2024 Newport Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Cole Amaral Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Kathleen Tocke USAKT2  
(Melges 15)
Lee Grant Spinnaker trimmer 780882Z    
Oliver Grant Skipper 780900N USAOG5 Group 1  
(Snipe )
Andres Guerra Font    
Alex Pline   Group 1  
Lexi Pline Co-Skipper   Group 1  
31727 (Snipe)
Mark Hillman Helm 168750B Usamh132 Group 1  
Marley Hillman Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
31856 (Snipe)
Edward Keenan    
Corinne Poitras   Group 1  
9186 (5O5)
Shona Moss Lovshin CANSM24 Group 1  
ADD (Thistle)
Jordan Laird Watch Captain   Group 1  
Chris Murphy 198396O   Group 1  
Nathan Murphy    
Alma & Louise (Thistle)
Thomas Hubbell 113803G    
John Yingling Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Diana Young-Paiva Bow   Group 1  
American Eagle (12 Metre)
Paul Beechinor Grinder   Group 1  
Chris Brown Grinder   Group 1  
Garrett Carlson In the way 831784U   Group 3  
Achille Chamberlain    
Oisin Cullen Lion Tamer IRLoc7  
Paul Cuneo Bow   Group 1  
Elijah Duckworth-Schachter    
Gretchen Gara Bow   Group 1  
Max Goodbody Owner   Group 1  
Brad Haverly Headsail Trimmer    
Nick Nadalin Lion Tamer   Group 3  
Harrison Nash Grinder   Group 1  
Gerald Plante Grinder   Group 1  
Jay Schachne Helm 43926   Group 1  
Jephtha Tausig Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Alex Valcic US21 12US21 Group 1  
Aquila (Herreshoff S Class)
Ted Anderson Strategist   Group 1  
Geoffrey Davis   Group 1  
Ralph Kinder 125671V   Group 1  
Willem Weinberg Bow   Group 1  
Arete (Herreshoff S-Class)
Jeremy Brody Bow   Group 1  
Justin Catalano Main Trimmer    
Parker Ives Skipper   Group 1  
tim palmer    
Arete (F18 Evolution)
Chris Manson-Hing   Group 3  
Todd Riccardi 268848K   Group 1  
Arethusa (VX One)
Philip Lotz    
Wendy Lotz Navigator   Group 1  
Josh Yale Strategist   Group 3  
Bad Bunny (Snipe)
Mat Johnson 309126V USAMJ49 Group 1   Yes  
Val K     Yes  
Barefoot (IC37)
Nathan Allman    
Franco Bilik Tactician ARGFB9 Group 1  
Paddy Cunnane Mast   Group 1  
Megan Grimes Pro Bowler   Group 1  
Brighid Kelley Runners 824117P USABK97 Group 1  
Julia Kim   Group 1  
Sonia Lingos-Utley Bow USASL114 Group 1  
Drake Lyon Lion Tamer   Group 1  
Erin Mullins Offside trimmer    
Barnacles Racing (Melges 15)
Julia Boone Strategist    
Blue 2 (VX One)
Bob Maccini 699911Z    
Matt Schryver Floater   Group 1  
Sam Sylvester Alternate 262815P   Group 1  
Blue Lobster (VX One)
Ian Maccini 699912X USAIM15 Group 1    
Bone Broke (Thistle )
Doug Kaukeinen 189864m    
Deirdre Santos-Kaukeinen Owner   Group 1  
Chris Williams Watch Captain    
Boris Badenov (Thistle)
anna bragason Bow   Group 1  
Sveinn Bragason Lion Tamer   Group 1  
Sam Brauer Helm 659870C   Group 1  
Cindy Hamblett Main Trimmer Usach250 Group 1   Yes  
Dave Perry Tactician USADP4 Group 3   Yes  
juliana ruggieri Bow Usajr271 Group 1   Yes  
Josefina Rugierri Pit Usajr235 Group 1   Yes  
Betsy Russell Headsail Trimmer Usabr106 Group 1   Yes  
ned steiger In the way usaNS87 Group 1   Yes  
Martha Tierney Bow USAMT98 Group 1   Yes  
Julie Wilson usajw300 Group 1   Yes  
Vicky wiseman 782395Y USACW165 Group 1   Yes  
Nancy Young In the way Usany2 Group 1   Yes  
Bro Safari (VX One )
Marc Farmer CANMF1  
Tej Trevor Parekh Cantp1 Group 1  
Brou ha ha (Ensign)
Steve CLARK    
Tina Clark Pit   Group 1  
Russell Luiz Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Chase Wingate Mast   Group 1  
Claymore (Thistle)
Bryn Clark    
Adam Gesner Other   Group 1  
Nicole Gindling Other   Group 1  
Columbia (12 Metre)
Francois Asselin Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Coleman Caveman Pit    
Mike Coyne Cat 3 Cooler Jockey    
D Hangover Pit Assist   Group 1  
Kevin Hegarty    
Virginia Hess Runners   Group 1  
William May Mast   Group 1  
Michael Moneda Primary Speed Guy    
Steve Morrissey Strategist    
Willem Oswald Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Daniel Mary Poppins In the way    
Tom Steeves Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Nate Sullivan Floater   Group 1  
Tyrone Theft Medic/Doctor    
Courageous (12 Metre)
Cian Crowe Grinder IRLCC41 Group 1  
Isabel Dickson Mast   Group 1  
Hugh Dougherty Primary Speed Guy   Group 1  
Hunter Downing Mid Bow 793037R USAHD32 Group 1  
Gigi Fischer Pit   Group 1  
Tim Grimes Nav/Tac   Group 1  
Rory Kenny Grinder   Group 1  
Isis Langer-Wright Pit Assist    
Micum McIntire Bow   Group 1  
Eoin McKeon Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Maxi Merida Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Cora P Runners   Group 1  
Kathleen Rand Main Trimmer   Group 1  
David Rodriguez In the way   Group 1  
Oakcliff Sailing Helm    
Sasha W Grinder    
Nick Wiggins Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Crime Scene (Thistle )
Marie Abdullah    
Paul Abdullah 226232o    
Jesse Shedden Other   Group 1  
Dan Chekan Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Olivia Dube Main Trimmer 693536N   Group 1  
Max Hooker Engineer   Group 1  
Bill Steel Skipper    
Chuck Taylor Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Danilu (Snipe)
Christine DaSilva    
Augie Diaz 113791V USAAD1 Group 1  
Dear Darla (Thistle)
Kevin Bradley Chef   Group 1  
Missy Hudspeth Bow   Group 1  
Patrick O'Connor    
Defiant (IC37)
Sydney Bowman Strategist CANSB48 Group 1   Yes  
Scott Collinson Rush Chairman CANSC5 Group 1   Yes  
drew Davidson Pit CANDD23 Group 1   Yes  
Greg Douglas Staysail trimmer BARGD1 Group 1   Yes  
Lance Fraser Helm BERLF1 Group 1   Yes  
Chantal Hearst Runners CANCH8 Group 1   Yes  
Ingrid Merry Pit CANIM6 Group 1   Yes  
Tyler Meyrick Bow CANTM9 Group 1   Yes  
Liam Millen Spinnaker trimmer CANLM17 Group 1   Yes  
Doolan Platt & Setareh LLP (F18)
Ashley Breyer   Group 1  
Jake Demos Skipper   Group 1  
Dr. Crash (505)
Yunus Akcor Other    
Doug Watson    
Dragon (VX One)
Liz Swain Helm   Group 1  
Nick Woviotis In the way    
Drumfire (IC-37)
Maddie Ammatuna Other 780622W USAMA106 Group 1  
Logan Ashcraft Helm USALA17 Group 1  
Mackenzie Bryan Tactician ISVMB2 Group 1  
Cortney Kingsley Offside trimmer 709860R USACK130 Group 1  
Christopher Lotz Main Trimmer USACL34 Group 1  
Don Poirier Mast USADP136 Group 1  
Alberto Rivera Bow 772529V PURAR7 Group 1  
Christina Sakellaris Headsail Trimmer USACS239 Group 1  
Samuel Semwangu Pit USASS295 Group 1  
Kathryn Thomson Pit GBRKT15 Group 1  
Eagle One (Thistle)
Sean Harr Leeward Runner   Group 3  
Kate Homet    
Stanton Smith    
Ellie (Thistle)
John Baker 315396E   Group 1  
Joy Martin Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1  
Brad Swett    
Fibromyalgia (Thistle)
Matt Flood 103154J USAMF16 Group 1  
James Gardner In the way    
Ty Whitman Other   Group 1  
Firebird (Ensign)
Roy Adamson Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Michael Macina 3978810    
Bob Shabunia Chef   Group 1  
Charlie Shabunia Main Trimmer    
Fluid Dynamics (Snipe)
Scarlett Koller    
Will Kulas    
Frederic Deom    
Alain Vranderick    
For the Roses (505)
Will Platt    
Frankenstein (F18)
Josh Bartoszuk    
Henry Lee    
Gamecock (IC37)
Zach Champney Bow USAZC3 Group 1  
Garrett Connelly Main Trimmer USAGC70 Group 1  
Jimmy Gieseke Spinnaker trimmer usajg214 Group 1  
Brian Kamilar Tactician   Group 3  
Emilia Marino Mid Bow USAEM127 Group 1  
Peter McClennen Helm USAPM172 Group 1  
Chris Pearson Offside trimmer USACP133 Group 1  
Anthony Purcell Mast USAAP120 Group 1  
Sarah Wilkinson Pit USASW181 Group 1  
Ghost (Thistle)
Meredith Adams 284854C   Group 1  
Gary Knapp Headsail Trimmer NA NA Group 1  
Meg Myles Skipper   Group 1  
Ghost Pepper (Thistle)
Helen Field Bow   Group 1  
Brian Joyce   Group 1  
Sean Joyce Watch Captain   Group 1  
Gleam (IC37)
Seth Atwood Pit Usasa81 Group 1  
Jon Brassard Mast Usajb522 Group 1  
Kimberly Calnan Usakc43 Group 1  
Dennis Gunderson Headsail Trimmer USADG127 Group 1  
Maxim Logutenko RUSML1 Group 3  
Kate Simmons Runners Usaks181 Group 1  
Steve Tillotson Main Trimmer USAST72 Group 1  
Andy Tyska Usaat75 Group 1  
Glory- USCGA (IC37)
Connor Boudreau Bow USACB313 Group 1  
Doug Clark Boat Captain USADC226 Group 3  
US Coast Guard Academy    
Toby Ferl Runners USATF84 Group 1  
Walter Gnann Headsail Trimmer USAWG53 Group 1  
Rob Gorman Helm 103467R USARG74 Group 1  
Sarah Krajewski Pit USASK132 Group 1  
Nate Olmsted Main Trimmer USANO23 Group 1  
Alexis Taylor Headsail Trimmer USAAT74 Group 1  
Gavin VanManen Mast USAGV25 Group 1  
Gowabunga (505)
Luke Strickland    
Christian Voyer    
Growler (Thistle)
Bill Dexter Staysail trimmer    
Molly Dexter Grinder    
Robert Dexter Skipper 195970E   Group 1  
GUSTO (Ensign)
Efrem Bromberg Chef   Group 1  
Renee Mason Floater   Group 1  
Scott Mason    
Terry Mason Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Matthew Therrien In the way    
HELEN VAUGHAN Spinnaker trimmer    
Harold B (Thistle)
Andrew Green Grinder   Group 1  
Dan Hesse    
Sarah Hesse Bow   Group 1  
Highway 95 Revisited (505)
Chris Brady    
Macy Nelson 123732L    
Hurtin Too (Thistle)
A.J. Pereira    
Jack Smith    
Impact Warning (Snipe)
Meredith Harrington    
Trevor Long    
Ing 1 (Thistle)
Mike Ingham 186975K USAMI4 Group 3  
Brian Kitchin    
Catia Kitchin    
Intrepid (12 Metre)
Jack Curtin    
Whitney Curtin Mid Bow   Group 3  
David Dougherty Mast   Group 1  
George Hill Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Joe Impagliazzo Grinder   Group 1  
Ike Isaacson Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Henry Kirkman Grinder   Group 1  
Joseph M Muscarella Grinder   Group 1  
Tom Obrien Headsail Trimmer 205811L   Group 1  
Ben Onofrio Mast   Group 3  
Grace Patterson Pit Assist   Group 1  
Michael Patterson Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 3  
Scott Perry Tactician 283749C   Group 1  
Reg Pierce Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Travis Pierce Bow   Group 1  
Michael "Troy" Rittenhouse Grinder 790642X    
Jenny 6 (F18)
Rachel Setareh    
Knot on Call (Thistle)
Lloyd Kitchin 307187E    
Matt Kreuzkamp 109881F   Group 1  
Arden Murphy Lion Tamer   Group 1  
Kuai (IC37)
Jen Canestra Bow USAJC256 Group 1   Yes  
Blake Davis Main Trimmer USABD106 Group 1   Yes  
Auric Horneman Headsail Trimmer USAAH159 Group 1   Yes  
Lance Kim Mast 407925A USALK15 Group 1   Yes  
Chris Larson Tactician USACL13 Group 3   Yes  
Terre Layton Pit USATL10 Group 1   Yes  
Nicolas Muller Strategist USANM48 Group 1   Yes  
Daniel Thielman USADT49 Group 1   Yes  
Rayleen Thieman Runners USART87 Group 1   Yes  
Lookadatla (505)
John Dunilea    
Peter Scannell    
Lot Lizard (VX One)
Nikki Bruno Bow   Group 1  
Jeff Hayden   Group 3  
Monica Morgan   Group 3  
Lyle (Thistle )
Noah Craciun USANC57 Group 1  
Warren Duckworth Primary Speed Guy 264699L   Group 1  
Joe Goetz Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Magic (Ensign)
David Arbeiter Bow   Group 1  
Robin Durrschmidt 243431L    
Grant Ehrlich Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Michaela Marquez Main Trimmer   Group 1  
MaHOGany (Thistle)
Ryan Davidson Lion Tamer   Group 1  
Jo Ann Fisher In the way   Group 1  
Jerry Pignolet   Group 1  
Maid of Pligh (Thistle)
Aurora Mott Bow   Group 1  
Christopher Pollak 106267V USACP79 Group 1  
R. Lee Stump Headsail Trimmer 300391O   Group 1  
Make Work Project (505)
Stephen Adolph In the way    
Thomas Adolph Skipper    
Mary Alice (Snipe)
Arthur Blodgett 300748p    
Darby Capellin Foil Trimmer   Group 1  
MO (IC37)
James Barry Headsail Trimmer USAJB245 Group 1   Yes  
Carly Costikyan Floater POLCC3 Group 1   Yes  
Martha Fortin Bow USAMP118 Group 1   Yes  
Benjamin Kinney Main Trimmer USABK13   Yes  
John Mastrandrea USAJM287   Yes  
Joan Porter Spinnaker trimmer USAJT08 Group 1   Yes  
Julia Reynolds Pit USAJR209 Group 1   Yes  
Hannah Swett Helm USAHS2 Group 1   Yes  
Hannah/Benjamin Swett/Kinney    
Tim Wadlow Tactician USATW3 Group 1   Yes  
Mr. Meeseeks (Thistle)
Lauren Cranidiotis Lion Tamer   Group 1  
Evan Hoffmann Skipper   Group 1  
Corinne Sackett Chef   Group 1  
N/a (Snipe)
Bradley Adam   Group 3  
Thomas Walker Switch Flipper   Group 1  
n/a (Snipe)
Myrna Chan-MacRae    
John MacRae    
N/A (Snipe)
Katherine Shermock 788115J    
Jonathan Weed    
NA (Snipe)
Karen Phipps      
Gregory Virgin 254619U   Group 1  
Nefertiti (12 Metre)
Zane Allen Medic/Doctor    
Cindy Alten-DeLotto Spinnaker trimmer 672990X   Group 1  
Cammi Burgess Perry Other   Group 1  
Kryngle Daly Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jonny Damon Grinder   Group 1  
Jim Flynn Grinder   Group 1  
kevin guglielmello Stunt Owner   Group 1  
Josh Hines Grinder   Group 1  
Timothy Jermain Other   Group 1  
Jack Klinck    
Maddie Parker    
Charlie Perry Mid Mast   Group 1  
Aidan Pickett    
Jeff Raynor    
John Wilson Main Trimmer   Group 1  
New Sister (Thistle)
Emilie Duckworth   Group 1  
Alex Liggett    
Morgan Noonan    
New Wave (IC37)
Dave Hillmyer Runners 372454V USADH74 Group 1   Yes  
Chris Kubisiak Bow USAUK2 Group 1   Yes  
Martin Kullman Nav/Tac   Group 3   Yes  
Mark Liebel Offside trimmer 2334270 USAML8 Group 1   Yes  
Steve Liebel Helm USASL36 Group 1   Yes  
Rick Merriman Main Trimmer USARM14 Group 1   Yes  
Doug Nickel Headsail Trimmer USADN2 Group 1   Yes  
Briar Robertson Runners CANBR11 Group 1   Yes  
Susan Toth USAST29 Group 1   Yes  
Nitro (Melges 15)
Ella Bergendahl    
Paul Bergendahl 220469R    
no name (Melges 15)
Alison Rowe   Group 1  
Scott Steele Strategist   Group 3  
No Worries II (F18)
Alex Helmar In the way   Group 1  
Skip Whyte 113714I   Group 3  
none (F18)
Joseph Valante 282565Y   Group 1  
Jim Zellmer    
Nut on the Tiller (VX One)
Madeline Baldridge Other   Group 3  
Grace Howie   Group 1  
Katja Sertl Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Odyssey (Ensign)
Jim Gallagher Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Meaghan Girouard Bow   Group 1  
Matt Hotte Pit   Group 1  
Rick Warren 318871G    
Osprey (Herreshoff S-Class)
Laurent Esquier Alternate   Group 1  
Michael McCaffrey Other   Group 1  
Christy Prior Pit    
Sheldon Whitehouse Owner   Group 1  
Phoenix (Melges 15)
Sean Doyle 319241W   Group 1  
Susan Doyle Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Pink Flamingo (VX One)
Ellie McClean Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Cece Schneider Watch Captain   Group 1  
Will Snyder USAWS119 Group 1  
Pour Decisions (IC37)
Clay Bischoff Tactician USACB87 Group 1   Yes  
Owen Bischoff Other   Group 1   Yes  
Senet Bischoff Co-Skipper 195539B USASB80 Group 1   Yes  
Brian Fox 801820V USABF22 Group 1   Yes  
Heather Gregg Earl Headsail Trimmer USAHG16 Group 1   Yes  
Mike Komar USAMK75 Group 1   Yes  
John Loe USAJL48 Group 1   Yes  
Charlotte Meade Floater USACM317 Group 1   Yes  
John Meade Co-Skipper 194419U USAJM280 Group 1   Yes  
Pro Re Nata (Thistle)
Max Gillette Other    
Katherine Harris Other   Group 1  
Doug Kitchin    
Qubit (VX One)
Max Albert 410177R USAMA26 Group 1  
James Brock Tactician   Group 1  
Sarah Ragle Strategist   Group 1  
Red Rocket (Thistle)
Brooks Daley    
Addyson Fisher Bow   Group 1  
Riley Read    
Resilient (Thistle)
Martha Godfrey Bow   Group 1  
Greg Griffin 217080V USADG68  
Joe Hart Other   Group 1  
Reverend (Thistle)
Christon Hortsman    
Liz Hortsman Bow   Group 1  
Timothy Hussey 185129U   Group 1  
Ronstan (F18)
Nolan Cooper    
Kate Myler    
Scarlett (Ensign)
Alison Cabot Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Chris Cabot Co-Skipper    
Matthew Cabot In the way   Group 1  
Mel Mooney Pro Bowler   Group 1  
Quentin Mooney Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1  
William Mooney Co-Skipper 229031R   Group 1  
Science Project (505)
Ethan Bixby Helm 130576Q    
Ted Huebner In the way    
Scruffy Blue (Thistle)
Jesse Kanaley Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Cairn Krafft Spinnaker trimmer    
Charles Krafft 119684H   Group 1  
Seas Get Degrees (Snipe)
Alison Keenan 807441Q    
Brooke Schmelz Skipper   Group 1  
Senior Moment (SNIPE)
Anna Flynn    
Preston Senior    
Shakedown Street (Snipe)
Julia Fuller    
Alec Stewart Helm 381562V   Group 1  
Significant Otter (VXone)
Hannah Lovejoy Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Chris Price Spinnaker trimmer 324147S USACP36 Group 1  
Robert Savoie   Group 1  
Skeleton Key (IC37)
Ryan Kern Spinnaker trimmer 350174Q USARK17 Group 1   Yes  
Steven Kirkpatrick Main Trimmer 177411Q USASK30 Group 1   Yes  
Nicholas Marwell Offside trimmer USANM70 Group 1   Yes  
Jose Reynoso 706368X USAJREY3 Group 1   Yes  
Dana Riley Hayes Pit USADR10 Group 1   Yes  
Cory Schillaci Pit USACS214 Group 1   Yes  
Peter Wagner 272978G USAPW42   Yes  
Seadon Wijsen Tactician USASW165 Group 3   Yes  
Lucy Wilmot Runners USALW41 Group 1   Yes  
Sky Blue (Thistle)
Paul Schmidle Mast   Group 1  
Craig Smith    
Slingshot (VX One)
Declan Whitmyer Skipper   Group 1  
Wes Whitmyer Jr 171032F usaww1  
Smoke (VX One)
Matt Dunbar    
Victor Oancea Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Sneaky's (VX One)
Paul Keenan 226460U   Group 1  
Ryan Keenan Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Snipe (Snipe)
Jim Bowers 233905N   Group 1  
Julia Marsh Rabin Lion Tamer   Group 1  
Snipeovation (Snipe)
Charles Green 309161Y   Group 1  
Alejandra Harris Bow   Group 1  
Spidey (Snipe)
Carol Cronin    
Bonnie Shope In the way   Group 1  
Squall (Ensign)
Peter McCarthy Spinnaker trimmer 185877J   Group 1  
Katherine Ryan Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Mike Ryan    
Henry Wiley Bow    
Laura Wiley    
STOUTgear.com (Melges 15)
Lorie Stout Strategist   Group 1  
William Stout   Group 1  
Stroppy Cow (Thistle)
Ryan Harris Engineer    
Sarah Hatsell Tactician   Group 1  
Tom Lawton 265534v    
Surf Club Newport (F18)
Tripp Burd Tactician    
Michael Easton    
Surprise (Herreshoff S Class)
Jens Lange Navigator   Group 1  
Lisa Molinari Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Adam Moore Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jens Pinkernell Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Fred Roy Skipper 768990M    
SWALLOW (Herressoff S Class)
Tess Heilman Pro Bowler 839222T   Group 1  
Joe Loughborough    
Shanan Mango Wolfe Mid Bow    
Lee Meirowitz Other    
Joe Santa Cruz In the way    
Cory Silken Autopilot   Group 1  
Stephanie Winslow Alternate   Group 1  
Swoose (Ensign)
Russell Carr 133015E   Group 1  
Dana Conefrey    
Thomas Loughman    
Kathy Petitpas Bow   Group 1  
TBD (505)
Duane Delfosse   Group 1  
Mike Hull    
TBD (VX One)
Peter McBride Skipper   Group 1  
Robert McBride Other    
The Craic (Thistle)
Brent Barbehenn Yes    
Patrick Flinn    
Mark Makielski Spinnaker trimmer 121705E    
The Fastnet Pub (F18)
Marina Barzaghi    
Jensen. McTighe Chef   Group 1  
The Red One (Thistle)
Michelle Chung Other   Group 1  
Sadie McKenna Lion Tamer   Group 1  
Craig Priniski 319074D USACP41 Group 1  
The Rock (snipe)
Andrew J Pimental    
Laura Verela    
The Wagon (VX One)
Charles Brown    
Phip Hallowell    
The Waka (VX One)
Parker BRown    
Michael Danks    
Thistle 3850 (Thistle)
Tu Le Bow USATL112 Group 1  
Jessica Marcusa Headsail Trimmer    
Ralph Wolf Skipper    
Thompson Boat Works (505)
Craig Thompson 162758X    
Adam Wolnikowski Chef 718734P POLAW12 Group 1  
Tiller Swift (Snipe)
Alexi Schwartzkopff Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Wilson Stout    
Tipsy (Thistle)
Samuel Hodges Lion Tamer   Group 1  
Aili Moffet   Group 1  
Ben Wilkinson   Group 1  
Touch of Grey (Snipe)
Bob Adam 166105M   Group 1  
Stephanie Adam    
Ttt (505)
Art Gleason    
Jonathan Gleason Watch Captain   Group 1  
TurboVX (VX One)
Chris Bollengier Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Peter Vessella 108448Y   Group 1  
Turkey Bone (IC37)
Frederick Finkenauer Pit USAFF11 Group 1  
Megan Gimple USAMG165 Group 1  
Stephanie Houck Headsail Trimmer USASH176 Group 1  
Orláith Neylon Bow USAON4 Group 1  
Barry Parkin Owner GBRBP26 Group 1  
Jack Parkin Main Trimmer USAJP300 Group 1  
Avery Whidden Owner 759169D USAAW147 Group 1  
Thomas Whidden Mast USATW17 Group 1  
Tom Whidden Tactician USATW128 Group 1  
Alex Bowdler Runners   Group 1  
Tim Desmond 717939M   Group 1  
Kelly Seigal Other   Group 1  
Untamed (Thistle)
Telmo Basterra Grinder   Group 1  
Ian Hunter    
Grace Mann Bow   Group 1  
Ursa Minor (IC37)
Maia Agerup Tactician NORMA6 Group 1   Yes  
Ragna Agerup Main Trimmer NORRA3 Group 1   Yes  
Casey Cabot Headsail Trimmer USACC250 Group 1   Yes  
Scott Calnan Mast USASC170 Group 1   Yes  
Peter Cummiskey Skipper USAPC10 Group 1   Yes  
Peter Forsberg Pit USAPF44 Group 1   Yes  
David Howard Strategist CANDH26 Group 1   Yes  
Megan Ploch Bow USAMP120 Group 1   Yes  
Ella Towse Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Hailey Ullman Spinnaker trimmer Usahu5 Group 1   Yes  
USA 278 (Merges 15)
Alyson Storck Pit   Group 1  
Erik Storck    
USA 282 (Melges 15)
Ian Storck    
Sara Swanson Other   Group 1  
USA 498 (Melges 15)
Peter Bergendahl 115349T usapb64  
Brooke McLoughlin    
USA 604 (Melges 15)
Luke Harris 806266Q    
Charles Lizza Spinnaker trimmer    
Vigilant (IC37)
Brigette Alves Bow USABA64 Group 1   Yes  
Tony Bowman Mast CANAB9 Group 1   Yes  
John Hele USAJH109   Yes  
David Jarvis CANDJ2 Group 1   Yes  
Vincent McAteer, IV Rush Chairman USAVM21 Group 1   Yes  
Scott Millard Offside trimmer USASM103 Group 1   Yes  
Dave Scott Main Trimmer GBRDS92 Group 1   Yes  
Alie Toppa USAAT40 Group 1   Yes  
Fiona Walsh Pit USAFW9 Group 1   Yes  
Voodoo Too (IC 37)
Tim Corbett Primary Speed Guy USATC140 Group 1   Yes  
Katie Coughlin Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Ryan Glaze Tactician USARG Group 1   Yes  
Drea Keswater Runners USAAK140 Group 1   Yes  
Lauren Koch Headsail Trimmer USALK51   Group 1   Yes  
Kate O’Donnell Lion Tamer USAKO31 Group 1   Yes  
Gray Rackley Pit USAGR1 Group 1   Yes  
Randall Shore Main Trimmer   Group 3   Yes  
Bill Zartler 245820Q     Yes  
V-Tach (VX One)
Norman Richter    
Where's Mom (Melges 15)
Chris Morgan    
Oliver Morgan Handicaper    
Whimsy (Melges 15)
Greg Packard Runners   Group 1  
Sarah Yuskaitis    
Whiplash (Thistle)
Johanna Kincaid Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Emma Vogel Lion Tamer    
Scott Vogel    
Whitehorse (VX One )
Christopher Long    
Michael Reuter Grinder   Group 1  
Young Members Only (IC 37)
Wes Bright Mast   Group 1   Yes  
Maxine de Havenon Pit   Group 1   Yes  
Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick USAMG100 Group 1   Yes  
Ben Greenfield USABG69 Group 1   Yes  
Blaire McCarthy Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Nora Ong Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Reid Secondo   Group 1   Yes  
Brendan Shanahan USABS232 Group 1   Yes  
Patrick Shanahan Main Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Your Fault (Thistle)
Denis Bell 116380U USADB195  
carrie marshall Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Scott Pakenham Usaspak1   Group 1  

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