2012 J/22 Waterline Systems Beer Barge Regatta
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
1264 (J 22)
john goller USAJG18  
2012 J/22 Team Award & Sports (J 22)
The First Lady    
Christopher Princing 115431K    
Eudaimonia (J 22)
Mark Stuhlmiller    
Five J (J 22)
Phil Jager    
Frosty (J 22)
Peter /Jason Doyle/Suitor    
Loose Cannon (J 22)
Christopher Hesse USACH65  
Mo' Money (J 22)
Kevin Doyle    
Aaron Snyder    
Vic Snyder    
Victor Snyder    
Moonlighting (J 22)
RJ Moon    
Notorious P.I.G. (J 22)
Drew Hilger    
Grant Hilger 282000C    
Gary Sowden    
The Jug 4 1 (J 22)
Adam Burns    
Chris Doyle    
Will Harris    
Three Blonde Mendenhalls (J 22)
Emma mendenhall Bowman    
Robert Mendenhall    
Tom Mendenhall Headsail Trimmer    
Three's Company (J 22)
Geoff Bayne CANGB14  
Trainwreck (J 22)
adam masters    
Uprising (J 22)
mark sertl 286353A USAMS  
Won Tong (J 22)
David Godin    

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