2024 ORC World Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
#bigsandwich (J 112e)
George Harrington 209844c    
abracadabra (Ker 43)
Don Thinschmidt    
Alliance (J122)
Eric Irwin Mary Martin   Group 1  
COUCOU (Express 37)
Eric Wolf   Group 1  
Entropy (Club Swan 42)
Patricia Young 289869T USAPY1  
FOX (Botin TP52)
Victor Wild    
Gemini II (Swan 45)
James Coffman 324519S USAJC81 Group 1  
Impetuous (Swan 42)
Paul Zabetakis 147328V USAPZ1  
Leading Edge (J 122)
Tom Sutton 122697Z USAWS120 Group 1  
Notorious (Farr 30)
Brandon Bedard Bow CANBB27 Group 1  
Kevin Brown Skipper 177815Y CANKB5 Group 1  
Wendy Fischer Pit   Group 1  
Jeffrey Love Main Trimmer CANJL12 Group 1  
Mark Mcginnis Navigator CANMM15 Group 1  
Robert Wigny Headsail Trimmer CAN22RW Group 1  
Rima98 (Italia 11.98)
John Brim Helm 198990O   Group 1  
Walter Cavanagh Mast USAWC101 Group 1  
Allan Terhune Tactician   Group 3  
The ROCC (J112e)
Al Minella 276055y USAAM170 Group 1  
Vamoose (J 133)
Bob Manchester 163723O USARM99  
Wizard (Botin 52)
Peter and David Askew Enright   Group 3  
ZUUL (Aerodyne 38)
Benedict Capuco 148314R USABC5 Group 1  

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