2023 AON Etchells World Championship Miami
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
319 (Etchells)
Andre Beese CANAB64 Group 1  
Bruce Scott Helm   Group 1  
Caspar Young Headsail Trimmer CANCY4 Group 1  
A Mac (Etchells)
andy beadsworth    
Jack Jakosky 105403F    
Brian Ledbetter Tactician    
ANNIE (Etchells)
Gary Gilbert 224952V USAGG13 Group 1  
Bad Martha (Etchells)
Jacques Lane Chef    
Connor Needham USA16N   Group 1  
Katie Sudol    
Alex Whipple Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Big Dawg (Etchells)
Malcolm Lamphere   Group 3  
Big E (Etchells)
Rick Merriman    
Blackfish (Etchells)
Ronald Zarrella 697098X    
Butter (Etchells)
Joe Seremeth   Group 1  
Caramba (Etchells)
Jose Fuentes 18727C    
Marc Gauthier   Group 3  
Tony Rey    
Wilson Stout Bow   Group 1  
Coyote (Etchells)
Jeff Holder    
Edward Trevelyan   Group 1  
Alex Yakutis    
Cruel Jane 2.0 (Etchells)
Andrew macrae Luke Lawerence    
Eat,Sleep,E,Repeat (Etchells)
Paul Childs    
Charlie Cumbley Tactician GBRCC18 Group 3  
Paul Ward GBRPW95 Group 1  
Encore (Etchells)
David Huck    
Freedom (Etchells)
Evan Aras Headsail Trimmer usaea28 Group 3  
Madeline Baldridge Bow   Group 3  
D Craig Mense 652245Q USADM232  
Fred Strammer Tactician USAFS6    
Hera (Etchells)
HUGH GREVILLE 238741Z USAHG25 Group 1  
Highlife (Etchells)
Peter Rogers    
It's A(nother) Conspiracy (Etchells)
Peter Draycott Lion Tamer GBRPD50 Group 1  
Adrian Hanley GBRAH137 Group 1  
Oliver hanley CANOH1 Group 1  
JaJa (Etchells)
Alex Lacy   Group 3  
Jeremiah (Etchells)
Jonah Pruitt 106334n USAJP85 Group 1  
Julia (Etchells)
Rick Kaiser   Group 1  
Karabos (Etchells)
Ron Jacobs   Group 3  
Leading Edge (Etchells)
Jeff Dever 184088C USAJD52  
Lifted (Etchells)
Jim Cunningham 692334Z USAJC225  
Steve Hunt    
Erik Shampain Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Serena Vilage    
Louise (Etchells)
Thomas Carruthers    
Lydia (Etchells)
Josh Powell    
Mahalaga (Etchells)
Peter Vessella 108448Y   Group 3  
Mary Ann (Etchells)
Peter Shumaker    
Nemesis (Etchells)
Fred Chandler Main Trimmer USAFC36 Group 1  
Tom Dawson Bow 182115I USATD99 Group 1  
Jeff Nehms Skipper 141482Q USAJH66 Group 1  
New Order (Etchells)
Anatole Masfen NZLAM25 Group 1  
Oatmeal (Etchells)
Peter Duncan 166184B Usapd71  
Palaver (Etchells)
Kai Hockley   Group 1  
Privateer (Etchells)
Ned Breed Bow   Group 1  
Michael Jobin 396049E USAMJ31  
Christina Persson    
Keith Swinton Tactician    
Racer Smithy (Etchells)
Duncan Gregor    
Mike Huang Main Trimmer USAMH17 Group 1  
Malcolm Page Tactician AUSMP3 Group 3  
Mark Thornburrow HKGMT1  
Rebel (Etchells)
Scott Kaufman    
Rock On (Etchells)
Argyle Campbell 120512Z   Group 1  
Roulette (Etchells )
Jud Smith USAJS195 Group 3  
Skanky Gene (Etchells)
jay cross 37561OR USAJC36 Group 1  
Standfast (Etchells )
Simon Patterson   Group 1  
Strait Dealer (Etchells)
David Franks    
Neil Harrison    
Graham Sunderland   Group 3  
Swedish BLUE (Etchells)
Ante Razmilovic GBRAR18  
TAG (Etchells)
Craig Peters    
Tango (Etchells)
Chris Hampton   Group 1  
Tar & Feathered (Etchells)
Don Dowd   Group 1  
TBA (Etchells)
Jeanne-Claude Strong (M,S,F) AUSJS17 Group 1  
The Garrison (Etchells)
Michael Hasko CANMH28  
The Martian (Etchells)
Marvin Beckmann 112022Z   Group 1  
Tiger22 (Etchells)
Chris Manton   Group 1  
Veracity (Etchells)
John Sommi   Group 1  
Vertigo 2 (Etchells)
Tim Banks Bow   Group 3  
Tomas Hornos Main Trimmer   Group 3  
Chris Lanza 389831H USACL26 Group 1  
Victory (Etchells)
Alec Anderson   Group 3  
BB Bellacosa Bow   Group 1  
Victor Cribb 243801F USAVC9  
Mark Spearman Headsail Trimmer AUSMS40 Group 3  
Viva (Etchells)
Don Jesberg    
War Canoe (Etchells)
Michael Goldfarb   Group 1  

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