2022 Fall Foil Racing Regatta
Current Registrations

Sail Number Yacht Name Owner's Name Yacht Club Home Port Yacht Type Length

1. USA (Mixed) Lisa Astakhova Clearwater Community Sailing Center Clearwater, FL, USA IQFoil 210 cm
2. CAN 613 (Mixed) Rebecca Heller KYC Dunrobin, ON, CAN IQfoil 2.2m
3. PUR 102 (Open Men) Luis Santiago clearwater sailing center bayamon, PR, USA IQ Foil
4. USA tbd air gumby (Open Men) John Michel CCSC Belleair Beach, FL, USA IQ foil 1.2m
5. BEL29 BEL29 (Open Men) Christophe Waerzeggers Baba Washington, DC, USA IQ 220
6. USA 00 Best Pro Kiteboarding Drew Christianson St Petersburg, Fl, USA Wing
7. 18 Calamity Douglas Gambel Open Ponchatoula, LA, USA Wing 5ft
8. 9000 Fiona (Open Men) Greg Freeman None Tampa, FL, USA WindFoil/IQ 220cm
9. 83 Flying Czechman Robert Bohacek Elite watersports TAMPA, FL, USA Wingfoil 5.4
10. Usa 162 Garrett-nadoe (Mixed) Garrett January CCSC Belleair, FL, USA IQFoil
11. 77 Go Foil Alex Aguera Maui Haiku, HI, US Wing Board 5'
12. 51 Go Foil Zachary Kaplan Elite watersports Sarasota, FL, USA Wingboard 5ft
13. 49 Go Foil Wingboard John Akerman Crystal Lake Deerfield Beach, FL, US Wing 5'
14. 45 Go Foil Wingboard Karla Aguera Maui Haiku, HI, US Wing board 5'
15. Na Happy Foiler Matthew Knoll Club Nautico de Earth Hobe sound, Fl, USA Go foil 5' 5'
16. USA 174 HunterSchardt (Mixed) Hunter Schardt CCSC Belleair, FL, USA Foil 8
17. 76 IQ (Open Men) Eduardo Rodrigues Rudder Club Ponte Vedra, FL, USA IQ Foil 1
18. USA 146 iQ Foil (Mixed) Graceanna Dixon CCSC / LYC Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA iQ Foil Youth 8 meter sail 6'
19. USA 165 IQ FOIL (Mixed) Carter Weatherilt Clearwater Community Sailing Center Clearwater, FL, USA IQ Foil 8
20. USA 32 IQFoil (Open Men) Evan Thomas CCSC Ocala, FL, USA IQFoil 7
21. USA 305 IQFoil (Mixed) Sara Ortiz Vey 2NINER / CCSC Miami, FL, USA IQFoil 7
22. ARG 42 IQFoil (Open Men) Fernando Martinez n/a Miami Beach, FL, USA IQFoil n/a
23. USA 6 Lightning McQueen (Open Men) Noah Lyons CCSC / Northbeach windsurfing Clearwater, FL, USA IQFOIL 225
24. USA 157 Little Suzie (Open Men) Maverick Putnam CCSC Palm Harbor, FL, USA IQFoil 220cm
25. K N/A (Open Men) Ron Kern US Windsurfing Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA Windfoil 230cm
26. USA 23 OpenFoil (Mixed) Adam Criswell BBYC Miami, Fl, USA Windfoil 6’
27. Cabrinha OTTO PILOT Thomas Otto DeMuth JIYC Charleston, SC, USA Wing Foil 5
28. 35483 Rona Aaron McClearnon SPYC St. Petersburg, FL, USA North Core Armstrong 5-2”
29. USA 172 the fast foil (Mixed) Kylie Kepler Clearwater Community Sailing Center Indian Rocks Beach, FL, USA IQ FOIL 210 cm
30. USA 156 the fast foil 2 (Mixed) Carrie Davis CCSC Largo, FL, USA IQFoil 210 cm
31. 0 Tillo (Open Men) William Fragakis Lake Lanier Sailing Club/Atlanta Boardsailing Club Atlanta, GA, US Windfoil 220cm
32. USA 5102 USA Adam Mendelblatt SPYC St Petersburg, FL, USA Wing 4.19
33. United States 2 Wing Reid Mendelblatt SPYC Saint Petersburg, FL, USA Wing 5
34. 79320 Wing Foil David Mendelblatt St Petersburg HS Saint Petersburg, FL, USA GoFoil 5 ft

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