2020 Thistle Midwinters East
Crew Report

Crew Name Position USSailing # World Sailing # World Sailing Class. Class
1784 (Thistle)
Nicole Shedden     Yes  
3077 B - Fleet (Thistle)
Gary Bonner 226041N    
3796 (Thistle)
John Walton 665353O USAJW123 Group 1  
3905 (Thistle)
Scott Frissell     Yes  
3990 (Thistle)
Matt Fisher USAMF100     Yes  
Sarah Paisley     Yes  
Wayne Pignolet     Yes  
4040 (Thistle)
Lloyd Kitchin 307187E   Group 1   Yes  
Affirmative Action (Thistle)
Aaron Holland 271140I     Yes  
Afflicted (Thistle)
Brad Russell 210708G     Yes  
Alma (Thistle)
Carol Wilson     Yes  
WILLIAM WILSON 4047     Yes  
Alma & Louise (Thistle)
Thomas Hubbell 113803G     Yes  
Arkangel B - Fleet (Thistle)
John Gilmour 662547A   Group 1   Yes  
AVIS/HERTZ (Thistle)
Mike Gillum 129642Y   Group 1   Yes  
Bananawind (Thistle)
Jack Finefrock 154248T     Yes  
B-Flat (Thistle)
Scott Buehler 662650U     Yes  
Boris Badenov (Thistle)
Sam Brauer 659870c    
Thomas Cordts    
Kathy Finefrock    
Cogito Ergo Zoom (Thistle)
Rick Wood 139473E   Group 1   Yes  
Crime Scene (Thistle )
Paul Abdullah 226232o USAGA38 Group 3  
cwch cyflym - B Fleet (Thistle)
Alex Liggett    
Jack Mahaney   Group 1  
Elliott Newnham    
Descendent (Thistle)
Drew Daugherty 456717v     Yes  
D'OH (Thistle)
John Howell 674089y   Group 1   Yes  
Dry Wood B - Fleet (Thistle)
Dustin Davis    
Ethan Anderson    
Kevin Tschantz    
Kevin Tschantz    
Ellie (Thistle)
John Baker 315396E   Group 1   Yes  
Flight Risk (Thistle)
Bill Kitchens 114100y   Group 1   Yes  
Great White (Thistle)
Kit James     Yes  
Martin James     Yes  
Brian Schaldach     Yes  
Hot Tub (Thistle)
Mike McBride 396385L     Yes  
Huff and the Cannabis Puff (Thistle)
Kevin Arrow 196273C     Yes  
Terra Berlinski     Yes  
Ervin Grove     Yes  
Ing 1 (Thistle)
Mike Ingham 186975K USAMI4  
John Hutt (Thistle)
John Hutt   Group 1   Yes  
Just Married (Thistle)
Scott Meyer 688222y     Yes  
Little Synergy (Thistle)
Gerry Christman 155506o    
Dave Knaak    
Alex lagoutchev    
Lyle (Thistle)
Rodney Glover 128595I   Group 1   Yes  
No Excuse B - Fleet (Thistle)
Chris Annand    
Chris Annand    
Meg Farugia    
Oh Stanley! B - Fleet (Thistle)
William E Lawson 708001S    
Jonathan Phillips    
Sandy Westphal    
Old Skool (Thistle)
Brent Barbehenn 116899K    
Bryan Parker    
Tiffany Parker    
Peel (Thistle)
Robert France     Yes  
Mark Hess 287286k     Yes  
Pickle Rick (Thistle)
Kevin Bradley     Yes  
Proper Villianz (Thistle)
Craig Koschalk   Group 1  
Wm. Ryan Kyle    
Lauren O'Hara    
Ragin baboon (Thistle)
Ian Hunter 305032k   Group 1  
Spartan (Thistle)
Michael Gillian 231721H     Yes  
Thistle (*) (Thistle)
Edward John 711096R     Yes  
Wind Sprinter (Thistle)
Philip Christman 764153V     Yes  
Wood Chuck (Thistle)
Craig Smith 231759V     Yes  

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