2023 A-Class Admiral's Cup & North American Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
2Wood (A CAT)
Todd Woods   Group 1  
308 (Evo ll)
Warren Mitchell    
Apocalypse (A Cat Classic )
Bob Webbon 136316O   Group 1  
Cat Fight (A Cat)
Leon Pinson    
Cloud 9 (A Cat)
Jeff Brauch 687451R   Group 1  
dilligafan (A- cat)
Ian Storer 2678445D   Group 3  
Drifter (A Cat)
Chris Bolton 201097R   Group 1  
Hawaiian Pride (A Cat)
Mark Batchelor 259364E    
Patrick Stadt   Group 1  
jonezin2sail (Classic DNA)
Bill Kast    
Kiwi Magic (A Cat)
Andrew Burdett    
Mahoney Projects (A Cat Foiling)
Bruce Mahoney 110785R    
Mystery to Me (A Cat)
Bobby Orr 662573L   Group 1  
PuzzleBox (C-board a-cat)
Michael Love    
Real Estate Ink Solutions.com (A Cat)
Mark Herendeen 273338U usamh34 Group 1  
Red Gear Racing (A Cat)
Robbie Daniel 194075Y    
Ronstan US (A Cat Foiling)
Michael Christensen 765114P    
ShackAttack (A Cat)
Ken Marshack 121455L    
SteadyState (A Cat)
Terry Back   Group 1  
The Cross Trainer (A Cat Foiling)
Larry Woods   Group 1  
Too Outrageous (A Class Foiling)
David Bradly   Group 1  
USA294 (A Cat Foiling)
Richard Stevens 654095P    
USA439 (A-cat)
Jeff LoSapio    
What me worry? (A-Cat)
Philippe Laurent    
Yellar (A Cat Classic)
Tony Vandenoever    

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