Tactician usasb38 Group 1  
Andrew Fisher 298175j USAAF4 Group 1  
Melissa Fisher Owner 298614b usamf57 Group 1  
Robby Wilcox USARW81 Group 1  
Max Lopez USAML55  
Josh Putnam USAJP72  
Michael Sudofsky USAMS239  
Nate Vilardebo USANV14  
Casting Couch (J 70)
Jackson Benvenutti Tactician   Group 3  
Jake Doyle In the way   Group 1  
Jeff Hayden USAJH369 Group 3  
Cate Muller-Terhune 290615M USACM8 Group 1  
DangerMouse (J 70)
Taz Coffey Stunt Owner 688042v USATC96 Group 1  
Casey Firth 3116032E USACF107 Group 1  
Jane Millman Bow 661746o USAJM397 Group 1  
Mary Beth Parkerson Headsail Trimmer USAMP194 Group 1  
Elvis (J 70)
Filip Engelbert SUIFE2 Group 1  
Empeiria (J 70)
Thomas Barrows Alternate   Group 3  
Will Felder Spinnaker trimmer USAWF26 Group 3  
John Heaton    
Zeke Horowitz Tactician   Group 3  
Etude (J 70)
Mary Foster Spinnaker trimmer 284646A USAMF110 Group 1  
Terry Foster 106444Q USAAF48 Group 1  
Kytalin Hendrickson Main Trimmer USAKH126 Group 1  
Charles Honke Headsail Trimmer USAAH158 Group 1  
FM (J 70)
jeff Haase Chef usajh57 Group 1  
Ted Pinkerton USATP81 Group 1  
John Rampe Stunt Owner 120755M USAJR9 Group 1  
Tod Sackett 134337P USATS65 Group 1  
Gravity Storm (J 70)
Chris Corley Grinder USACC154 Group 1  
Mark Foster USAMF6 Group 1  
Theo Hasse Grinder USATH85 Group 1  
Josh Richline Grinder 742880R USAJR163 Group 1  
Haddock (J 70)
Marco Caporaso Lion Tamer USAMC78 Group 1  
P Jaros Floater 395459I USAPJ15 Group 1  
Sam Sansome 255057W USARS91 Group 1  
Sean Wilson USASW60 Group 1  
Honeybadger (J 70)
Geoff Becker    
Danny Lawless    
Kris Werner Lion Tamer   Group 3  
Hot Ticket (J 70)
Michael Kirkman USAMK118 Group 1  
Mike Kirkman 121035D USAMK117 Group 1  
Andrew Lockhart USAAL49 Group 1  
Robert Ramirez 318615W USARR117 Group 1  
Johnny Utah (J 70)
Bridget Groble Helm 732013N USABG86 Group 1  
Raymond Groble Mid Mast USARG123 Group 1  
River Paquin Headsail Trimmer USARP129 Group 1  
Rachel Perry Lion Tamer 305769E USARP135 Group 1  
Key Player (J 70)
Chris Keller Chef 398684R USACK67 Group 1  
Ed Keller Rush Chairman 681937T USAEK36  
Bill Lynn Stunt Owner 183557Y USAWL4 Group 1  
Petey Lynn Cat 3 Cooler Jockey 338416X USAPL45 Group 1  
Laser Cruiser (J 70)
Deiane Abajos Headsail Trimmer ESPDA21 Group 1  
Candace Krenek Other   Group 1  
Jay Parekh   Group 1  
Alexander Settles 287717C USAAS116 Group 1  
Level 5 (J 70)
Al Minella 276055Y USAAM170 Group 1  
Loki (J 70)
Jackson Connell Primary Speed Guy 691309P USAJC271 Group 1  
Teddy Graham Foil Trimmer 818863S uSATG99 Group 1  
Walker Mullin USAWM112  
Sam Rosenbaum Rush Chairman USASR101 Group 1  
Maverick (J 70)
Mark Depaul In the way CANMD39 Group 1  
Doug Folsetter Runners CANDF6 Group 3  
Rich Jones CANRJ5 Group 1  
Kevin McAuley Floater CANKM36 Group 1  
McFly (J 70)
David Gerber    
Scott Nixon   Group 3  
Ansley O'Brien Main Trimmer USAAO32 Group 1  
Sean O'Brien Skipper 1157 USASO45 Group 1  
Measure Twice (J 70)
Neil Battrum Other CANNB13 Group 1  
Michael Duff USAMD151 Group 1  
Tim Kelley USATK71 Group 1  
Robb Matthews Tactician USARM239 Group 1  
Miss Killer (J 70)
Karl Aavik In the way USAKA49 Group 1  
Don Glover 758784Z USADG118 Group 1  
Grant Glover Spinnaker trimmer USAGG68 Group 1  
Jim Goran 783920Y USAJG264 Group 1  
NEKASailing (J 70)
Nick Nilsen Bow USANN24 Group 1  
Ian Ray Tactician GBRIR16 Group 1  
Justin Rose Pit USAJR295 Group 1  
Bobby Waltz Helm usabw131 Group 1  
Norboy (J 70)
Collin Kirby Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Martin Kullman Tactician   Group 3  
Laura Sigmond Skipper 200260E USALS46 Group 1  
Leif Sigmond Helm 200260E USALS46 Group 1  
Pazzi (J 70)
Mark Gorman Helm 265289H USAMG136 Group 1  
Patrick Norris Headsail Trimmer USAPN21 Group 1  
Carter White Main Trimmer USACW95 Group 3  
Molly White Chef USAMW89 Group 1  
Pen Segal (J 70)
Anne dangy Bow 800345Q Fraad78 Group 1  
Thomas Davy FRATD50 Group 1  
Thibault Dufour FRATD51  
Jean marc Papin FRAJP50 Group 1  
Phoenix (J 70)
Peter Firey 281443P Usapf34 Group 1  
Hannah Hess USAHH50 Group 1  
Rob Lancaster Spinnaker trimmer USARL150 Group 1  
John Meiser Chef Usajm155 Group 1  
Piranha (J 70)
jillian Aydelotte Floater   Group 1  
bryan cameron Tactician USABC27 Group 1  
Dave Dennison 162680U usadd134 Group 1  
Samantha Foulston Bow 825613N USASF68 Group 1  
franny schulte Spinnaker trimmer USAFS40 Group 1  
Planet Claire (J 70)
Mike Coe USAMC38 Group 3  
Amanda Kendrick USAAK73 Group 1  
John Koten USAJK106  
Marisa Koten Bow USAMK70 Group 1  
Progress (J 70 )
Paul Green 803170Q USAPG84 Group 1  
Rasta Racing (J 70)
Tighe Case USATC145  
Rakesh Dhiman 745554T USARD161  
Seamus Hendrickson 716427S USASH175  
Rip Rullah (J 70)
Matt Clark Usamc139 Group 1  
Will Holz USAWH53 Group 1  
Bob Willis USARW41 Group 1  
tyler woodworth 272748Y usatw67 Group 1  
Space Force (J 70)
Sean Bradley Stunt Owner 730718M USASB156 Group 1  
Stuart Challoner Tactician USASC42 Group 1  
Russell Schon Engineer USARS307 Group 1  
Keith Taboada Cat 3 Cooler Jockey USAKT60 Group 1  
Spring (J 70)
Eric Barreveld Other USAEB79 Group 1  
David Franzel USADF55  
Carson Haddow USACH283 Group 1  
Chris Small USACS232  
Stampede Mixed (J 70)
Bruno Pasquinelli    
Superior 1 (J 70)
Alec Anderson Tactician   Group 3  
Dave Hughes Floater   Group 3  
Dick Kalow    
Sam Loughborough Bow USASL76 Group 3  
Superior 2 (J 70)
Ian Coleman Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Alec Kalow Bow   Group 1  
Bryce Kalow    
Chris Stocke Tactician   Group 3  
T2 (J 70)
Hanson Bratton Skipper 244065T USAHB35 Group 1  
Shay Gualdoni Bow USAMG182 Group 1  
Nathan Hollerbach Tactician USANH4 Group 1  
Alex Hume Headsail Trimmer USAAH52 Group 3  
Taz (J 70)
Justin Blevins USAJB500 Group 1  
Gracyn Chamberlin Other USAGC80 Group 1  
Boris Luchterhand 813583S USABL123 Group 1  
Krystal R. Luchterhand USAKL92 Group 1  
Ron Rosenberg 145134N USARR77 Group 3  
Tea Dance Snake (J 70)
Todd Jenner Headsail Trimmer 687255P USATJ26 Group 1  
Erin McNamara Bow USAEM128 Group 1  
Michael McNamara Tactician usamm435 Group 1  
Amanda Plewes Rush Chairman USAAP116 USAAP116 Group 1  
Truckin' (J 70)
Alex Meleney 234596E USAAM139 Group 1  
Ryan Schenck USARS285 Group 1  
Carl Segen Headsail Trimmer USACS104 Group 1  
Brian Shaw USABS217 Group 1  
USA 1516 (J 70)
Mike Booker Headsail Trimmer USAMB85 Group 1  
David Kerr 179332Y USADK112 Group 1  
Lee Sackett Helm USALS87 Group 1  
Erica Trejo USAET28 Group 1  
Jane Gould USAJG287 Group 1  
Randy S Gould Helm 331656T USARG133 Group 1  
Mark Olson Main Trimmer USAMO55 Group 1  
Jeff Solum Headsail Trimmer USAJS413 Group 1  
Zebraic (J 70)
Petey Crawford Tactician USAPC70 Group 1  
Leila Erlandson Headsail Trimmer USALE25 Group 1  
Jon Monson Spinnaker trimmer USAJM122 Group 1  
Chet Whitley Helm 766223Y USACW156 Group 1  

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