International Dragon Class 75th Edinburgh Cup
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Richard Parslow Bow GBRRP38 Group 3  
Goncalo Ribeiro Headsail Trimmer PORGR4 Group 3  
Ruairidh Scott Main Trimmer GBRRS12 Group 3  
Lawrie Smith Skipper GBRLS15 Group 3  
ANARCHY (Dragon)
Paul Bennett In the way GBRPB119 Group 1  
James Mansell Helm GBRJM210 Group 1  
Eric Zon Tactician GBREZ2 Group 1  
Christian Ponthieu FRACP11 Group 3  
Jean Queveau FRAJQ4 Group 3  
Morgan Riou   Group 3  
Gery Trentesaux FRAGT2 Group 1  
BERTIE (International Dragon)
Simon Barter GBRSB101 Group 1  
Harriet Norden GBRHB54 Group 1  
Donald Wilks GBRDW2 Group 1  
Graham Bailey GBRGB9 Group 1  
Julia Bailey Chef GBRJB44 Group 1  
William Bedford Bow GBRWB28 Group 1  
Mark Lees GBRML45 Group 3  
CHIME (Dragon)
Nicholas Bilcliffe Tactician GBRNB65 Group 1  
Marc Castagnet Helm FRAMC49 Group 1  
Stephen Robinson Other IRLSR13 Group 1  
Chris Brittain In the way GBRCB77 Group 1  
Poul Richard Hoj-Jensen Helm ANTPH1 Group 1  
Hamish Mackay Pit GBRHM4 Group 1  
Tom Hough Headsail Trimmer GBRTH65 Group 3  
Hattie Mansell Bow GBRHM57 Group 1  
Phil Taylor Main Trimmer GBRPT4 Group 1  
Glynn Williams Skipper GBRGW31 Group 1  
ECSTATIC (Int Dragon)
Katie Cole Engineer GBRKC4 Group 3  
Rory Paton Foil Trimmer   Group 1  
Eric Williams Helm GBREW16  
Len Delicaet Leeward Runner    
Cian O'Carroll Owner IRLCO9  
Cressida Robson Lion Tamer CANCR8  
Ron James Helm GBRRJ20 Group 3  
Joanna Richardson GBRJR81  
Nigel Young Tactician GBRNY1 Group 3  
Lisa Guy Autopilot GBRLG33 Group 1  
Roger Guy Chef GBRRG45 Group 1  
Stewart Reed In the way GBRSR45 Group 1  
FIT CHICK (Dragon)
Jono Brown Floater GBRJB71 Group 1  
Chris Grosscurth In the way GBRCG22 Group 1  
Emma York Lion Tamer GBREY1 Group 1  
Yanik Greiner Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Michael Lipp Tactician GERML20 Group 3  
Dirk Neukirchen Skipper GERDN4 Group 3  
FREE (Dragon)
Ian Ainslie    
Andrew Norden    
dirk oldenburg GERDO1 Group 1  
FRESIA (Dragon)
Chris Brealy Tactician GBRCB143 Group 1  
Neave O’Clery Skipper IRLNO28 Group 1  
Johannes Thoms Bow GBRJT114 Group 1  
Arthur Anosov UKRAA33 Group 1  
David Caesar CANDC47 Group 1  
William Swigart Skipper USAWS137 Group 1  
Albrecht Bialas Foil Trimmer GERAB73 Group 1  
Stefan Küppers Autopilot GERSK73 Group 1  
Goetz Leimkuehler Skipper GERGL8 Group 1  
FURIOUS (Dragon)
Peter Bowring IRLPB26 Group 1  
Jonathan Mortimer GBRJM124 Group 1  
Owen Pay GBROP6 Group 1  
GANDALF (Dragon)
Ken Grimes In the way GBRKG34 Group 1  
Edwin Hannant Helm GBREH21 Group 1  
James Hannant Headsail Trimmer GBRJH1121 Group 1  
GLAURUNG (International Dragon)
Richard Glen Main Trimmer GBRRG61 Group 1  
Christopher Limpet-Peers Headsail Trimmer USACL133 Group 1  
Andrew Millband GBRAM34 Group 1  
GRACE (Dragon)
Hannes Hollaender Autopilot GERHH7 Group 1  
Arne Hubregtse Chef NEDAH6 Group 1  
Kilian Weise Other GERKW Group 3  
HESTIA (Int Dragon)
Arno Twigt Main Trimmer NEDAT9 Group 1  
Frank van Beuningen NEDFV47 Group 1  
Dries van der Laan Main Trimmer NEDAV29 Group 1  
ITHACA (International Dragon)
Michael Cover Helm GBRMC28 Group 1  
Maisie Harkess Bow GBRMH157 Group 3  
Ollie Spensley-Corfield Tactician GBROS5 Group 3  
Jenny Stutley Spinnaker trimmer GBRJS120 Group 1  
Martin Byrne Helm IRLMB12 Group 1  
John Simms Headsail Trimmer IRLJS23 Group 1  
Adam Winkelmann Spinnaker trimmer IRLAW3 Group 1  
JERBOA (Dragon)
Sam de la Feuillade Headsail Trimmer GBRSD72 Group 1  
Jake Hardman GBRJH187 Group 1  
Mark Hart GBRMH25 Group 3  
Gavia Wilkinson-Cox Helm GBRGW40 Group 1  
KESTRA (Dragon)
William Adams Main Trimmer GBRWA1 Group 1  
Richard Leask Helm GBRRL61 Group 1  
Donald Milne Bow GBRDM83 Group 1  
KISMET (Dragon)
Fiona Hutchison GBRFH8 Group 1  
Sheena Kerr GBRSK15 Group 1  
Moira Kinnear Bow GBRMK30 Group 1  
Cathy Ogden Helm GBRCO17 Group 1  
Faye Chatterton    
Grant Gordon GBRGG12  
Luke Patience    
James Williamson    
Gerard Mitchell GBRGM54 Group 3  
Jan Secher SWEJS53 Group 1  
Richard Sydenham GBRRS33 Group 3  
NOOKA (Dragon)
Andrew Barlow Helm GBRAB220 Group 1  
Jonathan Cunningham Headsail Trimmer GBRJC236 Group 1  
Hugh Rich Tactician GBRAR111 Group 1  
POLLY (Dragon)
Algernon Sanders Tactician GBRAS157 Group 1  
Elloise Sanders Other GBRES66 Group 1  
Charles Street Co-Skipper GBRCS87 Group 1  
Frederick Street Other GBRFS31 Group 1  
Rupert Street Co-Skipper GBRRS158 Group 1  
Peter Cunningham   Group 3  
Pedro Rebelo de Andrade    
Martin Westerdhal    
Andy Beadsworth GBRAB41 Group 3  
Enes Caycak    
Simon Fry    
RACKHAM (Dragon)
Edward Cook Other GBREC31 Group 1  
Selina Dicker Helm GBRSD23 Group 1  
Frances Gifford Leeward Runner GBRFG7 Group 1  
Sophie Mackley In the way GBRSM117 Group 1  
SANKA (Dragon)
Mark Daly GBRMD82 Group 1  
Jacques Miller Bow GBRJM233 Group 1  
Dave Ross GBRDR4 Group 1  
Paul Fletcher GBRPF22 Group 1  
Jacob J. Roosjen Owner NEDJR10 Group 1  
Dirk Jan Zweers Strategist NEDDZ3 Group 1  
SUTI (International Dragon)
Trevor Cox Handicaper GBRTC64 Group 1  
Kevin Hook Primary Speed Guy GBRKH43 Group 1  
Keith Lennox Helm GBRKL31 Group 1  
Nigel Cole    
Robert Morris    
Martin Payne GBRMP55 Group 3  
YEAHNAH (Dragon)
Pete Cooke Helm GBRPC101 Group 1  
Frederico Melo PORFP1 Group 1  
Torvar Mirsky AUSTM5 Group 3  
YRED (Dragon)
Peter Gilmour AUSPG3 Group 3  
Samuel Gilmour Main Trimmer AUSSG13 Group 3  
Yasuhiro Yaji JPNYY11 Group 3  

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