2023 St. Thomas International Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
A Mi Paso (IC 24)
Agustín Lázaro-Lugo PURAL1  
Again (Hobie Wave)
Kyrre Culver    
Bad Decisions (J30)
Fuzzy Stoddard    
Bermuda High - Sound Sailing Center (Hanse 400)
Martin van Breems 164768D USAMV9  
Big Island (IC-24)
Peter Stanton    
Bill T (IC-24)
Cy Thompson    
Blitz (Summit 40)
Rian Bareuther Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Nick Blackman    
Peter B. Corr 52915   Group 1  
Alex Coyle    
Bobby Hillier Pit   Group 1  
Darren Jones    
Malcolm Parker Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Peter Redmond    
Michael Steimle Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jimmy Williamson    
Boat Drinks (IC24)
Jimmie Cockerill    
Xavier Hayden    
Laura Martin    
Sam Martin Chef   Group 1  
Cape 31 - Adrenaline (Cape 31)
Max Albert Tactician   Group 1  
Chris Cilliers Spinnaker trimmer    
Jason King    
Sam O'Byrne    
Joie Paciulli    
Sarah Ragle Bow   Group 1  
Jeremy Richmond Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Guy Williams    
Chili Pepper (Beneteau First 10 Modified)
Bastian Sarh    
Crystal (J 39)
Jerome O'Neill (M) 255227S    
DEEZ KNOTS (Hobie Wave)
Coby Fagan Jr. 783027R    
Desorden (Beneteau First 44.7)
Christian Cabral    
Escapado (First 40.7)
Germaine Williams    
FiDeAh (Hobie Wave)
Niall Bartlett    
Flying Jenny (Cape 31)
Sandra Askew    
FWINN (Hobie Wave)
Finn Hodgins    
Hobie (Hobie)
Brian Christiansen    
Ethan Popple    
Hotel California too (SC 70)
Stephen Schmidt    
Huron Girl (Ic 24)
Mike Finley    
Island Water World/ Desperado (IC 24)
Frits Bus Chuck Pessler   Group 1  
JBlack Pearl (IC 24)
Mark Davis    
Dan McGanty 672284V   Group 1  
John Pistocchi    
Patrick Willard    
Lady M (Beneteau First 40.7)
Joan Rodriguez    
M2 (Cape 31)
Christine Bletzer    
Barry Demak Floater   Group 1  
Rob Dubuc Offside trimmer   Group 1  
Marc McMorris    
Marc McMorris    
Tony Rey   Group 3  
Joel Turmel Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Chris Weis Staysail trimmer   Group 1  
Magic Bus (IC 24)
John Foster    
Nuts (Hobie Wave)
Ian Bartlett    
One Love (IC-24)
William McConnell    
PAROMA (Salona 44)
Michael Wilkinson Captain 218797N    
Privateer (Cookson 50)
Ron O'Hanley    
Red Dog (IC 24)
Lemuel de Jesus 672284V   Group 1  
Roundabout (IC 24)
Heather Robertson Mid Mast   Group 1  
Mike Sabinash    
Eric Tobias Primary Speed Guy 369732F USAET21 Group 1  
Andrew Van Sickle In the way 777903W USAAV33 Group 1  
Susie Voltz    
Smile and Wave (Melges 32)
Jaime Torres    
Stark Raving Mad IX (Carkeek 47)
Jim Madden 153968C   Group 1  
Stinger (IC 24)
Jovan Brankov Primary Speed Guy 663639K SRBJB2 Group 1  
Jay Butler Skipper 765717D   Group 1  
Michael Conforti Bow   Group 1  
Richard Vernon Main Trimmer    
stole it (Hobie Wave)
Page Anderson 721490N   Group 1  
Taz (RP 37)
Bernard Evan-Wong   Group 1  
Timbalero 3 (G4)
Eduardo Perez   Group 1  
Trinity IV (J 42)
David McDonough 699051A   Group 1  
Gilberto Rivera   Group 1  
White Album (IC-24)
Michael Compton    
Wild T'ing (Dufour 40)
Lawrence Aqui   Group 1  

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