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Barbara Gold - 7326904614 - gourmetbarbara@aol.com
Position: Foredeck,Sewer,Main Trimmer,Tactician
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Lots of experience racing all kinds of boats. Have raced at block island for many many years. Looking to join a team that likes to race hard and have a lot of fun. I have a vehicle reservation already. Give a shout

James C Murphy - 6034982674 - roninsailor@gmail.com
Position: Mast,Pit,Sewer,Grinder,Jib Trimmer
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: Not a Rock Star but reliable and solid crew member. Have a great deal of time on J 109s, J105s, and J111 as well as small boats. As a team member have won many local regattas and several Mass Bay Championships - Will pay all my own expecenes. Too Old - Too Slow - No Defence - But still Winning.

Stuart Longley - stuart.h.longley@gmail.com
Position: All Positions
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: Fit, 33-year-old with years of keelboat experience. Bermuda Race, Block Island Race, Les Voiles de St. Barth's, Cross Sound Race, Newport Trophy, etc. Weekly around the cans J/24 and 12 Meter racing. I am a no ego team player who is eager to contribute and learn. Complete sailing CV and contact information: Longley Sailing CV

Eric Irwin - 8608578748 - irwiner@comcast.net
Position: All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: A highly experienced athletic 55 yr old former Navy Captain (5'10" 180lb) who brings great human performance and team development skills to One Design, Double Handed and Off Shore racing programs. Can easily jump into any position and currently the crew boss/tactician on a Newport RI based J109. Organized, trained and led four US Armed Forces sailing teams in the World Military Sailing Championships racing I470s, Ynglings, HPE25s and J24s in Qatar, Norway, Brazil and Bahrain. Current with Safety at Sea (March 2015). Attended numerous North U seminars, North U on water clinics and Dave Dellenbaugh seminars. Contact at irwiner@comcast.net or 860-857-8748. One Design. 12 yrs of J109/J105/J24/ I18 OD race experience in Long Island Sound, Block Island Sound, Newport, Charleston and Key West. J105 OD NAs (07, 09, 11, 16), J109 OD NAs (14,15,16,17,18), BIRW (06-10, 15, 17), KWRW (08, 11), AYC Spring/Fall (08- 12, 15) and Manhasset Bay Fall Series (08 – 12, 15), Annapolis NOOD (11). J24 OD racing in Stonington (08 - 14) / Newport Flt 50 series (09 - 11), J24 NAs Newport 13, Club Ideal 18 (12-17 including 3 NAs) and Rhodes Racing (13-14). Distance Racing. Trans Atlantic Race 15 and Newport Bermuda 14, 16 and 18. Numerous distance races Double Handed on J109, J105 and J92S during Stamford Vineyard Race (5xs), Block Island Race (5xs), NE Solo/Twin (7xs) and Ida Lewis Distance Race. Crewed distance races; Ida Lewis Distance Race (7xs), Stamford Vineyard (2xs), Block Island (3xs) and Around Long Island race. Crew boss on five time winner J105 Dark N Storm in the Brooklyn Ocean Cup Challenge/Greenport Ocean Race (08-12). Navy Off Shore D Qualification (1986) with sail training trips to Bermuda and the New England (NE) (85/86).

Shawn - 8605752021 - sail8870@yahoo.com
Position: All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Advanced sailor with experience racing a variety of boats. Comfortable in any crew position needed.

Ashley Love - 4437652492 - m.ashley.love@gmail.com
Position: Pit,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Tactician,All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Storm Trysail Club member here, lookin' for a ride! I come from the world of lasers (world level), but have been competing on Keelboats for the last 10 years. I currently compete on a J70 as tactician, main trimmer and 5O5 as a driver at the national level. I have experience on J105s (tactician), J111 (tactician), C&C30 (strategist/runners), Farr40 (pit), J88 (offshore), J92S (tactician), Farr30 (sewer), Tartan 10 (main trimmer), etc. I live in Annapolis, MD and have been to STC Block Island Race Week somewhere around 5 times. I'm also Editor in Chief of T2PTV, so you know there'll probably be some video involved! Ha.

Susan Olivier - s.olivier@twgroup.net
Position: Foredeck,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Tactician,Helm,All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Raced Bermuda 2018 on Cape Fear 38, Renata. Passed in 2019 US Sailing Offshore Safety at Sea, sailed from Montreal to Turks on 24 ft sloop, day racing on many boats including Etchels, Albergs, Sharks, Dyers. Can also bring second who natioanally ranked A cat racer who recently won the nationals for the A class.

Tracy Spinney - 9178369130 - tspinney@icloud.com
Position: Mast,Pit,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Experienced ocean racer and advanced instructor. Solid upper body strength, drama-free and mindful. All gear. Exp on J/24, J/105, J/120, XP-44 and so on... This would be my second BIRW (Last time we took 3rd in around island --thank you Edgar Smith!) It's a great week... if there's wind... if there's no fog... Cheers!

Luca Scharpf - 6317933188 - Lucascharpf@gmail.com
Position: All Positions
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: Hi all! My name is Luca, 6' 2", and in shape. I have experience sailing sunfishes, crewing on 420's, and as a bowman on a J22 last season. Im very excited and ready to learn anything that is needed from me, on any position. The best way to first contact me is through email. Thanks!

Charlie recknagel - (808)283-2576 - Charlierecknagel@gmail.com
Position: Jib Trimmer
Experience: Beginner
Comments: Currently on my second year on a j105 team that races out of manhattan. Jib, spinnaker, and whatever else I’m told to do. I can pay my own way.

Wyatt Warner - 4135129538 - wyattawarner@gmail.com
Position: Pit,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: I’m a 21 yo 160 pound upbeat and focused group 1 sailor looking for a competitive and fun boat. I sailed the race week in 2017 on a J/109 placing 1st in Corinthian and 4th overall. I’ve crewed pit, trimmer, and main on a J/88 for several seasons on the LIS OD circuit and have blue water racing and double handed cruising experience on a Hanse 37. During my gap year in England, I did weeknight racing on the Solent in a Contessa 32. I’ll be available for practice sails on weekends leading up to race week within a few hours drive from Hartford CT. Please call, text, or email. Thanks!

Elizabeth Fogarty - 0830391646 - elizabethcfogarty@gmail.com
Position: Foredeck,Pit,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,All Positions
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: Irish, 20 year old looking for a competitive race boat but also some fun. I am foredeck crew on a J97 in the summer DBSC series in Dublin Ireland. I have also done jib and spinnaker trim as well as main. I am a competitive laser radial sailor and have sailed all sorts of dinghies. I did 2 ISORA inshore races, in 2015, as part of the crew on LeeOverlay, a Cookson 50, which was a great experience. I did many more ISORA inshore and offshore races during the past year on board the J97. I have also crewed on an impala for many local regattas and broadened my skill set. I am part of the under 25 RSGYC team competitively sailing the 1720 sport boat and J80s. I am working on Long island for the summer and would love to compete in this regatta if anyone had a slot for me.

Mike Bosi - 7327153737 - mbosi@hotmail.com
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Pit,Sewer,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Hi, 40 year old active and fit guy. I race regularly and have sailed on a number of highly competitive boats on and around Long Island Sound and NJ since the mid 2000s. I am looking for a boat to crew on, and am confident that I can bring a high level of skill to your program. I have experience on many types of boats (sym/asym spinnakers) and currently own and race a boat locally in NJ. I can trim upwind or downwind, assist with tactics, have a strong knowledge of the racing rules, and understand boats in general. I have raced up at BIRW for years and had committed to race with my regular boat, which I normally run mast and trim the spinnaker. Unfortunately due to a last minute change of plans the boat is not competing this year. I have my own housing for the week already booked. I am a hard worker, always the first at the boat getting her prepped, a positive force on any boat I sail on. While fun, I have a strong desire to win. If you are in need of crew, and are looking for a good marriage of skill, positive attitude, winning spirit, and fun, I am your guy. Full resume and references available upon request. Thanks for your consideration, Mike

Jeff Senkeleski - 7327136863 - jeff.senkeleski@nokia.com
Position: Mast,Grinder,Main Trimmer,Helm,All Positions
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: I am a co-owner of a successful club racer out of Atlantic Highlands which I have raced mostly as helmsman/tactics buts. I will be on Block with my family for the second half of race week and looking for a ride if any boats need any last minute fill-ins or replacements.

Mike Bosi - 732-715-3737 - Mbosi@hotmail.com
Position: All Positions
Experience: Advanced
Comments: Still available and looking to race any or all days. Will be up on Block during race week either way and have my own housing.

Ryan Treais - 4153064390 - Ryan@treais.com
Position: All Positions
Experience: Novice
Comments: 6'8" do everything man. Raced on the San Francsico bay and sailed a wide range of boats from 12 meters to j105's and j70's. I can do anything on the boat and am hoping that you can let me help you win!

Peg DiOrio - "Bella" - J105
Contact: 6464795641 - peg.diorio@gmail.com
Positions Needed: Pit
Experience Desired: Intermediate
Comments: Need experienced pit person (125 pounds max). Call or email me for more information. Accommodations, food, etc. provided.

Peter Lewis - "Whistler" - J121
Contact: 2462315094 - Peterclpg@yahoo.com
Positions Needed: Foredeck,All Positions
Experience Desired: Advanced
Comments: We are looking for the right person to handle the foredeck duties on our new J121. If your interested send us your resume and I will get back in touch.

George - "PlayStation" - J105
Contact: 203-258-8513 - gkasper@pullcom.com
Comments: J105 available for BIRW charter. Clean, light (corrector weights added) race ready. Call for details.

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