2016 Little Traverse Yacht Club - Tuesday Spring Series
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Absolut Glory (Alerion 28)
Clas Nilstoft    
Double Black Diamond (e33)
Bartlett / Borgen 171527N    
Escape (J 70)
Polk Wagner 172511H USAPW63  
Green Flash (J 105)
William Petzold 1707360    
Grit and Grace (Hinckley DS 42)
James Offield    
Gryphon (J 105)
Sam Powers    
Jammin' (J 70)
Robert Bosch Mast 700339E USARB189 Group 1  
Thomas Bosch Owner 700340C USATB134 Group 1  
Peter Bucci Helm USAPB101 Group 1  
Tom Cook Main Trimmer USATC113 Group 1  
Little Goose II (Alerion 28)
R. Sellers and T. Ludington 109179E    
Little Traverse Sailors (J 70)
LTS Race Team    
Mairsie (Alerion 28)
Sandy Burley    
Moonbeam (Alerion 28)
J-R Carruthers-Holton 266574F    
Pointyhead (J 80)
Gary Stewart 733065T    
Providence (Alerion 28)
Christine Gettel    
Seiche (Alerion 28)
Michael Fitzsimons    
Still Crazy (Alerion 28)
Edward Palm 118559D    
Sundog (J 70)
Chal Curtis    
Josh Curtis    
Zac Curtis Bow   Group 1  
Wind Czar (J 70)
Richard Lehmann 225698I USAKM20  

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