2023 Sam Wetherill Trophy Overnight Race
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
19th Nervous Breakdown (J 111)
John Sutherland 182770V   Group 1  
Alliance (J122)
Lindsay Gimple   Group 1  
Megan Gimple    
Eric irwin   Group 1  
mary martin    
Lydia Mullan    
Sam Webster USASW137 Group 1  
Marcus Wunderlich Navigator   Group 1  
Arcadia (LM 46)
Eliot Merrill   Group 1  
Arkana (SunFast 3300)
Brad Gibbs 759163C USABG90 Group 1  
Black Watch (spin) (Custom Yawl)
Trevor Fetter   Group 1  
Blackbird (Corsair 28R)
Davide Bittelli Other   Group 1  
Alessandro Bocconcelli 662987A   Group 1  
Matt Sutherland Strategist   Group 1  
Blue Skies (Skye 51)
William Gunther 179306W   Group 1  
Blue Yonder (J 122)
Don Dwyer 742626T USADD114  
Direwolf (IMX-45)
Larry Hennessy 288594p    
Eroica (Sabre Spirit)
Theodore (Ted) Rice   Group 1  
Finale - DH (J 99)
Michael LaChance Co-Skipper 344096v   Group 1  
Flying Lady (Swan 46 Mk 1)
Phillip Dickey 139002L USAPD37  
Friends (Greene 35)
Alan Burnett 307039V USAAB199 Group 1  
Joe Murli    
JIM Parker    
Loki (J 109)
Adam Klyver USAAK62 Group 1  
David Rosow USADR12 Group 1  
Navicular (Morris 46)
Douglas Wisch MD 225526R   Group 1  
Reckless (J 105)
Steven Marenakos 656802P   Group 1  
Rhumb Runner (Neo 430)
Frank Flores 347548F    
Santarella (Baltic 38 CB )
James P. Scalise 174155T    
Tacktile (Sabre 42 CB)
Scott Bearse   Group 1  
Mark Connelly Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jim Farrell   Group 1  
Bob McHugh Bow   Group 1  
Rick Oricchio In the way 208866G   Group 1  
Leonidas Valle    
Jeffrey Wilson 815778V USAJW276 Group 1  
The Rover (Swan 44 MKII)
Mat Hansen Mast MH178   Group 1  
John Mackay   Group 1  
Henry Mah Navigator USAHM49 Group 1  
Sean McDermott Other   Group 1  
Tim Omlor Bow 806724S   Group 1  
Nader Paksima Other   Group 1  
S. Steven Yang 670084V USASY5 Group 1  
Tim Zimmermann Floater   Group 1  
Towhee (Cal 40)
Paul Jennings 187417X USAPJ2 Group 1  
Tynaje (Ohlson 38)
JOHN BRACCIO Headsail Trimmer 2222   Group 1  
Wesley Cain Cat 3 Cooler Jockey 254649A   Group 1  
Daniel Fisher Skipper 279014V   Group 1  
Stetson Hollowell Bow    
Mike McNiff Navigator    
Matt Peterson Grinder    
William Whitney Nav/Tac    
Valour (Wiggers Peterson 37)
Greg Driesch Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Robin Durrschmidt Tactician 243431L   Group 1  
Matthew Jorgensen Stunt Owner 806320Z   Group 1  
Chas Kite Lion Tamer 830613T   Group 1  
Michaela Marquez Pit   Group 1  
Jakob Ringberg Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Collin Stamm Bow   Group 1  
Windrider (F-27)
Greg Feldman    
Xcellent (X442)
Eric O'Sullivan 830451N    

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