2021 Etchells New England Championship
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Ian Taylor - 9786218104 - ianataylor@protonmail.com
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Tactician
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: A couple years of experience on Etchells as foredeck / tactics for Destiny (988) in Marblehead. Done a few big regattas on her, including Nationals in Marblehead this last weekend (14th out of 31, 3rd Corinthian, one 1st place finish). I'm looking to race the New England Championship regatta, but we can't get our boat down due to the sorry state of our trailer. Am competent enough to trim the jib and put the kite up and down cleanly / quickly, but still very much so learning the fine points of tuning on the Etchells. Ex-college sailor from RIT. Raced Rhodes 19s (frostbiting), J24s (frostbiting), and Solings in Boston Harbor. J105s, J109s, IODs, and J80s in and around New England. Assorted PHRF and ORR experience. Done Tactics, Main, Jib, Spin Trim, and Foredeck on all of the listed boats, though I vastly prefer foredeck. If you may need crew, give me a call or text at 978 621 8104.

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