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Eamon O'Byrne - 4158476895 - eamonob@gmail.com
Position: Mast,Pit,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer
Experience: Advanced
Comments: 26 years of sailing and racing J-24s on San Francisco Bay. Participated in several regional and national championships

Trent Struttmann - 859 368 2040 - trent.struttmann@gmail.com
Position: Mast,Sewer,All Positions
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: Laser Sailng Experience J105

Jesse Waters - 9179924545 - jessewaters.jw@gmail.com
Position: Mast,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Have 30+ years of racing experience. Recently I have raced J105's on the bay as a trimmer placing top 10 in last years Big Boat. Weight is 184lbs.

Michelle Kringen - 3104890106 - mkringen@yahoo.com
Position: Pit,Sewer,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Sail and race mostly in Southern CA but have done a handful of races in SF including RBBS, Express 37 Nationals, OYRA race to Half Moon Bay and Jazz cup. Versatile, focused, dedicated. My usual SoCal Express 37 could not be delivered due to engine problems so am looking for a ride.

Zachary Abrams - 4155681595 - zabrams@stratimcapital.com
Position: Mast,Pit,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Extensive racing experience, can provide details upon request. 6'2" 199 lbs

Steve Hocking - deanstevenshocking@msn.com
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Pit,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Helm,All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Bay and ocean racer, big boat owner, excellent at helm, foredeck, mast, pit main, trim.

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