2019 J105 Canadian Championships
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Endeavour (J 105)
Bill Bevan Owner CANBB8 Group 1  
Dave Gallop Mast CANDG17 Group 1  
Andrea MacGillivray Bow CANAM56 Group 1  
Paul Martini Owner CANPM10 Group 1  
Manuel Meneses Spinnaker trimmer CANMM14 Group 1  
Glen Tough Pit CANGT5 Group 1  
Full Tilt (J 105)
kevin Pask   Group 1  
H-Bomb (J 105)
Russell Hopper CANRH18  
Hey Jude (J 105)
Jamaica Me Crazy (J 105)
Peter Hall    
Live Edge (J 105)
Michael Mountford    
Mandate (J 105)
Terry McLaughlin / Rod Wilmer CANTM1  
Millicent (J 105)
Simon Hirst    
Sentient (J 105)
Robert Baker Tactician CANRB1 Group 1  
Andrew Brazier Bow    
Andrew Chapman Spinnaker trimmer    
Mike Chapman Skipper CANMC31 Group 1  
Jeff Cooper Main Trimmer   Group 1  
George Johnson Main Trimmer    
Paul Throop Headsail Trimmer    
Sonic Boom (J 105)
ian farquharson    
Starcross (J 105)
Frank McLaughlin CANFM7  
The Usual Suspects (J 105)
Suspect Syndicate   Group 1  
Thunderstruck (J 105)
Andrew Moor CANAM21  
Trident (J 105)
Doug Farrand   Group 1  
Trueblue (J 105)
Doug Bullock    
Wrecking Crew (J 105)
Todd Irving Main Trimmer CANTI1 Group 1  
Glenn Jones Mast CANGJ13 Group 1  
AL Tavares Kevin Mitchell Skipper   Group 1  
Briar Robertson Pit CANBR11 Group 1  
Charlote Scythes Spinnaker trimmer CANCS45 Group 1  
Andrea Verdon Bow   Group 1  

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