2020 BVI Sailing Festival - Round Tortola Race for the Nanny Cay Cup
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
Apollo (J 121)
Nick Bailey Strategist    
Denise Bienvenu Boat Captain 377182G CANDB3 Group 3  
John Di Costanzo Floater   Group 1  
John Holmberg Pit 224804M ISVJH Group 1  
Jack McGuire Runners   Group 1  
Donald Nicholson Owner 331244L USADN16 Group 1  
Evan Swain Bow    
Steve Walkington Navigator CANSW15 Group 3  
Panther (Grand Soleil 43)
Sarah Ayton Floater   Group 1  
Peter Burwood Nav/Tac   Group 3  
Sarah Gale Other   Group 1  
David Hall Owner    
Dawn Hall Other   Group 1  
Duncan Hanwell    
Jan Hanwell    
Ashley Harris In the way   Group 1  
Lise Schaathun Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Adrian Stoneham Grinder   Group 1  
Karen Stoneham Medic/Doctor   Group 1  
Michael Wijsmuller In the way   Group 1  
VENTANEIRO 3 (Dufour 500)
Renato José Cunha Faria Helm BRARF5 Group 1  
Abilio Di Gerardi   Group 1  
Ricardo Dondeo    
Ricardo Ermel BRARE2  
Marcelo Kroeff    
Tatiana Nahoum    
Breno Osthoff BRABO6  
Gustavo Pacheco Mid Bow    
Kadja Vieira Pit BRAKB2 Group 1  

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