56th Annual Regatta for The Dorade Trophy
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Apavarga (Farr 395)
Treef Rosow    
Conundrum (J105)
Junior Sailing Team Larchmont Yacht Club    
Inevitable (J105)
Stamford Yacht Club Junior Sailing    
Little Fish (J105)
Kevin Broome    
Andrew Dyment    
Haley Kloeppfer    
Melanie Lahrkamp    
Hans Larsen Mast 831616W    
Annabella Milano    
Alice Waddington    
Mischief (J112E)
William Kneisley    
Morning Glory YCC (J109)
Junior Sailing Program Larhcmont Yacht Club    
Peregrina (J 105)
Gabby Ahitow    
Alejandro Amezcua    
Dylan Blaschuk    
Andreas Botero    
Aidan Cassidy    
Connor Cassidy    
Lilliana Ferrante    
Sebastian Fisher    
Gabriel Guillet    
Bill Heintz    
Privateer (J105)
Kate Fahy Watch Captain   Group 1  
Barnaby Griffin Helm   Group 1  
Daniel Griffin   Group 1  
Henry Jervis Headsail Trimmer    
Kynan John Pit   Group 1  
Milan John Navigator   Group 1  
Trey Johnston Bow    
Cooper Russo Floater   Group 1  
Peter Shanahan Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
The Roost (J111)
William Kneisley    
Young American (J105)
Fiona Asgeirsson    
Layla Bursor Bow   Group 1  
Lauren Campbell Other   Group 1  
Haley Kloepfer    
Kai McCulloch Helm   Group 1  
Ella Reddy    
Rachael Silverstein 290989H    
Alexander Van Der Voort    

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