5O5 World Championships 2021
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Tom Hurwitch - "Hecate" - 505
Contact: 6172856110 - thurwitch@gmail.com
Comments: 1991 Waterat launcher - sistership to the 1999 World Champion boat. Charter will include recently refinished hull, Superspars M2 mast, waterat carbon boom and twin pole system, HA 480 centerboard and HA ruddder. Boat has been sailed actively and is completely up to date and ready to win some races.

Nathan Batchelor - "" - 505
Contact: +44 (0) 7738984826 - nathan.batchelor@blueyonder.co.uk
Comments: Charter boat available from GBR. Ovi/ Rondar 2011 - GBR 9039. Carbon hull, all usual gear - carbon boom, twin poles, Waterat C/B. Recent refurb.

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