2017 Lake Michigan Clipper Cup
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
A Good Day (Nonsuch 30 Ultra Cat Rig)
Dianal Lightfoot 756338N    
Abbie Normal (S-2 10.3)
Paul Ansinn Main Trimmer    
Cork Boersma Owner    
Marcus Boersma Bow   Group 1  
Abby Marie (Irwin 43 CC)
Paul Burke Floater    
Kelly Kiszka Floater    
Ty Westfall Floater   Group 1  
David Wilson Skipper 243926    
Ace's Dream (Ericson 32)
Brian Hettrick 752903z    
Aequitas (Pearson 31 II)
mark christie Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
chris coyne Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Doug Huskey Spinnaker trimmer us1050Z    
Fran Pauls Skipper 105099z    
Aftershock (Farr 395)
William Newman 140600Y    
Arcturus (Irwin 39 Citation)
Jean-Pierre Penhoat    
Arma (Soto 40)
Andrew Price 739208N    
Bearly Movin (Dufour 44 )
John Donnley Pit   Group 1  
Tom Jansen Skipper 226963C   Group 1  
Mike Patterson Bow   Group 1  
Michael Stormzand Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Kristen Walenta Mid Bow   Group 1  
Michael Walenta Nav/Tac 297070B USAMW143 Group 1  
Bombay (Easterly 36)
Caroline Geist Alternate   Group 1  
Steve Lovell Floater   Group 1  
George McConnell    
Andrew Pickard    
Bravo (Taylor 40)
Thomas Dekker 183292y    
Bulldog (Nelson Marek 41)
William Moe 394101L    
Cantina (Catalina 385)
Bobbi Bach Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Jim Bach    
Cliff Ulrich    
Julie Ulrich    
Cotton (Hunter 28.5)
John Marks 74179N    
Couples Therapy (Jeanneau 379)
Daniel Garcia 673778R    
MONIKA HARTL Co-Skipper 751813H    
Crazy Horse (C&C 110)
Larry Andreano Floater   Group 1  
Joseph Bonadies Owner 321660O    
Sherry Bonadies Owner   Group 1  
Rob Covers Grinder   Group 1  
Scott Slanec Tactician   Group 1  
Gregg Vandenbosch Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Elan (Citation 38)
Brian & Shelley Sempsrott    
Escapade (Cape Dory 27)
Nick Myaard    
Forever Young (Irwin 31)
Chris Young Bow    
Christopher Young Bow    
Jeff Young Pit   Group 1  
John Young Helm    
Robert Young Skipper 693761E    
William Young Tactician    
Frequent Flyer (Catalina 30 TRBS)
Dan Beachum 735089T    
Geluk (Catalina 42 mark I)
Ethan DeGoede Other    
Jillian DeGoede Owner    
John DeGoede Owner    
Wyatt DeGoede Other    
Gabby Marlow Other    
Glider (Cal 40)
Chip Sawyer Owner 174998M    
Grateful (Gougeon 32)
Eric Dykstra Owner    
David Laman Other   Group 1  
grin (Corsair F-24MkII)
Marc Hagerman 276898R    
Into the Mystic (Catalina 320)
Jayne Wallace Floater    
Tim Wallace Owner    
It'll Du (O'Day 34 SD)
Mike Rogers    
Last Dollar (Hylas 56)
Jacqui Baden Tactician    
Ron Baden Helm    
Jay Hall Captain USA61656    
Nancy Hall Owner    
Ann Rotman Tactician    
Rodney Rotman Bow    
Little Critter (C&C 36)
Bob Butcher 280505I    
Kathy Butcher Pit Assist    
Randy Jesberg Other    
Lou Martin    
Dean Runk Skipper 293558C    
Tom Wilkening Grinder   Group 1  
Maid of Glass (C&C MK I)
Andrew Felix    
Chelsea Felix    
Bryan Kapteyn 761297R    
Nicholas Kapteyn    
Mystic (Farr 40)
Bill Hoyer    
Nightrain (Tartan 34)
Ron Greve    
Quiet Refuge (Hunter Legend)
Rod Leonard 292789J    
'R' Dream Buoy (Hunter 'legend')
thomas redmond 3779441    
Rampage (Soverel 33-2)
Bill Richardson 252826R    
River Road (J/109)
Mike Ryer 653242Q    
Rumors (Islanders 40)
William Osterink 19189C 30304  
Serenity (Catalina)
Patrick Smith Owner 1036    
Diane Szewczyk-Smith Owner 713295R    
Sirenia (Ranger 33)
Bruce Spencer Captain 730981Y    
Chance Spencer Bow    
William Spencer Headsail Trimmer    
Bruce Spencer Sr Strategist    
David Trumpie Main Trimmer    
Sizzle (C&C)
Chris Pratt 248690I    
Jamie Pratt    
Spectra (S2 9.1)
Gregory Young    
Spirit Walker (Sydney 41)
J. Andrew Woodruff 742967R    
Sundaze (Hunter 34)
Jon Bonga Captain    
Chris Mayeaux Headsail Trimmer    
GARY SAMS Floater    
Swiftsure (N/M IOR 50)
Ronald Ehlert Captain 225751U USARE43  
James Lippert Bow 698746Z USAJL196 Group 1  
Charlie Mawby Headsail Trimmer USACM197 Group 1  
Matt Rybar Stunt Owner USAMR165 Group 1  
Nick Saur Mid Bow   Group 1  
Brent West Main Trimmer    
TSURU (Bennett 46)
Brian VanWieren    
Vahevala (T37)
Scott McEwen 759334S    
Vivienne (NM 43)
Tom Tabor 408837F    
Vno (Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40 SD)
Al Caiazzo    
Denice Lyden    
Earl Lyden 728341z   Group 1  
Marcia Matthews    
Colleen Turek    
Tom Turek    
Whisper Again (C&C 32)
Tari Smith 672027r    
Wiffet (Hunter 30)
Marc Boogaard    
Wind N Spirits (C&C 36)
Correy Ewald Floater    
Glenn Gambel Owner 651601M    
Jacob Keck    
Tim Keck    
Brian Reagan Grinder   Group 1  
Neil Schiller Floater 6648   Group 1  

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