2024 Etchells West Coast Spring Series - Etchells Pacific Coast Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Ahui Hou (Etchells)
Mickey Ryan 981    
Avalanche (Etchells)
James Stewart 260366R   Group 1  
Anna Taylor 831169N   Group 1  
Paul Taylor 662311O   Group 1  
Big E (Etchells)
Rick Merriman    
Blue Fin (Etchells)
Blake Loncharich Bow    
Tom Stanford Main Trimmer USATS173 Group 1  
Michael Terry Skipper 798188R USAMT86  
Capricorn (Etchells)
Johannes McElvain    
Kelly Toole    
Oliver Toole    
Mateo Vargas   Group 1  
Encore (Etchells)
Richard Rinehart Skipper 707392W USARR170 Group 1  
Dick Roy Main Trimmer USARR171 Group 1  
Andrew Webster Mast USAAW137 Group 1  
Happy Ending (Etchells)
Jim Madden 153968C   Group 1  
Lifted (Etchells)
Jim Cunningham 692334Z USAJC225  
Steve Hunt Tactician   Group 3  
Erik Shampain Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Serena Vilage    
Louise (Etchells)
Thomas Carruthers    
mostly harmless (Etchells)
Mike Ford Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Summer Greene USASG69 Group 1  
Louis Tuey In the way USALT30 Group 1  
Pelikaan (Etchells)
Xavier Sheid 113687Y USAXS1 Group 1  
Rhino (Etchells)
Bruce Nelson   Group 3  
Rock On (Etchells)
Argyle Campbell 120512Z   Group 1  
The Martian (Etchells)
Eddie Adams Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Marvin Beckmann 112022Z    
Ezra Culver Bow    
Triskaidekaphobia (Etchells)
Claire Maco Bow Usacm293 Group 1  
Nicholas Ratinaud USANR28 Group 1  
John Rudderham Staysail trimmer GBRJR90 Group 1  

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