2023 Midwest One-design Spring Championship - Melges 24 - M24
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
552 (Melges 24)
Neil Battrum CANNB13 Group 1  
Jessica Goff USAJG301 Group 1  
Cody Hall 824055R USACH240 Group 1  
Seth Ritter Pit USASR112 Group 1  
KC Shannon Tactician USAKS115 Group 1  
Abby Normal (Melges 24)
John Kunitzer Primary Speed Guy USAJK33 Group 1  
Bridget McAvoy Lion Tamer USABM142 Group 1  
Terry Meyer Autopilot USATM2 Group 1  
Matt Uehlein Stunt Owner 777190W USAMU6 Group 1  
Bad Idea (Melges 24)
Reed Cleckler Tactician USARC148 Group 1  
Kevin Fisher Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Darric Newman Pit   Group 1  
Scot Zimmerman Helm 729478T USAMZ28 Group 1  
Barracuda (Melges 24)
Eric Sloterbeek   Group 1  
Edward Velthouse Pit   Group 1  
Reuben Velthouse Bow   Group 1  
Christian Wikkerink Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
BBS Mobile Unit (Melges 24)
Jimmy Frisinger 244520L    
Dark Horse (Melges 24)
BB Bellacosa Pit    
John Bowden Spinnaker trimmer   Group 3  
Declan McGranahan Bow   Group 1  
Cuyler Morris   Group 1  
Keiran Searle Tactician    
Flying Toaster (Melges 24)
Bob Clark Pit USARC26 Group 1  
Gregg Diehl USAGD17 Group 1  
Mike Dow 175771B USAMD172 Group 1  
James Olsen USAJO106 Group 1  
Gecko (Melges 24)
Nicholas Diephouse Runners   Group 1  
Alan kotenko Pro Bowler   Group 1  
Jill Landman Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Carl MaConnach Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Allison Price Chef   Group 1  
Green (Melges 24)
Sam Nedeau 130055G    
Guten Tag (Melges 24)
Cathy Boho Bow USCB290 Group 1  
Don Holst   Group 1  
Charley Lemond Offside trimmer   Group 1  
Judi Zeman Mid Mast usajz42 Group 1  
Ned Zeman Headsail Trimmer usanz6 Group 1  
Hot Mic (Melges 24 )
Kirsten Boelkins Bow    
James Hulderman    
Adam Prettyman Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Meghan Sarna Medic/Doctor    
Huzzah (Melges 24)
Brad Boston Tactician    
Greg Chamberlain   Group 1  
Jonas Johansen Lion Tamer CANJJ23 Group 1  
Matt Lane Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Matt Mercier Bow Canmm56 Group 1  
I’m with stupid (Melges 24)
Kyle Vowels 224734r    
Rush (Melges 24)
Mike Gozzard CANMG40  
Rustler (Melges 24)
Matt Otenbaker    
Amy Rozelle   Group 1  
Curtis Rozelle   Group 1  
Fred Rozelle    
Steven Rozelle   Group 1  
Sisu (Melges 24)
Bruce Hansen Skipper   Group 1  
John Kidd Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Veronica Petty 250961R    
Payden Pittman Bow   Group 1  
Slippery (Melges 24)
Beverly Cady USABC140 Group 1  
Lisa Carlson USALC68 Group 1  
Andrew Girrell Spinnaker trimmer 334798k USAAG109 Group 1  
Jerry Miller 750103N USAJM489 Group 1  
Abby Paul USAAP115 Group 1  
Spitfire (Melges 24)
Reg Chevalier Medic/Doctor   Group 1  
Jeff Gadoury Lion Tamer   Group 1  
Ian Marentette Foil Trimmer   Group 1  
John Marentette Autopilot CANJM71 Group 1  
Straightarrow (Melges 24)
John Goff    
Greiner Hobbs Tactician    
Todd Jones Leeward Runner USATJ4 Group 1  
George Peet-Simms    
Logan Stanley    
Surprise (Melges 24)
Dan Berezin CANDB37 Group 1  
Alex Kapustin Spinnaker trimmer UKRAK35 Group 1  
Mykhaylo Mayevskyy Mast CANMM79 Group 1  
Tamara Moskaliuk Pit CANTM34 Group 1  
Aliaksandr Praskurnin Pit CANAP18 Group 1  
The 300 (Melges 24)
Steven Boho 330718M usasb116  
The Kraken (M24)
Robert Terry    
Thirtysomething (Melges 24)
Findley Clark Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Ryan Clulo Bow 691786R USARC165 Group 1  
Tom Roop 270017g Usatr38 Group 1  
Kent Sisk Other   Group 1  
Tomfoolery (Melges 24)
Craig Vigrass Strategist USACV25 Group 1  
Eric Vigrass USAEV12 Group 1  
Harry Vigrass Other USAHV8 Group 1  
Lisa Vigrass USALS101 Group 1  
Tramp Stamp (Melges 24)
Scott Miller 397455I    
Wombmates Racing (Melges 24)
Ian Moran USAIM12 Group 1  
EJ O'Mara Mast USAEO25 Group 1  
John Shockey Skipper USAJS115 Group 1  
Timothy Zacher Primary Speed Guy USATZ7 Group 1  

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