Antigua Bermuda Race 2017
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Allegra (Nigel Irens Catamaran)
helena darvelid Navigator   Group 3  
Charles Dearlove    
Chris Dowling Main Trimmer 199446H   Group 3  
Scott Gray    
Rob Grimm    
Adrian Keller Helm    
Paul Larsen   Group 3  
Andrew Nickless    
Recaldo Thomas    
Aris Ziros Helm   Group 3  
Avanti (Hanse)
John D'Angelo Watch Captain   Group 1  
Jeremi Jablonski Watch Captain    
Marek Mirota Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Challenger (Whitbread 60 )
Matt Cottam     Yes  
Eric Grant     Yes  
Doug McSwain     Yes  
James McSwain Helm   Group 1   Yes  
Jesper Primdahl Other   Group 1   Yes  
Chris Stanmore-Major    
Chris Stanmore-Major GBRCS66   Yes  
Jules Thuet     Yes  
El Oro (Auzeppy-Brennuer 68)
Piers Akerman Main Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Chris Anstee Main Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
James Beal Watch Captain   Group 1  
Mike Champion Headsail Trimmer YA82267 Group 1   Yes  
Roxanne Crossley     Yes  
Ross Culbertson Watch Captain    
Sam Greenaway Headsail Trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Kent King Skipper   Group 3   Yes  
Randel O'Neal     Yes  
Barbara Pegna Headsail Trimmer     Yes  
Stephen Wall Floater aussw19 Group 1   Yes  
Thomas Weingarten   Group 1   Yes  
Tim Wilson Owner   Group 1   Yes  
Carol Writer Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Eleonora (Gaff schooner)
Brendan McCoy    
Esprit de Corps IV (Volvo 60)
Gilles Barbot Skipper    
Luc DuBois Other   Group 1  
Simon DuBois Other   Group 1  
Maxime Grimard Captain    
Philippe Lefebvre Other   Group 1  
Karen Marshall    
Tristan Peloquin Other    
Charlotte Rousselot Other    
André Roy    
Tiberius Trifu    
Freya (Swan 90)
Georgie Carter     Yes  
Joph Carter Captain     Yes  
Justin Lawson Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Don Macpherson Owner     Yes  
Zac Macpherson     Yes  
Danny Miller     Yes  
Rives Sutherland     Yes  
Frano Tregaskis Watch Captain     Yes  
GAIA (Oyster 485/18)
Phoebe Cochran    
Andrew Eddy Captain   Group 1  
Sabrina Eddy Co-Skipper    
Mark Horton    
Michael MacInnes Other   Group 1  
Tim Nowell-Usticke Bow    
Heartbeat IV (Dufour 45E)
Robin Baggaley Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Frederick Brown Bow GBRFB10   Yes  
Tristan Dorrien-Smith     Yes  
John Hounsell     Yes  
Nicola Paterson Pit   Group 1   Yes  
Jason Payne-James Skipper GBRPJ7 Group 1   Yes  
Judy Payne-James Spinnaker trimmer GBRJP115 Group 1   Yes  
Hermes (Pogo 12.50)
Chris Jones Navigator   Group 1   Yes  
Olivier Leduc    
Dave Powlison Other 105332J   Group 1  
Meg Reilly    
Joel Ross Bow   Group 1   Yes  
Morgen Watson Skipper     Yes  
Nancy De Pietro Navigator 672048Y IRLND4   Yes  
Daniel Johnson Other   Group 1   Yes  
Michael Lebov Bow USAML23 Group 1   Yes  
Dylan Mark Offside trimmer USADM237 Group 1   Yes  
Ian Martin Skipper   Group 3   Yes  
Jake Martin Main Trimmer GERJM26 Group 3   Yes  
Ivan Nussberg Mast   Group 1  
Andy Schwartzkopff Headsail Trimmer USAAS28 Group 1   Yes  
Sven Thomas    
Rob Voerman Watch Captain     Yes  
Mariella (Yawl)
MATILDE AGOSTINI Floater     Yes  
Maurice Arlington Belgrave Grinder     Yes  
Carlo Falcone Skipper     Yes  
PAOLO PAGANUZZI Nav/Tac   Group 1   Yes  
MARTINA SALVIA Floater     Yes  
Monterey (Farr PH 56)
Les Crane Skipper BERPC2 Group 1   Yes  
Cam Macrae Watch Captain CANCM15 Group 3   Yes  
Jock Macrae Watch Captain     Yes  
Bob Medland Other   Group 1   Yes  
Kit Tatum Grinder   Group 1   Yes  
James Watlington     Yes  
Morning Star (Paradise 60)
Kelly Fleming Watch Captain   Group 1  
Martin Loftus Watch Captain   Group 1  
Ryan Loftus Watch Captain   Group 1  
Carl Soares Sr Owner   Group 1  
Rock Oyster (Oyster 65)
Ben Bowen Skipper   Group 1  
William Dwyer Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Bradley Esty Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Tony Hockley Pit GBRTH83 Group 1  
Nigel Leamon Co-Skipper   Group 1  
john marshall Owner   Group 1  
Sapphire III (CNB76 )
George Cox Bow   Group 3  
Robbie Fabre    
John O'Connor Owner   Group 1  
Patricia Savino    
michael teuteberg    
Spirit of Bermuda (Ballyhoo Schooner)
Jeff Bennett    
Blair Blakeney    
Lindsey Cubbon Other   Group 1  
Dkembe Dill    
James Doughty    
Dylan Ferry    
Jennifer Gibbons    
David Goulbourne Other   Group 3  
Sandra Harries    
Milton Hill    
Whitney Kirkland Other   Group 1  
Russell Medway    
Myriam Mnasri    
Mike Moreland Captain    
Patrick Perrett    
Harriet Richold    
Lamar Samuels    
Edward Stovell    
Charles Swan Headsail Trimmer BERCS5   Group 1  
Esmerelda Zanders    
Spirit of Juno (Farr 65)
Jeremy Clift Stunt Owner 2008002780 GBRJC194 Group 1  
Corey Eliasson Mid Bow USACE45 Group 1  
rob hilliard Mid Mast AUSRH44 Group 1  
sterling hintze Alternate   Group 1  
Mike Honner Floater USAMH196 Group 1  
peter ives Grinder    
Paul Jackson Skipper GBRPJ27 Group 3  
Nina Killick Runners USAEK55 Group 1  
zoe leffler Watch Captain SWEZL2 Group 1  
charles oliver Offside trimmer    
Kathryn Thomson Floater   Group 1  
Stay Calm (Swan 82)
Will Dallimore     Yes  
Anthony Harris Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1   Yes  
Belinda Henry Pit   Group 1   Yes  
Lloyd Kyte Captain     Yes  
Jeremy Polturak   Group 1   Yes  
Richard Power Floater   Group 1   Yes  
Stuart Robinson     Yes  
Catherine Verdon Mid Bow     Yes  
James Wheatly Other   Group 1  
Debra Whitmarsh Floater   Group 1  
April Woodall Chef     Yes  
Talanta (Pogo 40S2)
Bettina Charcot Other   Group 1   Yes  
Gordon Ishammar Other   Group 1   Yes  
Jonny Larsson Floater SWEJL29 Group 1   Yes  
Åsa Larsson Lindeborg Other SWEAL38 Group 1   Yes  
Mikael Ryking SWEMR9   Yes  
Warrior (Volvo 70 modified)
Ben Bardwell Bow   Group 3   Yes  
Jackson Benvenutti Headsail Trimmer   Group 3   Yes  
Dann Cahoon Grinder   Group 1   Yes  
Jesse Fielding Pit Usajf64 Group 3   Yes  
Karl Funk Mid Bow   Group 3   Yes  
Christopher Lewis Runners   Group 1   Yes  
Ben Lynch Mast IRLBL4 Group 1   Yes  
Jan Majer Watch Captain 351648V USAM75 Group 3   Yes  
Stephen Murray, Jr. Skipper   Group 1   Yes  
William Oxley Nav/Tac AUSWO Group 3   Yes  
Tony Pearce Grinder   Group 3   Yes  
Ralf Steitz     Yes  
Chris Welch Rush Chairman   Group 3   Yes  

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