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Nick Reynolds - 2486334141 - nickreyn@umich.edu
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Pit,Jib Trimmer
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Will be 22 in 2019. I race offshore mostly and have for over 10 years. Primarily a bowman, I anything between J70s and TP52s. I do have a background in laser racing, but i enjoy making boats go fast on the pointy end! Currently I spend most of my time on J35s and J122s, occasionally a Melges 32. Having been racing since I was knee high, I can fill in any spot needed!

Chris Dettmer - 2318384003 - cdettmer@spoon.com
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Pit,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Helm,All Positions
Experience: Intermediate

Alan Horowitz - 917-573-5775 - aahorowitz@gmail.com
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Pit,Sewer,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Helm
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Originally from Long Island, New York, residing in Maryland, I am a motivated and competitive sailor with over eight years’ racing experience. I possess a keen desire to contribute to the success of a racing crew. Having worked pit, jib, main, spinnaker, sewer, guy and helm in races of various formats. I have crewed sloops, yawls and cutters ranging from J/24 to Frers 45 and welcome the opportunity to join a team seeking a sure and active participant for the Trans Superior.

Gaurav Shinde - 2264480423 - gaurav.p.shinde@gmail.com
Position: All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: I have done a few deliveries and sailed(raced) across the Pacific on 70ft yachts. Have around 20,000 NM of ocean miles. I am a fun person to be onboard plus I have a good feel for boats. I can take on any job you might want me to. I am based in London, Ontario.

Michael Anderson - 952-334-2533 - Ande7917@gmail,com
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Pit,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: Entering 10th season racing out of Wayzata, MN primarily as a trimmer and foredecker. Recently participated in Around the Islands race in Bayfield, WI, Labor Day regatta around Mackinac Island, have some offshore experience and enjoy overnight racing. If you have room and can use someone with my experience, I will be there.

Pat Brady - 7164447431 - patbrady205@gmail.com
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Pit,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Tactician,All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: 27 year old, strong, fit, and experienced sailor. Capable in a variety of positions, willing to take on any role. Experienced with navigation software such as expedition and Analisa. Capable rigger and also an efficient water boiler/meal prepper :). Coming off of a strong 2019 Caribbean season, looking forward to freshwater sailing. Will be competing in both races to Mackinac if a face to face interview is wanted.

Marley Crews-Hill - 6087726718 - marleycrews@gmail.com
Position: Foredeck,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Tactician,Helm
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: Hello! I am an experienced sailor and racer looking to get on a boat for the Trans Superior! I am a former sailor for the University of Wisconsin, and have extensive inland racing experience on scows and keelboats across Wisconsin and Minnesota. I'm currently based out of Wayzata and Lake Harriet for racing and I'm always ready for more. I am 5'2 140lbs with experience racing everything from lasers to F18 cats to J80s and T-10s. I helmed many J24 races while in Wisconsin, and I'll always be happy and hardworking in any position you throw me into. I also have extensive multiday overnighting experience from bareboat charters around the world where I have served as 1st mate. Thank you so much for your consideration!

Pontus deVerdier - 9522126795 - pontus.deverdier@gmail.com
Position: Pit,Jib Trimmer,Helm,All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: I'm a racer, skipper, and J/24 owner out of Wayzata and Bayfield. I can do any position on the boat. You would get most value out of me as genoa trimmer, spin trimmer, or pit. I drive weekly and I've done bow for years. I race a dinghy one regatta a year. Contact me for more info or resume.

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