2017 Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta St Petersburg
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
(A Cat)
Warren Mitchell    
- (A Cat)
Mark Skeels (M) 736156V    
14688 (Lightning)
Kurban Ali USAKA39 Group 1  
Brian Hayes Jr Tactician    
William T Jones Jr 765316S    
01 Accessibi-iT (Flying Tiger 7.5)
Geoff Becker Stunt Owner 177204p Usagb25 Group 3  
Rod Favela    
Richard Griffin    
Sabine Griffin Helm   Group 1  
Ed Weisgerber Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
02 (Flying Tiger 7.5)
Tom Babel    
Susan Chamberlin Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Reeny Linstrom Offside trimmer    
Beth Lore    
Megan Miller Bow   Group 1  
Tara Sherman Main Trimmer    
03 (Flying Tiger 7.5)
Tac Boston Chef   Group 3  
Joe Hummel 231111Z    
Michael Levitt Pit   Group 1  
Jeff Lihstrom Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Theresa Trejo    
John Woodcock Main Trimmer 738242Y USAJW220 Group 1  
05 (Flying Tiger 7.5)
AVAILABLE TO RACE CALL 800-825-8719 x 101    
06 (Flying Tiger 7.5)
Brian Angioletti 372020h    
Susan Fox Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Chuck Norton Skipper 75526   Group 1  
Alec Philbrick    
Nick Turney Chef Usant5 Group 3  
Laura Wagner Floater   Group 1  
10 - Stripes (Flying Tiger 7.5)
Achilles Dolhaine Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Kathy Kushner Skipper Cankk08  
Anson Mulder Tactician   Group 3  
David Ruskin    
Gary Tarnoff    
15308 (Lightning)
William Killebrew    
18 Karat (A Cat)
Emmanuel Cerf 3648980    
294 (A Class)
Stevens Richard    
3 1/2 men (Melges 24)
steve suddath    
9 (Lightning)
Thomas Allen 100835H    
charlie bess    
Darcy Jensen   Group 1  
A Cat (A Cat)
Michael Christensen    
Acat (A Cat)
OH Rodgers    
ACS (A Class)
Pete Merrifield    
Darby Smith 268020Q USADS123  
After You (Mark I)
John Gardner 686628N    
ALZYK (S2 7.9)
AL Wolczyk 186917A    
Apex (Melges 24)
Marc Crutcher Spinnaker trimmer USAMM137 Group 3  
Anthony Passafiume Mid Mast 652954g USAAP87 Group 1  
Kent Picknell    
Lance Staughton Tactician 296490H USALS80 Group 1  
Ariel (J 105 )
Jody Abrams    
David Arata    
Christine Dollin Bow    
Robert Frimmel Headsail Trimmer 762046Q   Group 1  
Roger Gatewood    
Suzanne Hooper   Group 1  
Tony Hooper 765075x    
Sean Motta Floater 754808W USASM133 Group 1  
Jack Thompson Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Linda VanderStel Bow   Group 1  
Attactive Nuisance (Carrera 29)
Jamie Myers 275683G    
Baby makes three (Lightning)
Dave Dickerson    
Back On (Soverel 26)
Paula Bersie Co-Skipper 214639U USAPB80  
Alice Kaminski Stunt Owner   Group 1  
Darcy McNiel    
Daniel O'Hare Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Amy Roehl Chef    
Bad Company (S2 7.9)
Dick Dancy Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Bob Huff Headsail Trimmer 234721N   Group 1  
Kevin Lemonds Chef 209195g   Group 1  
Yvonne Denise Lemonds Medic/Doctor   Group 1  
Ryan Wilkinson Bow   Group 1  
Barmaley (Melges 24)
Vasyl Gureyev UKRVG1  
Bazinga! (J 70)
J World Annapolis    
Blondie 2 (J 88)
Tod Patton 209343w    
Blue Highways (Lightning)
Jonathan Lange 310500Y    
Bokeelia Flyer (A Cat)
Ben Hall    
Building A (J 70)
Josh Goldman 233104E    
Button Fly (J 70)
Andrew and Melissa Fisher 298175j USAAF4  
Carmelita (Melges 24)
J A Booker 255127R USAJB  
Gail Heausler Headsail Trimmer 285939G USAGH39 Group 1  
Matthew Peterson 707384X    
Andrew Schoene Skipper 379944M   Group 1  
Edward Ward Mast 733124s USAEW74 Group 1  
Carousel (Lightning)
Brendan Feeney 369742H   Group 1  
Wendy Reuss Bow   Group 1  
Michael Zonnenberg USAMZ27  
Catapult (J 70)
Joel Ronning 710712R USAJR127  
Cowbell (A Class)
Woody Cope    
Crescendo (Beneteau First 36.7)
Jeffrey Walden 666301I    
Crossed Paths (J 24)
Kurban Ali    
Molly Diangikes Mast    
Andrew Grzybowski Owner 765212U    
Neil Keidel Tactician    
Mark Williams    
D2 Racing (J 70)
Jim Clouser Tactician USAJC273 Group 1  
Daniel Gross Helm 686756v USADG55 Group 1  
Danette Szakaly 686755W USADS103  
Deviation (J 88)
Iris Vogel 154629U    
DNA (A Cat)
Alex Shafer USASS61  
DNA (A Cat)
Nigel Pitt    
Down the Line (J 70)
J World Annapolis 188831B    
el Presidente (A Cat)
Bailey White 668639Q    
Entschuldigen Sie (Melges 24)
Richard Beers    
Donald Holst 671223A    
Judi Zeman Bow    
Ned Zeman Mid Bow    
Even Keel (Catalina 355)
Denis Koelsch Main Trimmer    
Chris McDonnell Owner    
Bob Story Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Exploder (A Cat)
Todd Woods    
EXploder (A-cat)
Dean Mayke    
Fabbys Xmas Gift (A Cat)
Dustin Romey 231917N    
Fat Boy (A Cat)
David Ingram 241647R    
Fire & Ice (J 105)
Clint Arlington Pit Assist   Group 1  
Ted Brown Bow   Group 1  
George Cussins 190465S    
Kelly Ferro Headsail Trimmer USAKF47 Group 1  
Clay Morris Main Trimmer 720837R USACM179 Group 1  
Kristen Murphy Mid Bow   Group 1  
Eric Pastman Mast   Group 1  
Firewater (Melges 24)
George Haynie 183785E USAGH26  
Flight Path East (DNA)
Andy Kolb    
Flying Dutchman (A-Cat)
Tony Vandenoever    
FOB (Lightning)
Full Circle (A-Class Foiling)
Ronald Roth 752667Y    
Fully Involved (B-25)
Terra Berlinski Bow   Group 1  
Ryan Hager Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jeni Schaefer Mid Mast    
Breanne Scott Mast   Group 1  
Erin Smith Chef   Group 1  
Aslan Sweeney Mid Mast 736176g Usaas207 Group 1  
Steve Vincent 396645G    
Furious (A Cat)
Rush Bird    
Gen5 (Lightning)
Steve Hayden Helm 173697G   Group 1  
David Hood Other   Group 1  
Amy Simonsen    
Grrrrr (Tartan 37)
Susan Davidson 4082040    
Robert Lund Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Linda Marquardt Other   Group 1  
Juan Matos Other   Group 1  
Clay Smith Grinder   Group 1  
J.J. Smith Other   Group 1  
Helly Hansen Junior Crew (J 70)
Cameron Delgado Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Callista Hopkins Bow   Group 1  
Mike Marshall Floater   Group 3  
Blaire McCarthy Helm 391612N   Group 1  
Emma Shakespeare Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Hooligan: Flat Stanley Racing (J 70)
Brad Boston Tactician   Group 3  
Curtis Florence Watch Captain cancf1 Group 3  
Trey Sheehan 338674J USAJS77  
wilson stout Bowman USAWS74 Group 1  
Hot Tub on Fire (A Cats Classic)
Mark C Miller    
Hula Girl (Ranger 23)
Steve Shortt 744914X    
I'd Rather Be Lucky (Lightning)
Carl Allison Spinnaker trimmer    
Laura Jeffers 123279V USALJ12  
william Jeffers Chef   Group 1  
Kristen Walker Bow   Group 1  
If (Sonar)
Eugene Hinkel    
In God We Trust (A-Cat)
Joseph Bello    
Intrepid (J 40)
Suzanne Hooper    
Mark Macke Spinnaker trimmer    
Alison Matherly Bowman 188292I   Group 1  
Bob Riding Mast   Group 1  
Tim Ruman Floater 262745U    
Jeff Russo 279531b    
Susan Russo Tactician    
Deborah Shackelford Mast   Group 1  
John Shirkey Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jeunesse Racing (J 70)
Donna Antarr Medic/Doctor 285879N usada77 Group 1  
George Antarr Rush Chairman 139974K usaga33 Group 1  
Ron Baerwitz Tactician 124554R USARB65  
Mike Earl Floater USAME44 Group 1  
Kiwi Magic (A Cat)
Andrew Burdett    
Lunatic Fringe (A Cat)
Tracy Oliver 266407T    
Made In America (A Cat A3)
Bob Orr 662573L    
Magnifico (Lightning)
Juan Sanchez    
Juan Sanchez    
Gustavo Tamayo    
Matros (S2 7.9)
Christopher Balliet Headsail Trimmer USACB181 Group 1  
Davis Bryant Bow   Group 1  
Mary Bryant Mid Mast    
Tom Bryant Owner   Group 3  
Meatier (J 29)
Brian Davies Chef USABD57 Group 1  
Brian Kennalley Chef 690379W USABK49 Group 1  
Edward Mui Chef   Group 1  
Christopher Novak Floater   Group 1  
Chuck O'Donnell Pit USACO39 Group 1  
Kate Rebmann Rush Chairman   Group 1  
april yi Mid Bow 741990S Usayy1 Group 1  
Meltemi (S2 9.1)
John Boushall Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Daniel Caccamo Pit   Group 1  
Tara Lee Costich Mid Mast   Group 1  
Tom Doheny Bow   Group 1  
Chris Jones Watch Captain    
Alexander Korakis 337700Q    
Steve Obert Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Nicole Stuart Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Meteor (Islander 41)
Greg Bellor Bow USAGB103 Group 1  
Howard Buse Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Erik Hesbol Alternate    
Robert Hindle Main Trimmer 332540M    
Brent Morris Owner 764849N   Group 1  
John Nieboer Grinder   Group 1  
Andy Roach Grinder   Group 1  
Chris Simpson Helm   Group 1  
Mi SueƱo (Morgan 44cc N/M)
Mike Ashburn Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Ron & Holanda Kinney & Manzano 276441W    
MiKEY (Melges 24)
Kevin Welch    
Mojito (A Cat)
John Schiefer    
Must Be Present (Lightning)
Philip Lange 275611Q    
NINE (J 70)
Evan Aras Stunt Owner 259395N USAEA28 Group 3  
Brendan Healy Rush Chairman   Group 3  
Oivind Lorentzen Owner 104306F    
Rob Scrivenor Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
none (S2 7.9)
Laura Johnson Headsail Trimmer 720582Q   Group 1  
Paul Latour 183992F    
Jimmy Lemmons    
David Pilcher Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Michael Willoughby    
OBSESSION (Melges 24)
Gary Schwarting 296052x USAGS22  
Paris Hilton (A Cat)
Ian MacDiarmid    
Perseverance (J 70)
Eric Doyle Staysail trimmer USAED4 Group 3  
Bennet Greenwald 284064W USABG26  
Pingrrrrr (Sonar)
Susan Davidson 206236Q    
Anna Millbourn Other   Group 1  
Clay Smith Grinder   Group 1  
J.J. Smith Other   Group 1  
Rob Woithe Nav/Tac 719760X   Group 1  
Polar (J 70)
Doug Clark Helm    
Kevin Dooley Tactician    
Andrew Goetz Strategist    
Erin Wright Bow    
Powerplay Racing (J 70)
Peter Cunningham    
Victor diaz de Leon    
Tony Rey Bow    
Willem van Waay    
Prime Plus (Beneteau 445)
Ron Augustine Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Tyler Carter Spinnaker trimmer    
Frank Hanna Owner   Group 1  
Joel Heyne Tactician 11515L   Group 1  
J. P. Miller Bow    
Mark Requa Navigator 262988H    
Jennifer Rhyner Bow    
Robert Wachtel Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Project Mayhem (B-25)
Ian Craig Owner   Group 1  
Vinnie Curl Bow USAVC12 Group 1  
Mallory Kwiatkowski Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Steve Young Co-Skipper 718731V USASY10 Group 1  
Ragged Edge (J 24)
Jeremiah Meck 765086G    
Raven (Farr 30)
Meredith Brown    
Nicole Buechler Main Trimmer 173408p usanb11  
Joel Cairo Captain    
Alan Capellin   Group 3  
Mike Kayusa 694565p    
Kali MacGregor Medic/Doctor    
Scott MacGregor Tactician 318834B USASM192 Group 1  
Brian Richardson Stunt Owner   Group 1  
Josh Wilus Other    
Ken Wilus Other    
Real Estate Ink Solutions.com (Hallspars Barracuda Acat)
Mark Herendeen 273338U usamh34  
Rebel496 (S2 7.9)
John Spierling 186728B USAJS335  
REX (J 70)
Scott Weakley CANSW14  
Rip Rullah (J 70)
Robert Willis    
Rosebud (J 70)
Pamela Rose 736789t    
Savasana (J 70)
Brian Keane 198186K    
Scamp (J 70)
Will Welles    
schuerer (A Class)
Gordon Isco 134093U    
Semper Fi (J 29)
Dave Arata Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
dave arata    
Darin Carson Mast   Group 1  
John Doran Tactician    
dan driscoll    
Michael fina Bow   Group 1  
Raymond Mannix 697458n    
Doug Twining Mast    
ShackAttack (A-Cat DNA)
Ken Marshack 121455L    
Shaka (Melges 24)
Chris Beisner Spinnaker trimmer USACB173 Group 1  
Doug Nickel Tactician USADN2 Group 1  
Tom Sawchuk Headsail Trimmer USATS67 Group 1  
C: KC Shannon Skipper 712825W USAKS115 Group 1  
Shamrock (Sonar)
John Twomey IRLJT3  
Shazaam! (J 42)
kelly davis Other 332450N   Group 1  
Roger Gatewood 652002B USARG72  
richard karran Strategist 129436Y    
Sean Motta Headsail Trimmer 754808W USASM133 Group 1  
staci reed Mid Bow   Group 1  
calvin troutt Main Trimmer   Group 1  
drew wagner Pit   Group 1  
sari wakefield    
brian wassmuth Bow   Group 1  
Shock Wave (J 24)
Seth Rosenthal 657826M    
Sight Seeing (J 24)
Emily Allen    
Todd Allen Spinnaker trimmer    
Dustin Johnson Mast   Group 1  
Jim Lindsay Skipper    
Silver Alert (A Cat)
Craig Yandow    
Sleeper (Catalina 42 MK-I)
Christopher Brown    
Somethind Good (Lightning)
Bill Mauk Helm 205153O USAWM92 Group 1  
Mike Trebilcock Grinder   Group 1  
Bogan Whitehead Mast   Group 1  
Sonar (Sonar )
Barbara Galinska Skipper 762717V    
Patrick LoDuca Main Trimmer 663752U    
Spice (J 70)
Holly Graf    
Spirit (B-25)
Mark Bellino Bow   Group 1  
Kon Biliu Grinder   Group 1  
Jay Matze Helm   Group 1  
Michael Rose 665299Q    
Guy Sorenson Spinnaker trimmer 755437y   Group 1  
SPYC (J 70)
John Forst    
Mark Hillman Tactician 168750B USAMH132 Group 1  
Brian Linde 110442D    
SPYC 10 (J 70)
PETER DAVIDSON Skipper 171127J USAPD106  
Josh Holden Bow IRLJH49 Group 1  
Jake Hubbard Headsail Trimmer USAJH344 Group 1  
Michael Mincher Main Trimmer 334770y   Group 1  
Straight Up (S2 7.9)
Jeffrey Danhauer Main Trimmer 706292R    
Mickey Gregg 235023k    
Manuel Hurtado    
Gary Mellinger Tactician 235025M    
Swamp Rabbit (Sloop)
Mark Berte' 672418P    
Tack Tick (Martin 24)
Michael Siedlecki 423553B    
Taipan / SB (J 70)
ALINA DIX Other 379624F USAAD97 Group 1  
Ritchie Geoghan Spinnaker trimmer   Group 3  
Lloyd Karzen Skipper 310605E USALK45 Group 1  
RICHARD STEARNS Strategist   Group 3  
TBD (A Cat)
Laura Muma 381832S USALM25  
TBD (J 70)
Robert Combs    
Amelia Connell Pit   Group 1  
Justin Kimrey    
Ann Sager Skipper 654899I    
Tea Dance Snake (J 70)
Peter Bowe    
The Royale With Cheese (J 70)
Adam Korbin    
Titanium (Sonar)
Laura root    
Truckin' (J 70)
Alex Meleney 234596E USAAM139  
Tug Life (A-Class Foiling)
Matthew Keenan    
USA 148 (A2)
Chris Bolton 201097R    
USA 167 (J 70)
David Miller Watch Captain USADm234 Group 1  
James Prendergast Stunt Owner 245162T    
Orrin Starr Rush Chairman Usaos8 Group 1  
John Wallace Tactician USAJW90 Group 1  
USA 88 (J 70)
Dave ciesla Owner 310231C   Group 1  
Stu Johnstone Runners USASJ6 Group 1  
Madelyn Ploch 119489k USAMP149  
mark ploch Pit Assist 119489K usamp24 Group 3  
Usain Boat (A Cat)
Andrew Woods    
Valiant (Sonar)
Rick Doerr 211859u USAAD6  
Vann Bros (Lightning)
Chris Vann 178165D    
Veggie Sub (Lightning)
Ched Proctor 319788q    
Vital Signs (J 70)
John Morreale USAJM434  
Volcano (Tripp 26)
Marc Holtzberg Pit Assist 750876T   Group 1  
John Maude Bow    
Ben Rychel Mast   Group 1  
Donald Rychel Skipper 199726G    
Lisa Rychel Owner    
Jaclyn Waluzak Floater   Group 1  
Warrior (Tripp 38)
Mickey Cooper Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Grant Dumas Skipper 370904M   Group 1  
Joe Goulet Bowman 159888R USAJG124 Group 1  
Geoffrey Hummel Headsail Trimmer 176159B   Group 1  
Michael Kosempa Other   Group 1  
Bob Krush Mast    
Jed Lee Floater 741273v usajl30 Group 3  
Stephanie Leigh Spinnaker trimmer 765150N USASS218 Group 1  
Leroi Lissenden Grinder 263833T    
Larry Sweeney Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Chauncey Wu Mid Bow   Group 1  
Wasabi (Farr 395)
Mark Benjamin Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Ken Friedman Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Nik Hartney Bowman USANH17 Group 1  
Yanko Ibanez Other   Group 1  
Eric Lopez Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Thomas Obrien Pit 746827U    
todd Oneill Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Ritch Riddle Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
James Silver Mast   Group 1  
Micah Thompson Mast   Group 1  
Wes Tone Tactician 287643D   Group 1  
White Rabbit (J 70)
Ronnie Ashmore Tactician 104825N USARA52 Group 1  
Dennis Fisher Spinnaker trimmer 103996B USADF83 Group 1  
Steve Kiemele Helm 196530U USASK86 Group 1  
William Leonard Headsail Trimmer USAWL36 Group 1  
Wild Goose (Melges 24)
Androv Carlson usaac105 Group 1  
Frank Davenport 308728B USAFD22 Group 1  
Frank Davenport USAFD23 Group 1  
Jordan Gray 308728B USAFD22 Group 1  
Wind Czar (J 70)
Wally Cross Spinnaker trimmer 751495R USAWC26 Group 3  
Alex Curtiss Staysail trimmer    
Richard Lehmann 225698I USAKM20  
Kevin Meier Stunt Owner 225698I USAKM20 Group 3  
WindCaller (Catalina 42)
Joe McClash 253259W    
Wings (J 88)
Mike Bruno 146567C usamb58 Group 1  
John Fryer Rush Chairman USAJF16 Group 1  
Chris Morgan   Group 3  
Monica Morgan    
Tim Randall Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Woodjchuck (J 24)
Nathan Bresett 728995Q    
Woodscraft (A Cat)
Larry Woods    
Zhik USA (A Cat)
Mike Krantz 220500X    

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