2020 Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta St. Petersburg
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
(A Cat)
Marc Kennedy    
Thomas Allen    
%^*)^&^ (Lightning)
Steven Davis 284065X    
15582 (Lightning)
Tanner Probst    
18 Karat (A Cat)
Emmanuel Cerf 3648980    
2 wood (A Cat)
Todd Woods    
5 Boat Lengths (A Cat)
Bill Vining    
6 (J 70)
Mark Hillman 168750B USAMH132 Group 1  
Brian Linde Tactician USABL104 Group 1  
Kate O'Donnell Main Trimmer 743953V   Group 1  
Lyzz Schwegler Headsail Trimmer USAES114 Group 1  
Abeona (Morgan 36-5)
Susan Ashley In the way   Group 1  
Alexis Biondi Pit    
Blane Boynton Main Trimmer USABB167 Group 1  
Cindy Boynton Stunt Owner   Group 1  
Robert Combs Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Steve Cooley   Group 1  
Tara COSTICH Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Peter Davidson   Group 1  
Joseph Toth 311905J    
Hayden Wiley Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Ack Ack (A Cat)
Tracy Oliver 266407T    
All Beach No Water (A Cat)
David Ingram 241647R    
Alphadog (SR 33)
Gordon Latrobe 226161S    
Alzyk (S2 7.9)
AL Wolczyk 186917A    
Amber Looe (Beneteau First 235)
Becky Launius Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Kyle Launius Main Trimmer    
Michael Reed 363032M    
John Vance Headsail Trimmer 768330G    
Anna Virginia (gulfstar 39 sailmaster)
william Sauter none none  
Apex (Melges 24)
Rod Buck Tactician USARB214 Group 1  
Kevin Lemonds Chef USAKL63 Group 1  
Jon Lupica Bow USAJL201 Group 1  
Kent Picknell 410615i USAKP38 Group 1  
Arete (A Cat)
Sam Carter    
Back Off (Soverel 33)
Dana Aljasir Mid Mast    
Tony Barrett Boat Captain   Group 1  
Brian Davies Chef USABD57 Group 1  
Cindy Hunt Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1  
Brian Kaczor Other   Group 1  
Brian Kennalley Chef 690379W USABK49 Group 1  
Chuck O'Donnell Pit USACO39 Group 1  
Kim Stininger Bow    
april yi Mid Bow 741990S Usayy1 Group 1  
Bad Larry (RS21)
Stephen Holz Bow   Group 1  
Meghan O’Rourke    
Sean Wilson    
Bas Clas (A Cat)
Bob Hodges 170977Z    
Blue Light Special (Lightning)
Jared Drake Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Bill Faude Helm 177139Z    
Amy Simonsen Bow   Group 1  
Breeze (J24)
Tony Cellamare Strategist Usaac1339 Group 1  
Rachel Green Bow   Group 1  
Thomas Sawchuk    
Will Shirley Mid Mast   Group 1  
Jonathan Stewart 256520Q   Group 1  
Breezin Bayou (J 105)
Brian Conlin Mast   Group 1  
Carla Mitcham Pit    
Stephen Mitcham 669519S    
Sean Motta Headsail Trimmer 754808W USASM133 Group 1  
Jon Proctor Bow   Group 1  
Avery Sabella Bow   Group 1  
Ryan Schenck Main Trimmer USARS285 Group 1  
Calvin Troutt Mid Mast   Group 1  
Robert Wagner Mid Bow   Group 1  
Brian Wassmuth Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Calypso (Ericson 35-2)
James Masson    
CAN 44 (A Cat)
Larry Woods    
Challenge (S2 7.9)
Amy Cermak 108439X USA125 Group 1  
Rick Cermak 108439X USARC130  
Mickey Nielson Leeward Runner USAMN58 Group 1  
Christine Steiner Strategist USACS297 Group 1  
Szymanski Szymanski Bow   Group 1  
Chasing Speed (A Cat)
Michael Christensen 765114P    
Checkmate (Lightning)
Mark Schneider 157643Y    
Chip's All In (B32)
Beaujeaux deLapouyade Mast   Group 1  
Miro Kaffka Other 670729T   Group 1  
Brian Malone Tactician   Group 3  
Chip Merlin    
Colin Poole Pro Bowler    
Sandy Poole Runners    
Kathleen Robinson Bow USAKM161 Group 1  
Danny Wiedenhoft Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Jonathan Wilson Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Cowbell (A Cat)
Woody Cope    
Daddy's Little Girlz (Lightning)
William Hofmeister 105086U    
DangerMouse (J 70)
Kristen Berry Chef 293716u USAKB4 Group 3  
Taz Coffey 688042v usatc96  
Ian Moriarty   Group 3  
Scott Steele 660329O USASS268  
Dart (S2 7.9)
Jean Paul bourgault Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jim Bourgault Helm   Group 1  
marianne bourgault   Group 1  
Roger Pollack    
Tom Wernette Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
dba Sociable (J 70)
Greg Adams Cat 3 Cooler Jockey USAGA16 Group 3  
Robert Arzbaecher Helm 178058d   Group 1  
Peter Duecker Bow   Group 1  
Clay Smith Chef   Group 1  
Deviation (J 88)
Alan Capellin Spinnaker trimmer 138558E USAAC46  
Dave Coughlin Headsail Trimmer 690515S USADC52 Group 1  
Tim Longo Bow   Group 1  
Kevin Morgan Headsail Trimmer 141210Y USAKM81 Group 1  
Michelle Newman   Group 1  
Iris Vogel 154629U    
Diego (FT 7.5)
Tom Bolland    
Down the Line (J 70)
J World Annapolis 188831B    
Drifter (A Cat)
Chris Bolton 201097R   Group 1  
E.L.E. (J 70)
Matt Braun USAMB162  
ED (A Cat)
Rick Bernstein   Group 1  
Electric Pickle (J 70)
Ritchie Geoghan Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 3  
Mike Schroff 109450U USAMS193 Group 1  
Matt Woodworth   Group 3  
Tyler Woodworth   Group 1  
Emerald Mistress (O'Day)
Jean Marks Main Trimmer    
Robert Middleton Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Matt Miller Grinder   Group 1  
Jack Thompson Skipper USAJT175 Group 1  
Linda Vanderstel Pit Assist USALV20   Group 1  
Uwe Vielle Mid Mast   Group 1  
Exile (J 88)
Amy Baxter Pit USAAB196 Group 1  
Kyle Doyle Switch Flipper USAKD65 Group 1  
Graham Eger Spinnaker trimmer USAGE31 Group 1  
Scott Eisenhardt Tactician USASE45 Group 1  
Andy Graff 255164W USAAG112 Group 1  
Luke LeCoche Mast 780488V USALL61 Group 1  
Family Circus (J 29)
Paula Bersie Switch Flipper 214639U USAPB80 Group 1  
Alice Kaminski Chef   Group 1  
Dan O'Hare Headsail Trimmer USADO29 Group 1  
Amy Roehl Switch Flipper   Group 1  
John Schellenbach Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1  
Robert Wetmore Pro Bowler 205310F    
Fawkes (Sonar)
Ryan Gray Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Kevin Holmberg 314387b   Group 1  
Paul Perry    
Feelin' Alive (Lightning)
Jo McGlew    
Feisty Rodent (GP26)
Devin Bader Main Trimmer 783289X   Group 1  
Adam Berger 384405R   Group 1  
Andy Camarda    
Jake Kremel Spinnaker trimmer USAJK186 Group 1  
Bobby Sessions Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1  
Ross Whitlock Medic/Doctor   Group 1  
Felix (FT 7.5)
Bill Wagner    
Fire & Ice (J 105)
Clint Arlington Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Ted Brown Bow   Group 1  
George Cussins 190465S    
Dave Lindsey Grinder 699523G   Group 1  
Clay Morris Pit 720837R USACM179 Group 1  
Kristen Murphy Mid Bow   Group 1  
Beth Owens Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Eric Robbins Main Trimmer 129089H USAER1 Group 1  
Firewater (Melges 24)
George Haynie 183785E USAGH26  
Jon Henika Spinnaker trimmer USAJH84 Group 1  
Brooke Ostrowski Tactician USABO31 Group 1  
Amanda Plewes USAAP116 Group 1  
Florida Pool Remodeling (A Cat)
Bret Moss 131894X   Group 1  
Flying Circus (A Cat)
Richard Stevens    
Flying Dutchman (A Cat)
Tony Vandenoever    
FOB (Lightning)
Andrea Fisher    
Christopher (Kip) Hamblet 220883T    
Furious (A Cat)
Rush Bird   Group 1  
Gaucho (J 88)
Lois Breen Pit Assist USALB49 Group 1  
Matthew Keene Spinnaker trimmer 659346P USAMK148 Group 1  
GAVIN SMITH Mast   Group 1  
Dave Tufts 766671V USADT82 Group 1  
Kris Werner Tactician USAKW14 Group 3  
Mike Wilde Main Trimmer 288203T USAMW162 Group 1  
Gimmi Shelter (martin 243)
Lon Ethington 151231e    
Giovanna (Lightning)
Cosimo Rulli    
Edoardo Rulli    
Francesco Rulli    
Stefano Rulli    
Goldfinger (A Cat)
Mike Krantz 220500X   Group 1  
Grrrreat (FT 7.5)
Steve Bayles    
Guten Tag (Melges 24)
Richard Beers Main Trimmer usarb153 Group 1  
Donald Holst 671223A Usadh128 Group 1  
Richard Kelman Mast USARK67 Group 1  
Judi Zeman Mid Mast usajz42 Group 1  
Ned Zeman Mid Bow Usanz6 Group 1  
Hawaiian Pride (A Cat)
Mark Batchelor 259364E    
Helly Hansen Jr Crew 1 (J 70)
Emily Allen Headsail Trimmer 709363D USAEA38 Group 1  
Heidi Hicks Bow USAHH38 Group 1  
Heather Kerns 694681Y USAHK24 Group 1  
Emma Shakespeare Main Trimmer 708637Z USAES117 Group 1  
Helly Hansen Jr Crew 2 (J 70)
Jack Carter Headsail Trimmer 738640Q USAMC232 Group 1  
Trevor Hicks Main Trimmer 720484N USAATH125 Group 1  
Peyton Weaver Spinnaker trimmer 738487R USAPW83 Group 1  
Preston Weaver Skipper 721395A USAPW82 Group 1  
HERMES (Melges 24)
Tony Stanley   Group 1  
High Maintenance (Lightning)
Austin Neuman 326483D    
Kayla Neuman 323501G    
Connor Sexton Other   Group 1  
High n Tight (S2 7.9)
Chuck Goff In the way   Group 1  
Nancy Goff Bow   Group 1  
Andrea Hill Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
JOHN VALENTINE Tactician   Group 1  
Steve Wickert Owner 785731Y   Group 1  
Holy Smoke (Lightning)
Ryan Ruhlman    
Honeybadger (J 70)
Geoff Becker Chef    
MIke Booker Cat 3 Cooler Jockey    
Ian Coleman In the way    
Travis Odenbach    
Hula Girl (Ranger 23)
Scott Bennett    
Robert Kryger Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Madeline Manlove Floater   Group 1  
Steve Shortt 744914X    
Hurricane Alley (A Cat)
Dustin Romey 231917N    
Ice Cube (J 24)
Matt Bologna Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Michael Chase Bow   Group 1  
John O'Rourke Mast   Group 1  
Michael Quaid Helm 247081z   Group 1  
Todd Wulfson Tactician   Group 1  
In Lieu (Lightning)
David Sprague Skipper 348274G CANDS2 Group 1  
It'll Do (laser SB3)
donald fretz 284329w    
Just One More (S2 7.9)
Pete Bergin Pit    
Dustin Doyle Pit    
Michael Doyle In the way    
Jeff Mootz Skipper 264988L    
John West Pit Assist   Group 1  
Mike West Main Trimmer    
Kaotic (S2 7.9)
Jeff OConnell Headsail Trimmer    
Maggie OConnell Pit   Group 1  
Sharla Okeeffe 408609Z   Group 1  
Brent O'Keeffe Tactician 408607X   Group 1  
Dan Witter Bow    
Kiwi Magic (A Cat)
Andrew Burnett    
Koinonia II* (Tartan 33)
Mike Kellet    
James Masson    
Kevin Reali Co-Skipper    
Garth Reynolds Owner    
Mark Rother Strategist    
Last Tango (Hunter 33.5)
Miguel Aviles In the way   Group 1  
Raul Calzada Other   Group 1  
Daniel Dawson Skipper 279986U   Group 1  
Noreen Dawson Bow   Group 1  
Carmen Sanchez Other   Group 1  
Rich Treinen Main Trimmer 116909T   Group 1  
Legacy (J 88)
Kathryn Clulo Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Ryan Clulo Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jim Sorbie 390331L    
Kate Sorbie Pro Bowler    
Scott Sorbie In the way    
Katy Zimmerman Other   Group 1  
Lightning McQueen (Lightning)
Darby Reddaway 392835Y    
Linda (A Cat)
Christopher Stocke    
Liquid Time (Beneteau 40)
Joseph Blouin    
Dan Collins Bow   Group 1  
Gail Heausler 285939G    
Christina Hendry Other   Group 1  
Will Klaus Floater   Group 1  
Lee Parks Other 152331h   Group 1  
Ritch Riddle Leeward Runner   Group 1  
Penny Ruark Pit Assist   Group 1  
Sandy Scheda Pit Assist   Group 1  
James Takacs Bow 707743E USAJT164 Group 1  
Pam Treloar    
Kathryn Whitehead Pit Assist   Group 1  
Bill Williamson Alternate   Group 1  
Stephen Young Headsail Trimmer    
Lucifer's Hammer (J 24)
AJ Grzybowski Leeward Runner   Group 1  
Chris Jackson    
Ansley Turner Bow    
Wesley Turner Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Lupe Tortilla (A Cat)
John Tomko    
Mahalo (Olson 25)
Pat Lawler 278634D    
Mahalo MF (A Cat)
Cam Farrah USACF101  
Matros (S2 7.9)
Tom Bryant    
Meltemi (S2 9.1)
Daniel Caccamo Pit   Group 1  
Pete Caputo Pit Assist   Group 1  
THOMAS DOHENY Bow   Group 1  
Alex Halikoytakis Floater   Group 1  
Chris Jones Watch Captain    
Alexander Korakis 337700Q    
Michael Quinn Tactician   Group 1  
Tapp Rinne    
Meteor (Islander 41)
Adam Hange Foil Trimmer   Group 1  
JOHN HILLYER Pro Bowler    
Brent Morris    
Jennifer Smetters Watch Captain    
Maritza Zepeda In the way   Group 1  
Mi Sueño D/C (Morgan 44cc N/M)
Ron Kinney / Holanda Manzano 276441W    
Suzanne Hooper Cat 3 Cooler Jockey    
Tony Hooper Navigator 765075X USAAH119 Group 1  
Robert Hopkins Headsail Trimmer    
Teresa Hopkins Bow   Group 1  
Michael Kosempa In the way   Group 1  
Holanda Manzano Chef   Group 1  
More Thrills (J 70)
Karen Hargreaves Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Tim Snyder 117610L USATS150 Group 1  
Andreas Zachai Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Moving on (Acat)
John Schiefer    
Multitask (A Cat)
John Harper 103981U   Group 1  
Mustache Ride (J 24)
Katie Berg Offside trimmer    
Nadia Daggett Spinnaker trimmer    
Ali Deese Helm   Group 1  
Anna Lee Gibbs Mast    
Dani James Bow    
Megan Weathers Nav/Tac    
Mystery Machine (Lightning)
Liam McCarthy USALM55 Group 3  
Chris Schon Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Bogan Whitehead Foil Trimmer    
Navigator (S2 7.9)
Jake Jossart Tactician   Group 1  
Matt Jossart Bow   Group 1  
Rick Jossart Offside trimmer   Group 1  
Rob Jossart 710988S   Group 1  
Cole Sterk Pit   Group 1  
Ninja (FT 7.5)
Joe Hummel    
No Way Jose (J 35)
Tom Barry Headsail Trimmer    
Denise Cassedy Mid Mast 730779Z   Group 1  
mimi conneely Bow   Group 1  
Scott Jones Bow   Group 1  
Brad Ripkey In the way   Group 1  
Frank Selph Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Adriana Suarez Pit   Group 1  
jose suarezhoyos 196245Y    
none (A Cat)
OH Rodgers 669381Y    
Notorious (Melges 24)
Brandon Bedard Mid Mast CANBB27 Group 1  
Kevin Brown Helm 177815Y CANKB5 Group 1  
Mark McGinnis Bow CANMM15 Group 1  
Robert Wigny Headsail Trimmer CANRW22 Group 1  
Obsession (Melges 24)
Nick Amendola Tactician USANN13 Group 1  
Gwen Andersen Bow USAGA23 Group 1  
Jordan Byrd Mast USAJB294 Group 1  
Mark Kyle Mid Bow USAMK155 Group 1  
Gary Schwarting Helm 296052x USAGS22 Group 1  
One Too Many (J 88)
Andrew Weiss . Co-Skipper 352216l   Group 1  
Jonathan Asch Bow   Group 1  
Lawrence Cutler Co-Skipper 671786z usalc39 Group 1  
Emmett Dickheiser Main Trimmer 702539V USAED37 Group 3  
Larry Fox Navigator 163764X USALF7 Group 1  
Byron LaMotte III Tactician USABL18 Group 1  
Patriot (Lightning)
Aiden Harig Headsail Trimmer 7820625    
Tom Harig 782061U   Group 1  
Ian Hunter Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Patriot IV (Melges 24)
Virginia Decamp Headsail Trimmer USAVD11 Group 1  
Jay Matze Spinnaker trimmer USAJM518 Group 1  
Carlos Mora In the way   Group 1  
US Patriot Sailing / Steve Young Skipper 718731V USASY10 Group 1  
Pawline (FT 7.5)
Beth Lore    
Pendragon (Farr 40)
Nicole Buechler Strategist   Group 1  
David German Other   Group 1  
Ben Givens Floater   Group 1  
Thomas Grimsdale Other   Group 1  
Mike Kayusa Runners 694565    
William Pregliasco Floater USAWP64 Group 1  
Brian Richardson   Group 1  
Jimmy Shenko In the way    
Kevin Sullivan Bow   Group 1  
Joshua Wilus Headsail Trimmer   Group 3  
Play Actor (Baba)
Paul Phillips    
Polished Off (Soverel 26)
Jovan Brankov In the way   Group 1  
Donald M Bush Switch Flipper 279360E USADB229 Group 1  
Carrie Camarda Cat 3 Cooler Jockey 286130R    
Brad Grost In the way   Group 1  
Nathan Webb Foil Trimmer 683923Q USANW20 Group 1  
Prime Plus (Beneteau 445)
Tyler Carter Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Colin Curtis Mast    
Curtis Hanna Headsail Trimmer    
Frank Hanna Owner   Group 1  
Joel Heyne Tactician 11515L   Group 1  
J. P. Miller Bow   Group 1  
Sadie Miller Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Mark Requa Helm 262988H   Group 1  
Yvonne White Pit Assist   Group 1  
Michael Wilbur Grinder   Group 1  
Princess (Sonar)
Jean-Paul (JP) Creignou    
Diane Fowler    
Charlie LaLanne   Group 1  
Alan Taylor Other 208202K   Group 1  
Puff (Sonar)
Sammy Lugo Tactician    
Craig Miles Main Trimmer    
Maria-Theresa Miles Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Laura Root Helm    
Raging Bull (Lightning)
John Bauman   Group 1  
Brian Hayes Sr.   Group 3  
Monica Morgan    
Real Estate Ink Solutions.com (A Cat)
Mark Herendeen 273338U usamh34  
Rebel (S2 7.9)
John Spierling    
Red Gear Racing (A Cat)
Robbie Daniel 194075Y    
Red Solo Cup (Lightning)
Joel Humphrey 206584B   Group 1  
Rhumb Runner (Melges 24)
Tim Bowman 203148N USATB171 Group 1  
Chris Bradshaw Strategist 393363Z USACB260 Group 1  
Ripple (S2 7.9)
Fadden Holden Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jake Horn    
Chris Zitelli 749524s    
Eric Zitelli Pit   Group 1  
Rodeo (RS21)
Ed Furry    
Doug Weatherby Foil Trimmer USADW158 Group 1  
Jacolyn Wetmore Headsail Trimmer    
Rogue (Melges 24)
Darcy Jensen Pit Assist usadj78 Group 1  
Bob Kroetsch 281186 usabk38 Group 1  
Brian Shaw Spinnaker trimmer USABS109 Group 1  
Jeffrey Walden Bow usajw106 Group 1  
Dominique Wright usadw172 Group 1  
RS 21 (RS21)
Matt Burridge Tactician    
Dan Moriarty In the way   Group 1  
Tobi Moriarty Stunt Owner   Group 1  
Jim Sears Strategist    
Sabotage (J 24)
Jason Chavez Foil Trimmer    
Andy Haward Medic/Doctor    
Nate Vilardebo Helm 253076V   Group 1  
Sanpere (Sonar)
Tim Ferris    
Pam Fuller    
Mike Kirk    
Antonio F. Sanpere 178803W ISVAS2  
Satori (Catalina 425 WK)
Thomas C. Cordero Headsail Trimmer    
Emily Dillard Other   Group 1  
Sonia Fleck Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Paul Jaros Chef   Group 1  
Mark Prange Floater   Group 1  
Jocelyn Saxon Floater 668759G USAJS307 Group 1  
Bill Van Emburg 225400G    
Schock Therapy (Wavelength 24)
Kirk Woodle    
Scratch (S2 7.9)
Steve Brooks Bow   Group 1  
David Curtze Offside trimmer 768924V    
Craig Dooley Nav/Tac   Group 1  
Paul Latour 183992F   Group 1  
Mark Smith Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Scud Runner (Catalina 27)
David Ernst Skipper   Group 1  
Sofia Inkapool Chef   Group 1  
Patrick Kay Co-Skipper   Group 1  
Jane Withers Chef   Group 1  
Self Inflicted Chaos (A Cat)
Cesar Santana    
Semper Fi (J 29)
Dave Arata Spinnaker trimmer    
Darin Carson Mast   Group 1  
John Doran Tactician   Group 1  
dan driscoll Headsail Trimmer    
Michael Fina Bow   Group 1  
Raymond Mannix 697458n    
Sean McClash Pit   Group 1  
ShackAttack (A Cat)
Ken Marshack 121455L    
Shambhala (Melges 32)
J A Booker 255127R USAJB Group 1  
Pat Courtney Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Dan Gray Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Vladimir Kulinichenko Floater 233931p   Group 3  
John Lackey Floater 771950S USAJL224 Group 1  
Adam Richardson Mast   Group 1  
Maximilian Strobl Alternate   Group 1  
Sari Wakefield Floater   Group 1  
Shamrock (Sonar)
Julia Dorsett    
Bryan Tabler Main Trimmer    
John Twomey Helm IRLJT3 Group 1  
Silver Bullet (A Cat)
Ben Hall   Group 1  
Silver Surfer (J 112e)
Mistele / Ford 273089c    
Sitella (J 111)
Martin Casey Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Chuck Eberwine Grinder   Group 1  
Joe “ginger” Gibson Headsail Trimmer Usajg Group 1  
Jimmy Hardesty    
Sean Henry Bow   Group 1  
Ian Hill 749772Z    
Collin Kirby Tactician   Group 3  
Samuel Neubert Mast   Group 1  
Smokeshow (GP 26)
Brooks Daley Bow   Group 1  
Ted Haaland Boat Captain   Group 3  
Chris Museler    
Luke Raymond Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Paul Sevigny 177474F    
Something Good (Lightning)
Bill Mauk Helm 205153O USAWM92 Group 1  
Rafael Melendez Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Max Perez Bow   Group 1  
Sonar (Sonar)
Tanner DeMarzo   Group 1  
Southern Cross (N/M 46)
Thomas Conwell    
Spaceman Spiff (J 111)
Dustin Graef   Group 1  
Marty Kullman Tactician   Group 3  
Doug Moose Switch Flipper   Group 1  
Tod Sackett Other USATS65 Group 1  
Jim Sminchak   Group 1  
Johnny Uhlinger Other   Group 1  
Mark Wiss Foil Trimmer USAMW75 Group 1  
SPYC # 2 (J 70)
Daniel Cain Bow   Group 1  
William Felder Skipper USAWF26 Group 3  
Axel Kusber Mid Bow   Group 1  
Benjamin Oglesby Helm   Group 1  
Justin Riddle Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
SS Adventure (A Cat)
Christopher Brown    
Starck NOOD (Lightning)
Adam Probst    
Deb Probst 185825x    
Sabrina Starck    
SteadyState (A-CAT)
Terry Back    
Still Shakin' (Melges 24)
Owen Bradley Tactician USAOB10 Group 1  
Mason Chrabaszcz Spinnaker trimmer Usamc220 Group 1  
Kevin Estes Helm 710451N USAKE26  
Joyce Ford Headsail Trimmer USAJF183 Group 1  
Straight Up (S2 7.9)
David Barrer    
Stripes (FT 7.5)
Gary Brown    
Surfin Mary (Melges 24)
Chris Carnell 392141P USACC55 Group 1  
Anthony Dalton USAAD30 Group 1  
Chris Morrison USAWM122 Group 1  
Zane Yoder Tactician USAZY1 Group 3  
Surge (Compass 47)
Deb Barkley Floater    
Charles Archer    
David Delmas Grinder   Group 1  
Elena Gournelos    
Laurie Grundy Mid Bow   Group 1  
Rob Moore Bow    
Bradley Sayre Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Penny Simone Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Robert Simone Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
TackTick (Martin 243)
Michael Siedlecki 11    
TAZ (J 70)
Dave Gorwitz Tactician 215398e   Group 1  
Roberts Krebs Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
chris schoendorf Helm 166749e   Group 1  
TBD (A Cat)
Scott Stevenson 748552N    
T-Bone (S2 7.9)
Jason Richards 332100A    
Team 505 (Melges 24)
Kim Calnan Headsail Trimmer usakc43 Group 1  
David King 397897W USADK62 Group 1  
Kali MacGregor In the way USAKM166 Group 1  
Scott MacGregor Cat 3 Cooler Jockey USASM192 Group 1  
Hillary Noble Stunt Owner 257408v USAHN11 Group 1  
Team Exit Strategy (J 24)
Rick Jarchow, Jr Rush Chairman 113825M USARJ46  
Andres Martinez Bow   Group 1  
Erick Rodriguez    
Brian Schultz Pit   Group 1  
Abbigail Webb Cat 3 Cooler Jockey   Group 1  
Team PatStrong (Lightning)
Jenna Probst Bow   Group 1  
David Starck 144483x    
Thomas Starck 156938C   Group 1  
Three Bean Salad (Lightning)
Jeff Baker Mast   Group 1  
Joe Ray Mid Bow   Group 1  
Bob shapiro Skipper   Group 1  
Tigerman (FT 7.5)
David Shepherdson    
Too Outrageous (A Cat)
David Bradly   Group 1  
Truckin' (J 70)
Ty Baird Headsail Trimmer USAAB138 Group 1  
Rachel Daye 717434P USARD137 Group 1  
Alex Meleney Skipper 234596E USAAM139 Group 1  
Paul Perry Bow USAPP34 Group 1  
Unk (Sonar)
Dawn Hart    
Marah Kvaltine Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Cindy Walker Headsail Trimmer 707148T   Group 1  
USA 108 (A Cat)
Bobby Orr 662573L    
USA 14688 (Lightning)
Charles Breath Bow   Group 1  
Brian Hayes Jr Tactician   Group 1  
William T. Jones Jr Skipper 765316S    
USA 165 (A Cat)
Bob Webbon 1363160    
USA 311 (A Cat)
Bruce Mahoney 110785R    
USA 829 (Melges 24)
Victor Diaz-de-Leon Tactician   Group 3  
Peter Duncan   Group 1  
Matteo Ramian    
Carlos Robles    
Willem Van Waay USAWV6 Group 3  
USA1516 (J 70)
Mike Gemperline Foil Trimmer USAMG121 Group 1  
TJ O'Brien 777286U USATO150 Group 1  
Lee Sackett USALS87 Group 1  
Veggie Sub (Lightning)
Christine Moloney    
Jacqueline Morrison Bow   Group 1  
Ched Proctor 31977Q    
Very Odd 1513 (J 70)
David Jannetti    
Viva Las Vegas (Hobie 33)
Steven Attard 217787J    
Vixen (Melges 24)
Meaghan Hislop Foil Trimmer   Group 1  
Steve Liebel Navigator   Group 1  
Alex Shafer USASS61 Group 1  
Matt Smith Runners   Group 1  
Coleen Walsh Strategist   Group 1  
Volcano (Tripp 26)
Taylror Denny Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Marc Holtzberg Pit 750876T   Group 1  
Keidel Keidel Main Trimmer USANK25 Group 1  
Jonathan Maude Strategist 689761X   Group 1  
Benjamin Rychel Bow   Group 1  
Donald Rychel 199726G    
Lisa Rychel Owner 7170   Group 1  
Jaclyn Waluzak Pit Assist   Group 1  
Warrior (Tripp 38)
Julian Ajello Bow   Group 1  
Dr. Donald Bruce Cochran Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Mickey Cooper Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Grant Dumas In the way 370904M   Group 1  
Geoffrey Hummel Headsail Trimmer 176159B   Group 1  
Bob Krush Mast    
Jed Lee Tactician 741273v usajl30 Group 3  
Leroi Lissenden Grinder 263833T   Group 1  
Doug Phares Rush Chairman   Group 1  
Jen Rhyner Mid Bow   Group 1  
Larry Sweeney Pit   Group 1  
Chauncey Wu Bow   Group 1  
Wasabi (Farr 395)
Jonathon Alexander Watch Captain   Group 1  
Jim Clouser Main Trimmer   Group 1  
Ken Friedman Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Michael Gold Headsail Trimmer USAMG172 Group 1  
Nicholas Hartney Bow 236151R usanh17 Group 1  
Eric Lopez Skipper 741329y USAEL64 Group 1  
Jeff Marks Pit   Group 1  
John McMahon Bow   Group 1  
Thomas Obrien Pit   Group 1  
Adam Rosen Skipper   Group 1  
Micah Thompson Mast   Group 1  
Wes Tone Nav/Tac 287643D   Group 1  
Michael Twining Mast 175201i   Group 1  
Whirlwind (J 88)
Nicholas Badal USANB69 Group 1  
Matthew Baker Headsail Trimmer   Group 1  
Jamie Ebenau Spinnaker trimmer   Group 1  
Kerry Klinger Tactician   Group 3  
Lauren Nye Bow   Group 1  
William Purdy 331788C USAWP36 Group 1  
Wicked 2.0 (J 111)
George Coto Mast USAGC67 Group 1  
Douglas Curtiss 404271T    
GARY LEDUC Headsail Trimmer 653951R USAGL2 Group 3  
Joey Mello Main Trimmer 399035e USAJM167 Group 3  
Shawn Mullane Cat 3 Cooler Jockey USASM27 Group 1  
Alexander Root Bow   Group 1  
Tony Root Offside trimmer   Group 1  
YardGoat (Soverel)
Jamie Myers Brent Bacon 275683G    

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