2020 Flying Scot North American Championship
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
4 Scheetz to the Wind (Flying Scot)
Phil Scheetz 651477E   Group 1  
6159 (Flying Scot)
Kate Sharp    
Roger Sharp   Group 1  
Circe (Flying Scot)
Mike Funk    
Jim Leggette 174213k    
Dick (Flying Scott)
Greg van Inwegen   Group 1  
Susan Wiener    
Flying Auka (Flying Scot)
Tim Mallette    
Glenn McKibben    
FS6191 (Flying Scot)
John Selldorff    
Peter Sullivan    
HOB (Flying Scot)
Frank Gerry    
Marianne Gerry    
JaMing-O (Flying Scot)
Zeke Horowitz 276486J    
La Paix (Flying Scot)
Peter Eldridge    
To Be Determined TBD    
Let's Dance (Flying Scot )
Laurie DelBene   Group 1  
Ray Gresham    
Nokomis (Flying Scot)
Tim Gordon    
None (Flying Scot )
Doug Main   Group 1  
Douglas R Main Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Oyster (Flying Scot)
Curtis Bentley    
Christopher Perez 653003O    
Squeeze (Flying Scot)
Susan Adamsen    
William Adamsen 114308I    
Stella Maris (Flying Scot)
JOHN JUHASZ 316297G    
Thanks Gram (Flying Scot)
Diane Kampf    
GREG kAMPF 235982E    
The Scuppernong (Flying Scot )
Amy Smith Linton    
Jeff Linton 196664F USAJL47  
Top Banana (Flying Scot)
Robert Counihan 118721R    
USA 5763 (Flying Scot)
John Eckart 752181T   Group 1  
Veritas (Flying Scot)
Emilio Tellini   Group 1  
Susan Tellini    
Win*Ward (Flying Scot)
David Bearse    
Peter Feick 660538N    
Peter Feick    

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