2012 WYC AIS Bayfield Race Week
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Angisina (Soverel)
Belinda Barnes Pitman    
Lori Goodsell Mid Mast    
Corry Hammett Grinder    
Kris Kaiser Headsail Trimmer    
Dane Pedersen Bowman    
Erik Pedersen Tactician    
Valerie Petit Tactician    
Andy Spence-Parsons Skipper 661757L USAAS101  
Scott Sundquist Main Trimmer    
Gary Valentini Mast    
Arbitrage (X 1-ton)
Eric Dexter Headsail Trimmer    
Nate Dexter Runners    
Selene Emad-Syring Headsail Trimmer    
Ben Harper Main Trimmer    
Zoe Meisinger Helmsman    
Mike Moyle 672062R    
Mike Myers Helmsman    
Nannah Myers Pitman    
Katie Quolette Grinder    
Karl Wagner Bowman    
Black Magic (Tartan 33)
Dave Scherf    
Celebration (C&C)
Pete Shelquist    
Chas (J 35)
Morgan Ellis Bowman    
Robert Vander Ploeg    
Chase (J 109)
Charlie Schroeder    
Chellean (sloop)
Michael & Rick Arvidson/Anderson 713052s    
Chewbacca (N/M Int'l 50)
Bill Peterson    
Eagle (Islander)
Mike Brown    
Elixir (Beneteau First 32)
Dave Lindstrom 131059M    
Golden Draft (Sloop)
Paul Danielson    
Just Is (Sabre 362)
Ron Pool    
Liberte' (Jeanneau Sun Fast)
Jon Webster    
LOKI (Catalina)
Krister Mattson 712181D    
Mokey (Sheilds)
George Johns 254003G    
Mon Amie (Sloop)
Mike Lamb USA047    
Njord (C&C37/40+)
Brian Tjosvold 651289G    
Northern Harrier (J-boat)
Chris Wells    
Papa Gaucho II (J 35)
Keith Stauber    
Passage (Beneteau 40)
Ian and Robin Bentley (Ketchen)    
Pennycress (C&C 37)
Team Pennycress    
Perfect Lady (Tartan)
James Tack Skipper 226900N    
Stephanie Tack    
Quintessence III (Frers 46)
David Crum 109616U    
Red Hawk (Santa Cruz 40)
Ralph Hodek    
Screaming (Olson 40)
Steve Schick    
Simba (Tartan)
Lee Ganz    
Strawman (j/92)
Rob Finnigan    
TAKU (Catalina 25 Std Rig)
Dick Rasmussen Headsail Trimmer    
Ron Simons    
Texana (Schock 35)
dallas johnson 211736M    
Undaunted (Bene 36.7)
Michael Smith    
Voyager (C&C )
Mike Spence 273869G    
Wylie Coyote (Wylie 40)
Thomas Brown    
ZigZag (J 109)
Jim Vaudreuil 215203g    

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