2023 Pennington Cup
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Abeona (Mumm 36 Mod)
Joseph Toth 311905J   Group 1  
After You (Mark II)
John Alonso Nav/Tac   Group 1  
John Gardner 86628N    
Donald Whiting Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Kelley Whiting    
Shawn Whiting    
Athena (J 109)
Jody Abrams    
Bad Monkey (Henderson 30)
Michael Royer   Group 1  
Blue chip/DC (Morgan 24)
Charlie Carpenter Bow   Group 1  
Rick Ericson Tactician   Group 1  
Tim Landt Chef    
RORY MAHER Pit   Group 1  
Breezin Bayou (J 105)
Stephen Mitcham 669519S   Group 1  
Bumbugo (Ericson 32-3)
Brian Conlin Floater   Group 1  
Ximena Correa Alternate   Group 1  
Penny Simone 804790V    
Alison Wallace    
Dana West Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Cayennita III/DC (C & C)
Rosann Drust    
Stephanie English Headsail Trimmer    
Douglas Jones Alternate 178673I   Group 1  
Antonio F. Sanpere 178803W ISVAS2 Group 1  
Island Hopper (Hooks Custom 34)
Carol Elwood 233599F   Group 1  
Jody Graul Alternate 229159E   Group 1  
Maggie Kennedy Alternate   Group 1  
Linda Lack Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Koinonia II (s) (Tartan 33)
John Burgess    
Robert Calvillo   Group 1  
Alfredo Davila Headsail Trimmer    
Garth Reynolds   Group 1  
Robin Richins    
Mark Rother Strategist    
Legacy/DC (Catalina 310)
Bill Ackerman Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Nigel Haywood Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Diane Metcalf Headsail Trimmer    
Dave Roberts    
Mother Ocean (O'Day 40)
Alan Davidson Other   Group 1  
Maggie Garrett    
Joel Heyne 115151L   Group 1  
Tom Kramer Floater   Group 1  
David Lemke 685878Y   Group 1  
Alison Matherly Bow 188292I   Group 1  
John-Paul Miller Mast   Group 1  
Mark Requa Helm 262988H   Group 1  
Tim Ruman Floater 262745U USATR87 Group 1  
Manny Valerin Pit Assist 785863Y USAMV52 Group 1  
Yvonne White Main Trimmer    
Pendragon (Farr 40)
Mike Kayusa 694565    
Porc (Elliott )
taylor denny Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Lon Ethington 151231e   Group 1  
Margaret Gimmi Lion Tamer   Group 1  
mike kutz Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Red Sky (Nightwind 35)
Andrea Anderson Floater   Group 1  
Suzanne Hooper In the way   Group 1  
Tony Hooper Navigator 765075X USAAH119 Group 1  
Charles Mixson    
Kim Nicholls Helm   Group 1  
David Ralston Grinder   Group 1  
Sebastian Vikkelsoe Floater   Group 1  
Silver Surfer (J 112e)
Quentin Bruhn Bow USAQB1   Group 1  
Mike Danielson Other   Group 1  
Harvey Ford 273089C    
kathleen Ford Mid Mast   Group 1  
Dylan Hancock Other    
Carey Macy Bow   Group 1  
Jaime Torres Switch Flipper    
Tack Tick (Martin 243)
Andrew Cheney Helm   Group 1  
JAMES JINRIGHT Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Jossette Malti Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
michael siedlecki   Group 1  
Warrior (Tripp 38)
Julian Ajello Bow   Group 1  
SUSAN ASHLEY Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Miguel Aviles Mid Mast   Group 1  
Dan Burleson Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Morten Christoffersen Tactician DENMC4 Group 3  
Mickey Cooper Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Grant Dumas 370904M   Group 1  
Fauss Hull Floater   Group 1  
Lisbeth Petersen Pit   Group 1  
Doug Phares Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Peyton Weaver Pit 738487R USAPW83 Group 1  
Preston Weaver Other 721395A WUSAPW82 Group 1  
Wasabi (Farr 395)
pierre brouillet Offside trimmer 818886W   Group 1  
Jim Clouser Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Michael Gold Navigator 802594S USAMG172 Group 1  
John Hartney Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1  
Nicholas Hartney Bow 236151R usanh17 Group 1  
Eric Lopez del Valle 741329y USAEL64 Group 1  
John McMahon Mid Bow   Group 1  
Paul Perry Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
jim ularowski Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
YardGoat (Soverel)
Michael Aloian Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Brent Bacon Other   Group 1  
Jamie Myers Brent Bacon 275683G    
Bob Foley In the way   Group 1  
Tom Griggs Bow   Group 1  
Rick Myers   Group 1  
Lorelei Sells Wife   Group 1  

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