2018 J 105 Canadian Championships
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Another Hazard (J 105)
Peter Kozlowski Pit   Group 1  
Mitchell Pignatiello Main Trimmer CANMP12 Group 1  
Andy Soutar Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Bernadette VanHezewyk    
Peter Wolniak    
Endeavour (J 105)
Bill Bevan Helm CANBB8 Group 1  
Dave Gallop Mast CANDG17 Group 1  
Andrea MacGillivray Bow CANAM56 Group 1  
Manuel Maneses Spinnaker trimmer CANMM14 Group 1  
Paul Martini Main Trimmer CANPM10 Group 1  
Bruce Pierce Main Trimmer CANBP7 Group 1  
Glen Tough Pit CANGT5 Group 1  
Forró (J 105)
Michelle Bratkiw Alternate CANMB60 Group 1  
Kate Malcolm Spinnaker trimmer    
Dominic Mezo Bow   Group 1  
Gregory Mezo Helm CANGM6 Group 1  
James Oneschuk Mast    
Drew Sutherland Pit    
Andrew Whiting Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Full tilt boogie (J 105)
Kevin Pask    
H-Bomb (J 105)
Russell Hopper CANRH18  
Hey Jude (J 105)
James Rathbun    
Jamaica Me Crazy (J 105)
Peter Hall    
Live Edge (J 105)
Michael Mountford CANMM46  
Mandate (J 105)
Terry McLaughlin / Rod Wilmer CANTM1  
Millicent (J 105)
Simon Hirst    
Sentient (J 105)
Jim Beatty    
Andy Brazier Bow    
Andrew Chapman    
Mike Chapman Skipper CANMC31 Group 1  
Sonic Boom (J 105)
Ian Farquharson AFGIF1  
Starcross (J 105)
Frank McLaughlin CANFM7  
The Usual Suspects (J 105)
Suspect Syndicate    
Thunderstruck (J 105)
Andrew Moor    
Trident (J 105)
Doug Farrand    
Trueblue (J 105)
Doug Bullock    

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