2016 Melges 24 Canadian National Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
After Schock (Melges 24)
Ruth Branscombe CANRB27 Group 1  
Frank Halperin CANFF5 Group 1  
Heather Halperin CANHH7 Group 1  
Alan Lazauskas CANAL33 Group 1  
Pao William Bow CANWP3  
Mark Williamson Headsail Trimmer CANMW31 Group 1  
Aquaholics (Melges 24)
Heather Arnold Pit CANHA4 Group 1  
Graeme Clendenan Tactician CANGC16 Group 1  
Ryan Cutting Skipper CANRC24 Group 1  
Nicole Johnston Pit CANNJ4 Group 1  
Graeme Zacharias Spinnaker trimmer CANGZ1 Group 1  
Blur (Melges 24)
Bill Checkley Tactician canbc21 Group 1  
Brian Hughes CANBH14 Group 1  
Brendan Wingfield Headsail Trimmer CANBW13 Group 1  
Peter Wingfield Helm CANPW24 Group 1  
Boaty McBoatface (Melges 24)
Michael Bassett Spinnaker trimmer CANMB37 Group 1  
Mike Bond Helmsman CANMB5 Group 1  
Gordon Shannon Tactician Cangs14 Group 1  
Sophie Stukas Bow CANKS20 Group 1  
Cool Beans (Melges 24)
Ashley Bell CANAE4  
Achilles Dolhaine CANAD13 Group 1  
Brian Hutchinson    
Kathy Kushner CANKK13 Group 1  
Richard Stewart CANRS24  
Distraction (Melges 24)
Alan Barnes Helm CANAB46 Group 1  
Carol Greetham Bow USCG123 Group 1  
Tom Greetham USATG68 Group 1  
Marty Hedwall Headsail Trimmer USADH175 Group 1  
Chris Walter CANCW25 Group 3  
Eclipse (Melges 24)
Thor Clausen Mast cantc8 Group 1  
Tracy Lutz-Noel Headsail Trimmer CANTL8 Group 1  
Marc Noel Skipper canmn10 Group 1  
Michel Tremblay Spinnaker trimmer CANMT19 Group 1  
Full Moon (Melges 24)
Willie Mackle Co-Skipper CANWM12 Group 1  
Darrend McIntyre Co-Skipper    
Bert Simon Strategist GERBS41 Group 1  
Goes To Eleven (Melges 24)
Stephen Isbister Mast CANSI3 Group 1  
Mark Malleson Tactician CANMM39 Group 1  
Keith Provan Spinnaker trimmer CANKP11 Group 1  
Duncan Stamper CANDS32 Group 1  
Chris Vassallo Chef CANCV10 Group 1  
Good Enough (Melges 24)
Kati Belden Bow USAKB49 Group 1  
Keith Hammer Tactician USAKH24 Group 1  
Josh Larsen Spinnaker trimmer USAJL119 Group 1  
Gennie Livingston Bow USAGL47 Group 1  
Matt MacGregor USAmm100 Group 1  
Gravy (Melges 24)
Jay Aiken Helm CANJA13 Group 1  
Jamie Currie Spinnaker trimmer CANJC56 Group 1  
Alex Fox Skipper CANAF5 Group 1  
Frederick Schreiner Bow CANFS4 Group 1  
Jibe Turkey (Melges 24)
Yannis Messoloras Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Drew Mitchell CANDM44 Group 3  
Ryan Peterson Co-Skipper CANRP12 Group 1  
David Trigg Skipper CANDT12 Group 1  
Mikey (Melges 24)
Hunter Lowden CANHL1 Group 3  
Jeff Madrigali 134320G USAJM91  
Jason Rhodes   Group 3  
Ian Sloan    
Serena Village    
Kevin Welch Owner 650763Z    
Myst (Melges 24)
Rod Buck Skipper 274762A USARB214 Group 1  
Quanah Green USAQG1 Group 1  
Doug Hickman Chef USADH185 Group 1  
Oliver Kunz Rush Chairman USAOK7 Group 1  
Stephanie Rice USASR95 Group 1  
Nauti Girl (Melges 24)
Bryan Guenther Chef CANBG15 Group 1  
Tom Guenther Helm CANTG14 Group 1  
Gillian Hayward Tactician CANGH16 Group 1  
Richard Kasper Mast CANRK14 Group 1  
Susanne Young Mid Mast CANSY2 Group 1  
Nikita (Melges 24)
Paul Krak Arntson Skipper 359116Y USAPA36 Group 1  
Elsa Balton Bow USAEB114 Group 1  
Ryan Conner Headsail Trimmer 729616Z USARC143 Group 1  
Aaron Leskosek Tactician CANAL32 Group 1  
Dale Serbousek Spinnaker trimmer 731708P USADS230 Group 1  
Ocean Pearl (Melges 24)
Alec Coleman Helm   Group 1  
Edward Coleman Grinder    
Emma Coleman Chef   Group 1  
Harry Coleman Alternate   Group 1  
Josh Davis Navigator   Group 1  
Pickled Beets (Melges 24)
Joe Cline Headsail Trimmer USAJC275 Group 1  
John Rahn Helm 221061h USAJR156 Group 1  
Justin Russell Pit USAJR214 Group 1  
Mary Anne Ward Tactician USAMW83 Group 1  
Byron Wong Bow HKGBW2 Group 1  
Rogue (Melges 24)
Daryl Fitch    
Alex Krawarik 687183R USAAK98  
Brian Schatz    
Kerry Sherwin Tactician   Group 3  
Root66 (Melges 24)
Keyann Al kheder    
Edmaro Cabete Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Alejandro (Alex) Estoup Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Vladimir Estoup    
Sawlty Trowsers (Melges 24)
Stephan Early    
Ken Hope Main Trimmer   Group 1  
John Polglase Helm CANJP5 Group 1  
Matt Wagstaffe    
Scruffy! (Melges 24)
Doug Chambers Bow CANSC25 Group 1  
Simon Jolly Spinnaker trimmer CANSJ9 Group 1  
Brian Tyrrell Skipper 209988P USABT5 Group 1  
Alan Wright Grinder CANAW25 Group 1  
Sheva (Melges 24)
Dunnery Best CANDB38 Group 1  
Jeff Drew Bow CANJD32 Group 1  
Peter Fitch Tactician CANPF8 Group 1  
Taio Waldhaus CANTW14 Group 1  
Rhys Williams CANRW18 Group 1  
SlingSHOT (Melges 24)
Maxwell Fraser   Group 3  
Jonathan Goldsberry USAJG91 Group 3  
Mark Strube   Group 3  
Wes Whitmyer Jr 171032F USAWW1 Group 3  
Sunnyvale (Melges 24)
Kieran Horsburgh Offside trimmer CANKH12 Group 1  
Aidan Koster Tactician CANAK11 Group 1  
Fraser McMillan Helm CANFM3 Group 1  
Harry Miller Pit NZLHM6 Group 1  
Keegan Moynihan Bow CANKM20 Group 1  
The 300 (Melges 24)
Steve Boho    
William Goldsberry    
Chadwick Hough    
Rachel Rantanen Bow   Group 1  
Brian Torrensen    
The Rodent (Melges 24)
Sandra Bitelli Pit Assist CANsb24 Group 1  
Jessica Lajcik Mid Mast CANJL31 Group 1  
Alex Smyth Spinnaker trimmer CANAS44 Group 1  
Justin Smyth Mast CANJS46 Group 1  
Robert Wissenz Skipper CANRW8 Group 1  
Zingara (Melges 24)
Richard Clarke Tactician Canrc5 Group 3  
Greg Douglas Spinnaker trimmer   Group 3  
Bill Gooderham Bow   Group 3  
Richard Reid Helm CANRR5 Group 1  

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